Well that’s just weird. I just saw an ad for bees that are on sale. Not just for sale, but at a discount. How could it be that I am not seeing any bees around, my beekeeper buddies are not seeing nearly as many bee swarms as in the past years, and this guy over here is selling them at a discount? I am seriously considering getting one or two of those bee nucs for myself, but I know as soon as I do a swarm will land in one of my bait boxes. Maybe I should sit outside and just pretend to buy one online and trick the bees into coming over. Yessss… my brilliance scares me. “Hello, Bee Store?? I would like to buy some bees please!”

A Lime to Kill (Key Lime Cozy Mysteries Book 1)
by Summer Prescott
4.4 Stars (124 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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Murder is a dessert best served cold…
And pie may be the dessert that leads to murder.
Key Lime pie shop owner, Marilyn Hayes, moved to the sublime paradise of Key West after her divorce to make a new life for herself and her daughter. With unshakable determination, and a killer recipe for Key Lime pie, she grew her home-based business into a thriving enterprise and opened a shop across the street from the beach.
Life was sunny and sweet, until murder walked into Marilyn’s quirky little shop, bringing with it a whole heap of trouble. When a man is found dead, and her daughter is implicated in the crime, Marilyn reluctantly becomes an amateur sleuth, sniffing out clues and putting herself in danger in the process.
Will her determination and smarts lead her to catch a criminal?
Or, will she get caught up in a dangerous game of cat and mouse?
Find out in this fast-paced Cozy Mystery novella!

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The Red Sea (The Cycle of Galand Book 1)
by Edward W. Robertson
4.5 Stars (235 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy

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When Dante Galand was just a boy, his father Larsin sailed away to make his fortune. And never returned. Since then, Dante has become a great sorcerer. A ruler. A destroyer of kings. And he’s just learned that his father is living on a forbidden island at the edge of the known world.

Where he’s dying of a mysterious plague.

In the company of his friend, the swordsman Blays, Dante travels to the island. There, his magic can do nothing for his father. As Dante and Blays quest for a cure — beset by strange beasts, angry spirits, and violent coastal raiders known as the Tauren — Dante falls sick, too.

To save his father and himself, he’ll have to rediscover the island’s long-lost magic. But the hunt for its secrets leads Dante on a crash course with the Tauren — and island-wide civil war.

And as he’s away, an old threat begins to move against his homeland.

Set in a USA Today-bestselling world, THE RED SEA is the first in a trilogy of warfare, sorcery, and friendship through the darkest times.

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Keeping Secrets (Children of the Light Book 1)
by Donna Porter
4.5 Stars (65 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Religion & Spirituality | Religious & Inspirational Fiction

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A woman with a past, a man determined to uncover the truth, and a secret that could tear them apart forever.

A Grieving Husband: Amon Cayle needs a seamstress. He has spent the last year rebuilding his life after the tragic death of his wife in a kitchen fire, the same fire that nearly took the life of his eldest son as well. The business of grieving their loss, as well as the work of his tobacco plantation, has caused him to neglect the simplest of tasks. His family now needs clothes and despite his dislike for Mary McKechnie, and their shared past, he offers her the job.

A Desperate Mother: Mary McKechnie needs a job. Her brother has threatened to take her daughters and place them into indentured service if she can’t provide for them. He hasn’t made it any easier by insisting she work only for fellow Friends. When Amon Cayle offers her a job, she has little choice but to accept.

A Devastating Secret: The last time Amon spoke with Mary, after she walked away from him into the arms of another man over twenty years ago, she assured him she was not keeping secrets. He didn’t believe her then, and he doesn’t believe her now. While she is working for him, he is determined to find answers. She is just as determined to not give them.

Will Mary be able to save Amon from the past? Or will his love threaten to destroy them both?

Keeping Secrets is the first book in the Children of the Light Series. The Society of Friends (Quakers) and 1750s colonial Virginia, on the cusp of the French and Indian War, provide the backdrop for this sweeping historical about families trying to live their faith in a new land. Fans of series books will enjoy this series of faith, love, and redemption.

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Rule 9 Book 1-2 Collection
by Elizabeth Rain
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

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Fire Born Dragon

I ran up Shephard’s Mountain to escape the Monsters that were chasing me…
… and the Demons that were haunting my memories.

Instead, I fell into a world where Magic is the New Black and the Challenges I face have nothing to do with curling irons and study groups.

Drae Hallow is the home of Rule 9 Academy where nobody is normal and we’re all a little bit of strange.

They’ve invited me to attend their School for Magicals. Apparently, there’s something inside of me and it wants to come out to play. But I need to learn to control it before it controls me.

I’m game…

After all, I might be my Momma’s trouble; but I’ve always been my Daddy’s stubborn.

I’ll need every bit of it too, because something else roams the woods after dark, and it doesn’t have anything to do with Shifting 101.

Together, with the help of others just like me, we’ll have to uncover the lies before it’s too late. The Magical world depends on us to find out the truth… or its Lights Out, Dark Ages and Witch Hunts all over again.

If I’m not careful, my first semester might just be my last.

Fire Bound Dragon

Up the Ante and Raise the Stakes Drae Hallow, it’s going down…

I’ve finally found a place to call home. Rule 9 Academy and a group of friends I call family have survived the first semester, saved our valley, and passed all our classes… mostly.

Things are definitely looking up… until they’re not.

As the bed count starts to rise at the local infirmary, everyone takes notice. When the residents of Bitterroot and Drae Council realize what the patients are all lacking… panic sets in.

I mean, who let the Vampires out? Those blood-suckers are real, and they’re drinking the joggers. Only there were no vampires in Drae Hallow until now. Somebody let them in.

There’s clues to uncover and cold trails to follow before we uncover the truth and discover our real mission… is also a rescue mission.

It will take every bit of Skill and Magic we’ve learned, and some we haven’t, to protect the inside of Shephard’s Mountain from what’s coming and save those we thought were lost to us.

We’ll have to find out quick who can be trusted, and who wants to just see us die… before it’s too late.

Join Sadie Cross and her friends as they battle old foes, joined by new friends, in a place that is out of this world, literally…

Careful, you’ll need to finish this journey in Wyndoor, where nothing is normal and everything wants to have you for lunch.

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Eat to Prevent and Control Disease: How Superfoods Can Help You Live Disease Free
by La Fonceur
4.3 Stars (119 Reviews)
Genre: Medical eBooks

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Do you know your medicines might make you ill?

This book tells how you can reduce your dependence on medicines. The sooner you adopt, the healthier you live. Go disease-free!

Over the years, we have been repeating the same eating mistakes that our parents made. This is the reason why the prevalence of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis is increasing in the population over time.

In Eat to Prevent and Control Disease, research scientist and registered state pharmacist La Fonceur will tell you how foods that work with the same mechanism as medicines can naturally prevent and control disease. How can you build your body in such a way that you do not need medications even in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or 70s? How can you prevent disease even if you have a family history of that disease? How can you control chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and many others?

With a better understanding of the disease, you can control it yourself. When you follow the advice and preventive measures given in the book, If you do not have any disease, then in the future also you will not have any disease. If you are already suffering from a disease, you can control it without medicines. If your disease is chronic and you are dependent on medicines, then you can reduce the dose of your medications as well as their side effects.

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