Fun Fact: Did you know… Hold on. Let me first say that I try to keep it pretty clean here on Book Basset, but today I just had to share something with you that I learned yesterday while searching for information on the Monarch Butterfly. Please note that the information I am about to share with you was not something I sought out, but stumbled across. With that said, back to my Fun Fact. Okay… here we go… Fun Fact: Did you know that the Monarch Butterfly is known as the biggest farter in the butterfly community? THEY FART THE MOST OUT OF ALL THE BUTTERFLIES! BWAHAHAHA! You see them fluttering about all pretty and dainty, but in reality they are most likely farting their butts off. Maybe that’s why they never take a straight path from point A to point B! BWAHAHAHA!

Death of Secrets (Political Thriller) (Secrets Series Book 1)
by Bowen Greenwood
3.9 Stars (278 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers

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The end of privacy as we know it?

Kathy Kelver nearly trips over a murder victim on her way back to her dorm room late one night. In his last words, the dying man gives her stolen data about a secret project that could blow the lid off a shocking conspiracy. From the halls of Congress to the National Security Agency and beyond, Kathy must run for her life from shadowy forces who want her dead, while trying to build a relationship and hang on to her faith. The secret she’s carrying could end the right to privacy forever, if she doesn’t survive to warn the world.

Do you love suspense? Death of Secrets will keep you on the edge of your seat with constant twists, turns and thrills.

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A Family Affair: Summer: A Small Town Family Saga (Truth In Lies Book 3)
by Mary Campisi
4.6 Stars (439 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Literary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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Heartache. Betrayal. Forgiveness. Redemption. It’s time to head back to Magdalena, New York, and spend a little time with the people we love to love and even a few we love to hate.

Eight years ago, tragedy struck the town’s perfect couple, Daniel “Cash” Casherdon and Tess Carrick, days before their wedding. That tragedy shredded their dreams of a life together and sent them fleeing Magdalena. Now, destiny has brought them back and the town is determined to see this couple mend their differences.

Angelo “Pop” Benito will lead the crusade to march Cash and Tess down the aisle with the help of The Bleeding Hearts Society, a garden group more interested in healing people’s hearts than helping a sick basil plant. But they’re not the only ones cheering for this couple’s second chance.

Who would have thought Nate Desantro would be giving advice on relationships, love, and marriage? But when a man finds the right woman, anything is possible. Add a baby to the mix; well, that’s pure “hero” material. Christine will offer her share of support and wisdom to Tess and stand up to an old troublemaker in the name of family and friendship.

From the fifty-something widow who is afraid to open her heart again to the pregnant friend who believes everyone has a soul mate, to Lily Desantro, the shining light who makes others believe anything is possible, Magdalena’s finest will rally to give Tess and Cash that second chance. But all the prayers and contrivances in the world won’t help until Tess reveals the secret she’s carried for too many years, a secret that could destroy her chance with Cash forever…

And if you’re wondering about Harry Blacksworth and his brood, you’ll glimpse a snippet of what he’s up to, but he’ll be back in full force in A Family Affair: Fall. Not only that — he’s moving to Magdalena with Greta and the kids! Can you imagine Harry maneuvering a lawnmower or carrying out the trash? Oh, but his past is going to catch up with him and then… Sorry… Harry has to wait for A Family Affair: Fall to share his misery and his story.

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Discovery (Taurian Empire Book 3)
by Nate Johnson
4.3 Stars (56 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Action & Adventure

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First Contact – Star traveling humans – Pre-industrial aliens

Between vacuum leaks, electrical fires, engine overhauls, and primitive aliens that wanted to carve him up like a Christmas turkey, life in the Imperial Navy was never boring.

Machinist Mate Nick Barns goes from ship’s mechanic, to bodyguard, to Mission Leader. His only job, keep everyone alive until they are rescued. A task, the primitive Eundai are determined to make difficult.

Xeno-sociologist Amanda Rogers’ dreams have come true. Humans have finally found an intelligent species. They may be primitives, barely out of their own bronze age. The last thing these Eundai need is to be overwhelmed with human technology. History is filled with examples of primitive cultures being ruined after initial contact. It is her job to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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Hugs Bugs and Danger: A Button Up Detective Agency Cozy Mystery #2
by Lizzie Lewis
4.0 Stars (41 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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As Janika Jones settles into her new career as a private investigator – fully trained, of course – she is asked to take the part of a New York art collector’s assistant to investigate a picture in a London art gallery, where she has to obtain vital photographic evidence without being caught. The theft of a collection of wartime medals leads to a gruesome discovery. And being accused of poisoning an unwelcome visitor is just another event in Janika’s hectic life at the Button Up Detective Agency.

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Woodworking Bible 2021 (3 Books in 1) : The Complete Guide To Learn Woodcraft & Follow Step-By-Step Plans And Projects to Share With Your Loved Ones
by Miles Adkins
4.9 Stars (36 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home

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Are you ready to explore and thrive in the art of woodworking?

In this engaging collection, the fanatical woodworker and author Miles Adkins guides you through a detailed journey to get you from scratch to crafting gorgeous wooden objects quicker than you can imagine. Keep reading…

Let’s face it! Woodwork can be a satisfying hobby if you get it off on the right foot. Woodworking is extremely relaxing and allows you to create some fascinating goods to keep for yourself or give to your loved ones, bearing in mind that DIY is always loved! The wooden handmade is also extremely successful as a product to sell, which is something to keep in mind if you’re planning to make your passion pay off…

Ok, Ok… nice words, but how can I approach this world from scratch and start creating my first projects without going crazy?

You’ve come to the right place! This 3-in-1 guide will be the unique tool you need to learn woodworking from scratch. With a hands-on, pragmatic approach, Miles will provide you with all the tools, safeguards, and techniques you need to take to become a wood craftsman one step at a time. Learning to work with wood has never been easier, budget-friendly and above all surprisingly exciting. Here’s what you get by reading this bundle guide:

BOOK 1: Woodworking for Beginners

• A comprehensive and user-friendly introduction to the pastime that is becoming more and more popular

• All you need to know about the tools to use and setting up an inexpensive and effective workspace

• The finest crafting techniques to start with, plus dozens of smart ways to avoid the most common mistakes

BOOK 2: Woodworking Plans and Projects

• An easy-to-follow handbook on understanding wood and the ways of working it to create unique pieces

• How to wisely choose the type of wood and develop its full potential to craft enchanting objects that everyone will love

• Over 60 step-by-step projects to start the first steps in woodworking and decorate every room of your home

BOOK 3: Woodworking for Kids

• A lovely guide to passing on the art of woodworking to the youngest and teaching them the values of handwork

• Valuable tips to keep you safe while working and enjoy a safe and healthy work environment

• A rich collection of simple, child-friendly projects to create wooden toys and bring them immense satisfaction

What are you waiting for? The art of woodworking is all you need to enjoy deep gratification in crafting things and decorating your spaces. This 3-in-1 book is all you need to do this in the simplest, safest, most thrifty, and most enjoyable way.

Prepare to be enthralled, inspired and amused…

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