I want to complain about the huge amount of black aphids that took over my foxglove and completely destroyed it just as it was coming into bloom. But I can’t. The high number of aphids also meant that there was plenty of food for a the huge boom of lady bugs that are also in the garden. I do not use any pesticides in the garden because I have small dogs, and also because I want to attract bees, lady bugs, butterflies, and other beneficial bugs. This means that I will lose a plant once in a while. I pulled the foxglove out of the ground and put it in a party bucket so the ladybugs and their eggs would be okay. I am really trying to find the balance with the bugs in the garden and it is not an easy task. There are so many times when it would be easier to buy a bottle of bug killer and go to town on the garden. It would mean the plants would be healthy with huge blooms. But without the wildlife, what is the point?

Bundle of Trouble (A Humorous Cozy Mystery) (A Maternal Instincts Mystery Book 1)
by Diana Orgain
4.2 Stars (1,865 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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From USA Today Bestselling Author Diana Orgain

A body has been dredged from the San Francisco Bay. Kate Connolly, pregnant and ready to pop, has reason to fear it may be her long lost brother-in-law. When a private investigator begins nosing around, Kate decides on a new career path. Battling sleep deprivation, diaper blowouts and breastfeeding mishaps she muddles through her own investigation, Mommy style:

To do:
1. Find Killer
2. Figure out hideous breast pump.
3. Avoid cranky cop.
4. Send out Make birth announcements.
5. Buy pink paper for the birth announcements.

Family life has never been so exciting, but after Kate launches her own female detective agency, she may just get more than she bargained for.

Full of suspense, this cozy is unputdownable!

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Electricity (Haunted Voices Book 5)
by Claire Gem
4.2 Stars (39 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting | Religion & Spirituality | Metaphysical

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Paranormal Ghost Romance ~ Psychics ~ Supernatural Suspense ~ Haunted House

She’s an electrician starting over with her son. New job. New town. New life.

He’s a coworker who’s interested in more than her ability to run conduit.

The building they’re rewiring was once an insane asylum… but it appears some of the patients never left.

Mercedes Donohue pulled up roots in Atlanta when her marriage imploded. She’s come back to New England, to the place where she was born. Mercy’s focus is to stabilize her teenage son’s life — he took the breakup pretty hard — and to establish her place, gain the respect of Progressive Electrical’s team.

She never expected so many sparks to fly so soon, both on the job and after hours.

Daniel Gallagher has been alone since his fiancé’s death. He’ll never feel that way about any woman again, and certainly won’t try with another independent, strong-willed one. Then Mercy short-circuits his plans.

Although the asylum closed its doors over thirty-five years ago, Mercy & Daniel quickly realize the abandoned building is very haunted.

If you like a heart-melting romance laced with healthy dose of supernatural thrills and chills, you’ll love Electricity.

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Growing the Orchids: The Innovative Educational Method to Help Kids Blossom
by Dr. Ofer Marbach
4.7 Stars (13 Reviews)
Genre: Parenting & Relationships | Foreign Languages | Education & Teaching

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Some children are like orchids – sensitive, vulnerable and necessitating great investment, but their blossoming is the most beautiful and gratifying of all.

Quite a few children experience frustration and challenges within all of their frameworks – at school, in their homes and in their other surroundings. These children pose a much greater challenge than usual for adults, but this is only due to the fact that these adults have yet to find the right way to truly listen to the children’s distress and help them emerge victorious from all of their challenges.

Growing the Orchids is a unique book and a first-time presentation of an educational approach offering a combination of educational and therapeutic languages. The synergy created between the two languages enables conversing and progressive communication with children. The educational experience then becomes positive and respectful, and offers a sense of security for both children and adults.

The book contains various case studies as well as practical tools for coping with educational challenges. Dr. Ofer Marbach – PhD in social policies, school principal, lecturer and advisor with over twenty-five years’ experience of work in the field, out of which ten years spent running schools for special education and Montessori education – manages to touch upon important and urgent subjects in the field of education, all through a model enabling a different perspective on relationships within the classroom, school and family:

• How to cope with challenging situations at school and at home

• How to create a sense of security for the child and the adult

• How to build trust between faculty, children and their parents

• How to become a significant teacher

This book is suitable for everyone who has education running through their veins and wishes to become a significant factor in the beautiful blossoming process of children.

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The Predator and The Prey: An Inspector Thomas Sullivan Thriller
by K.C. Sivils
4.6 Stars (80 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction | Thrillers | Mystery | Science Fiction

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A burned out, cynical cop.

A serial killer who loves the hunt as much as the kill.

Corrupt politicians in bed with a crooked Chief of Detectives.

At the center of it all is a beautiful young woman with a troubled past.

If you think its Los Angeles in the 1950’s you’re wrong.

It’s the year 2454 and Capital City on the frozen planet of Beta Prime is no place for the timid.

Meet Inspector Thomas Sullivan. Sent to a world where the strong make the rules, sometimes it’s hard for Sullivan to tell who is the predator and who is the prey.

Take a chance on this hardboiled noir from the future. Find out who is the predator and who is the prey.

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Reiki and Chakras: The complete guide to healing through Reiki, achieve spiritual mindfulness , awakening chakras , and eliminate anxiety. Improve your … self-help guide (Stress Relief Meditation)
by Marcus Ruiz
5.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting | Religion & Spirituality

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Unlock the secret to spiritual awakening and learn how to balance your chakras.

Do you want to tap into the healing power of your chakras? Looking for ways to better connect with your higher self and the universe, harness healing energy with Reiki, and improve your spiritual wellbeing? Then keep reading.

In today’s modern world, it’s far too easy to let your chakras become unbalanced or blocked – and this can lead to spiritual numbness, constant stress, and the feeling of being lost or adrift in the world without purpose. But you don’t need to live like this.

Written with the beginner in mind, this powerful book unveils the secrets to spiritual awakening, arming you with the essential tools you need to unblock and channel your chakras for spiritual wellbeing. Drawing on the ancient healing art of Reiki, you’ll learn how to heal yourself and others, how to use meditation to align your chakras, and so much more.

Inside this detailed guide, you’ll discover:

• Why The Modern World Causes Your Chakras To Become Blocked (and How To Reopen Them)

• Tips and Tricks For Using Meditation To Strengthen Your Chakras

• Breaking Down The Science Behind Reiki Healing and Chakras

• Powerful Methods For Chakra Awakening

• Unveiling The Secrets of Reiki Healing (and How You Can Learn To Heal Yourself and Others)

• Simple Life Changes To Drastically Boost Your Healing Abilities

• And More…

Even if you’re a complete beginner to Reiki and chakras, inside you’ll find simple instructions and easy-to-understand advice designed to kickstart your spiritual awakening in no time. So don’t suffer from blocked or damaged chakras – unleash your true potential, harness this ancient wisdom, and start practicing energy healing today.

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The Black Hawk Journey
by Lee Nelson
4.8 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction

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In 1865, bands of Ute warriors swarmed down from the hills in Central Utah, leaving death and destruction in their path as they drove off thousands of Mormon cattle. Their leader was Black Hawk who vowed to never cut his hair until the Mormons were driven from his land. The U.S. Army refused to get involved. The Mormon leader mustered his own illegal army–the Nauvoo Legion–setting apart two thousand young men to put on the armor of God. They were to do battle with the evasive Black Hawk who was arming his men with Civil War surplus Henry, Sharps and Spencer rifles. Lee Nelson spent five years researching and writing The Black Hawk Journey. Riding horseback to the locations described in the story, and digging through dusty journals were part of the preparation in bringing to life a fascinating, but tragic episode in Utah history.

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