Manifesting with the Law of Attraction is a simple practice. The challenge lies in the mental and emotional habits that keep you stuck. Even if you are the most pessimistic and negative person you know, the principles taught in this book can guarantee you shift into the frequency of your desires. Manifesting everything you want cannot happen if you constantly live in a bad headspace and on an emotional roller coaster. End these negative cycles now. If you want to manifest your dreams with more ease and less resistance, then check out Manifesting with Alignment by Ryuu Shinohara today!

Manifesting with Alignment: 7 Hidden Principles to Master the Energy of Thoughts and Emotions – How to Raise Your Vibration Instantly and Shift to the … of Your Desires (Law of Attraction Book 4)
by Ryuu Shinohara
4.9 Stars (56 Reviews)
Genre: Politics & Social Sciences | Religion & Spirituality

If you’ve tried every Law of Attraction technique under the sun and still struggle with getting results, then this is going to be the most important message you ever read…

Are negative thoughts popping into your head uninvited and controlling how you think, feel, and act throughout your day?

Do your emotions keep you stuck on an endless cycle of ups and downs, stopping you from moving on and living your best life?

Law of Attraction teachings mostly revolve around two types of energy:

Thoughts and emotions.

Constantly thinking negative thoughts and feeling negative emotions naturally leads to more negative experiences.

Leave these patterns unresolved for long enough, and they can become a memorized negative attitude. Sticking to you like a fly on a cobweb.

At this point, being pessimistic, anxious, stressed, doubtful, angry, envious, and resentful is part of your personality. Anything opposite to this is rare.

When you do not understand the nature of your energy, there is a struggle to align with the life you want. Your actions lose power and are mostly ineffective.

But when you know how to use this energy, you find more ease and less resistance in manifesting your desires.

The higher salary, thriving business, loving relationship, dream house, meaningful friendships, or abundant lifestyle can be yours when you live by the principles in this book.

If you can choose how you wish to think and feel, then you can choose the reality you want to live through.

You become the painter and life becomes your canvas.

The Buddha once said you become what you think, attract what you feel, and create what you imagine.

In Manifesting with Alignment, you will discover:

• Principles to break free from the negative habits stopping you from manifesting the life you dream about.

• The #1 reason why you may suffer silently with your thoughts and emotions and how to find relief from this invisible torment.

• A 3-step process to let go of your emotional baggage and negative past for good. Remove the weight from your shoulders and forge a new destiny.

• How to not be manipulated mentally and emotionally by your environment and the people around you.

• An ancient indigenous technique for turning a supposed negative situation into an event worth celebrating.

• The blueprint to attract the life you actually want and avoid the struggle of manifesting an unfulfilling one.

• Practical ways to maintain the high vibration and mindfulness of a Buddhist monk in the middle of chaotic situations.

• A simple exercise to redefine stubborn beliefs and change the trajectory of your life.

• The key to managing the never-ending flow of thoughts, and develop unshakable focus and control over your attention.

• 4 rules to effectively deal with negative people who throw you off your groove without hurting your relationship.

• Why your manifestations haven’t shown up yet and the best thing to do to guarantee their appearance.

• The biggest mistake to avoid when it comes to overcoming challenges and how to stop attracting unnecessary ones.

And much, much more!

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