Next week are going camping again, but this time at Clear Lake. We have been going to Clear Lake for years and years. Even before my baby bassets were born. So you would think I was a bit nostalgic for the place. To be clear I am, but also to be clear… Clear Lake is NOT clear. Because of all the wineries around the lake, the lake is most often very green and sludgy.  You go into the water human and come out the Creature from the Black (green) Lagoon. It’s gross. Below is a picture of me after swimming for a few hours, and coming out of the water to get cookies. I love cookies. Next week they say it will be 108 degrees. OH MY! I just ordered a dog cooling mat for the pups. Let’s see who is the first to steal it from them.

NO PLACE TO HIDE a tense adventure thriller with heart-stopping plot twists (Jake Ord Thrillers Book 1)
4.2 Stars (315 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Literature & Fiction

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Jake Ord lives in peaceful seclusion with his companion, Magda, in a small town in Portugal.

They each have something to hide, but their life together is just how they want it: tranquil, safe and agreeably boring.


Crime boss Ed Fogarty has escaped from prison. He wants revenge on those who put him there.

He also wants the missing £20 million from his last heist.

Fogarty is ticking names off his hit list.
He knows where Jake lives.
It’s time for Jake and Magda to run.

But Magda is no stranger to the criminal underworld — or to the violent men hunting them. CAN JAKE REALLY TRUST HER?


MEET JAKE ORD, an ex-spy who does not dwell on the past. Why would he? It holds few attractions for him. He just wants some peace and quiet in his retirement. But characters from the old days keep cropping up. And they always bring trouble. Luckily, Jake is a man who can handle himself. And he’s not afraid of getting his hands dirty.

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Second Chance Cowboy (Road to Romance Book 2)
by Joanne Rock
4.4 Stars (168 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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Dancer Larissa Martine is ready to start over and Las Vegas seems like the perfect city for a shiny new beginning. But first, to honor her pact with her girlfriends, she wants to make a quick stop in Cheyenne, WY to make amends with her first love, the guy she left to chase her dreams of Broadway fame. Except rancher Matt Briggs isn’t nearly as interested in her regrets as he is in keeping her in town for his sister’s wedding. It’s a request she can’t deny when his family takes up the cause to make her stay for just one more week, but it’s difficult to maintain her friends-only boundaries with a man who attracts her as much as ever.

After losing his father and inheriting the family ranch in addition to the one he’d bought on his own, Matt’s life is all about obligations. But Larissa’s unexpected arrival during the wedding mayhem is a bright spot he won’t ignore, even if that means tempting her into far more than just a dance. He figures one night with her will bring them both some peace with their past, which is all she said she wanted. But one night leaves Matt wanting a whole lot more and this time, he’s willing to gamble everything to make her stay.

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The Hidden Ship
by Mark Wayne McGinnis
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Genre: Science Fiction | Metaphysical

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Brian Polk had been stateside for barely a year after leaving the Air Force when the unthinkable happened. It was an interstellar invasion — the beginning of the end of known civilization. First, military installations and the largest cities across the globe were turned to rubble. Tens of millions of souls lost during a horrific reign of terror. Government centers and law enforcement resources were next. Finally, the aliens eliminated humanity’s means to electronically communicate with each other.

The Earupitan’s technology and weaponry was so remarkable, so advanced, humanity never really had a chance. The aliens now walk brazenly among humans — their reptilian eyes always watchful, always scrutinizing. No one is safe, and almost everyone who gets taken into an OEC center never sees the light of day again. Humanity now lives in fear — freedom is a thing of the past. And then there are those who have befriended the enemy…

But not Captain Brian Polk. He’s far more interested in taking back a little of what was stolen. When he acquires some of the alien technology, he finally has hope of making some small difference. He might even be able to pull off the impossible — that or he’ll die trying.

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Murder at Sea of Passenger X Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #5 (Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery Series)
by Anna Celeste Burke, Peggy Hyndman, Ying Cooper
4.5 Stars (214 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Crime Fiction

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A Honeymoon Cruise With A Boatload Of Mystery

Georgie Shaw and her handsome new husband, Detective Jack Wheeler, are living it up on Marvelous Marley World’s luxurious cruise ship when trouble strikes. “The screaming came in bursts followed by shouts of man overboard, just like in a movie.” Who is passenger X? Did he fall or was he pushed? Does it have anything to do with the rash of jewelry thefts or the murdered man found near the spot where Passenger X went overboard?

A Killer Is On The Loose, And The List Of Suspects Just Keeps Growing

With a killer on the loose, Georgie and Jack are soon enlisted to help solve the case. It’s a non-stop scramble to unravel the mystery before Georgie’s eccentric boss, “Mad” Max Marley, arrives in Tahiti demanding answers. That won’t be easy since Passenger X isn’t the only one with a dubious identity as the list of suspects grows.

An Old Friend And A Prime Suspect

That list includes Georgie’s old friend Chef Gerard and his striking blond, blue-eyed Sous Chef, Paolo. Masters of five-star cuisine and wizards with chocolate, are they cooking up more than sumptuous feasts and banquets of desserts? How about the guy in the Perroquet suit or “Monster Marston,” a standout in the fitness center?

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Lean and Green Cookbook 2021: 501 Easy, Tasty, and Quick Recipes for Weight Loss, Boost Metabolism and Wellness. Regain Your Body Shape and Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle by Low-Budget Recipes.
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Do you want to lose weight in a healthy way, but still savor delicious meals? ?

My suggestion for you is a diet that is safe, quick, and clean. The ongoing pandemic can be seen in a negative way for good reasons, but you can choose to focus on yourself more than ever.
Why is that? Because now is the perfect time to learn tasty and healthy recipes that can help you gain motivation for a healthier lifestyle.

Favor EASY, LESS STRESS, and MORE JOY through Lean & Green recipes that will create a successful path towards wellness and positive fat burn results.

This 2021 cookbook provides simple, nutrition-dense, delightful, and flavored recipes that will help you in the weight loss process and it will be your perfect guidance. Here are some reasons:

•  You Will Have the Opportunity to try the Best 501 recipes that will ensure high-quality nutrition and variety even for the most refined gourmet;

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• The recipes are categorized in: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Desserts. That’s why you do not have to worry about what to cook during the day or lose time by surfing the internet. With this cookbook you have easy-to-make ideas in a few seconds;

•  Build a trustworthy relationship with each meal as there will be accurate information regarding portions and calories.

•… & Much More!

It is understandable that this is not an easy process, but you can achieve lifelong transformation by incorporating healthy habits in your day-to-day meals starting TODAY!!!

Perseverance and ambition are the keys and they exist in everyone, which means YOU also.

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