A web of lies and dark secrets. A nail-biting hunt for a serial killer. You Are Mine (Detective Stella Carrigan Book 1) by Lisa Kent is a fast-paced thriller that is the perfect read for all fans of James Patterson and AJ Rivers. Enjoy!

You Are Mine (Detective Stella Carrigan Book 1)
by Lisa Kent
4.4 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Suspense

For over twenty years, Detective Stella Carrigan has managed to bury the nightmare of being kidnapped from her foster family. Her traumatic childhood motivated her to stand up for others and climb the Chicago Police Department ladder by storm. But when Stella is called to a series of murders of women in the sleepy small town of Vandalia, the past abruptly catches up with her – and brings her to the edge of the abyss.
The killer leaves seemingly unrelated clues with each body: A lock of hair, rosebuds, sewing thread – none of the investigators can make sense of any of it. But with each victim, Stella pieces together a picture of horror that brings a terrible suspicion to light: Is this all the handwriting of her tormentor from her childhood? Are the crime scene clues hidden messages that only she can decipher?

Stella must not only face the biggest case of her career, but also the demons of her own past. In the process, one thing becomes clear: the small town of Vandalia has its very own secrets. Dark, murderous secrets. And everyone who tries to uncover them finds themselves in great danger…

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