Original and intriguing these suspenseful thrillers will grab you right from the first paragraph. Today’s collection includes four novels from the DCI Morton Crime series, as well as the new release, The Grifter by Ali Gunn and Sean Campbell. This standalone novel has been praised as an enthralling read that will keep you guessing until the very end. These novels are a must read for the mystery/ thriller enthusiast. Pick up your copy today!

The Grifter
by Ali Gunn, Sean Campbell
Genre: Thrillers | Crime Fiction

One will rise. The other will fall.

Kent Bancroft’s rise to fame and fortune was nothing short of meteoric. Once a simple teacher in London’s East End, he’s now on course to become Britain’s youngest billionaire.

But his success has come on the back of those he’s trodden upon to get there. Among them is a man whose fall was as swift as Kent’s rise. He used to be a sparky, honest and hard-working. Now, he’s homeless, drunk, and down one leg.

And he blames Kent for everything.

Forget forgiveness. Forget turning the other cheek. And forget waiting for karma.

This is a victim who won’t stand idly by.

He wants revenge.

And he’s going to get it.

Kent Bancroft will never see him coming.

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Dead on Demand: Don’t bury the hatchet, bury the body instead. (A DCI Morton Crime Novel Book 1)
by Sean Campbell
4.1 Stars (2,035 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction

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He won’t kill her himself. He’ll con someone else into doing the job for him.

When his wife threatens to take everything from him – his home, his daughter, and his career – Edwin Murphy realises that her death would solve all his problems.

He’d kill her himself if he weren’t such a coward.

Instead, he concocts an elaborate scheme to fix it all. To get back his home, his job, his daughter.

And he doesn’t care who gets hurt along the way.

Dead on Demand is the first stand-alone crime novel featuring DCI Morton.

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My Hands Are Tied (DCI Morton Book 7)
by Sean Campbell
4.0 Stars (108 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction

***Previously published as Double Blind***

A last-minute wedding invite drags DCI Morton and his wife to the grounds of Terra Farm to watch his son marry the fiancée they’ve never met.

Nerves about meeting the bride prove to be the least of their worries when they’re awoken by gunshots and one of the guests – the bride’s ex – is found dead.

When Morton’s son becomes the prime suspect, the choice is simple: sit back and let another detective work to imprison his son, or work outside the rules to clear the family name.

As if he had any choice.

MY HANDS ARE TIED is the 7th instalment in the DCI Morton series of crime novels. Jump in with this stand-alone story or search DCI Morton to check out the other six books.

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The Evolution of a Serial Killer: He’s on the hunt for the perfect killer: himself. (DCI Morton Book 6)
by Sean Campbell
4.6 Stars (138 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction

He asks them to plan the perfect murder. So they do.

When hotshot DCI David Morton is relegated to teaching the bright young things that will one day put him out of a job, he sets them the challenge of plotting the perfect murder.

It’s the perfect way to teach them how to catch a killer. They’ll learn how the greatest mind in the Met’s history can catch any would-be murderer.

Except there’s one man Morton can never beat: himself.

Too bad there’s a killer in the classroom.

The Patient Killer is the sixth stand-alone crime novel in the DCI Morton series. Jump in here or search “DCI Morton” to check out the rest of the series.

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Missing Persons: The police don’t care. She’ll hunt him down herself. (DCI Morton Book 5)
by Sean Campbell
4.3 Stars (925 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction

Detective Inspector Rafferty never could say no.

If someone asked her for help, she gave it. No ifs or buts.

When a troubled girl from Rafferty’s past calls asking for help to find her missing boyfriend, Rafferty can’t stop herself rushing to the rescue. She has to find him, get him home safe, and do it before Morton loses patience.

It wasn’t the first time Rafferty went out of her way to help somebody. But it would be the last. Missing Persons is the fifth standalone novel in the DCI Morton series.

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