I made the mistake of watching a video about a man and a cat who adopted him. They became best buds and he was a great cat. Then, after I was totally invested in the relationship ( the video was 4 minutes long), the cat dies in the end. WHAT??? There should be a warning on videos like that. Geez… Then I scrolled down a few pictures and found a picture of Apple Crumb Cheesecake, and I was happy again.

Silent Night (Sam Archer Book 4)
by Tom Barber
4.4 Stars (619 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Suspense

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On a cold December morning in New York City, a man is found dead in Central Park. There are no knife or gunshot wounds to his body and no signs of violence. But beside the body is a box containing a cracked vial. Suspecting he died from some sort of biological attack, a lab team screen the body.

What they find is deeply unsettling and terrifying.

Seven months after he left the ARU, Sam Archer is now a 3rd Grade Detective in the NYPD’s Counter Terrorism Bureau. However, not everything has gone as expected. Most of his new squad have welcomed him. Others haven’t. But when he and the rest of his team are called in urgently and told of the situation all personal differences need to be put aside. It’s been confirmed the man in Central Park was killed by an unknown strain of a toxic pneumonic virus. Once inhaled, there is no chance of survival. The victim dies quickly, violently and in agonising pain. There is no antidote. No one knows where it has come from, who planted it in the Park and why. No ransom demands or threats have been received. Archer and his team are ordered to find out who was responsible, and to locate and secure any other strains of the virus that may exist.

However, they are already almost out of time.

Someone is intending to release more of the virus into the city within the next ninety minutes.

As they desperately search for answers, Archer and the rest of his team quickly discover that the cracked vial in the Park was just the start. They are also not alone in wanting to get their hands on the virus. There are others, people with far more sinister motives who are desperate to acquire the virus and who will kill anyone who gets in their way.

As people around him start going down, Archer must battle to stay one step ahead in the race to find the toxic weapon before it is used again. When he and his team finally realise the full horrifying extent of what they’re dealing with and the potentially devastating effects of its release, Archer must do everything he possibly can to stay alive and secure the lethal virus before many more people die.

However, he is already too late.

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A New Life for Ariana Byrne: A completely uplifting, romantic book that will warm your heart (The Hiverton Sisters 1)
by Liz Hurley
4.5 Stars (387 Reviews)
Genre: Family Life | Friendship | Small Town & Rural

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Shortlisted for The Romantic Novelists’ Association Debut Romantic Novel Award 2021

What happens after all your dreams come true?

Ariana Byrne knows how to survive. After becoming guardian to her four little sisters after their parents died when she was only eighteen, she had to grow up quickly. Now she’s in her twenties, stuck in a loveless marriage to Greg, trying to make ends meet for her young twins, William and Leo.

So when Ari is told that she’s actually the Right Honourable Lady de Foix, Countess of Hiverton, owner of a sprawling estate in the village of Saxburgh in Norfolk, her first instinct is laughter. Surely the girl who has to choose between food and keeping the lights on isn’t really rich beyond her wildest dreams?

She knows how to take care of her sisters and her children, but how on earth can Ari take care of an entire village? Can she fight off the circling land developers from Saxburgh, and stop her in-laws from grabbing all the money for themselves?

And while she’s struggling to settle in and settle down, she’s making new friends and new mistakes. Trusting her gorgeous neighbour, Sebastian Flint-Hyssop, may be the biggest one of all…

She’s swapped sink estate for country estate… but can a girl from inner city London learn how to become a Lady?

Take a trip to Hiverton Manor for the most uplifting novel of 2020 – guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Fans of Jenny Colgan, Trisha Ashley and Carole Matthews will love this romantic, feelgood read.

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Familiar Strangers: An absolutely gripping psychological thriller with a killer twist
by Jackie Walsh
4.3 Stars (361 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting | Psychological | Thrillers

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‘I took you, Becca. You’re not my daughter.’

Since Becca Wall’s mother was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, every day Becca loses a little more of the loving, caring mother who would do anything for her only daughter. But when one day Nancy Wall confesses that Becca is not her child, her world falls apart.

Becca tells herself that the words are just a cruel symptom of Nancy’s illness; after all, she has her birth certificate, and pictures of herself as a newborn along with her Mom, Dad and older brother, Danny. Becca tries to forget, to get on with her life – until the day the police question her about the whereabouts of a missing woman, Katie Collins.

Katie has disappeared without a trace, telling her husband that she is leaving to find Rebecca Wall. But Becca doesn’t know Katie, so it’s a case of mistaken identity – isn’t it? But as Becca discovers why Katie was desperate to find her, the lies that Becca has always believed come crashing down. Soon, it’s clear that someone knows the truth – and that they’ll stop at nothing to keep their secrets…

An addictive, fast-paced psychological thriller with a shocking twist that will leave you gasping. Fans of The Girl on the Train, The Wife Between Us and T.M Logan will be gripped until the very last page.

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Galaxy Man
by Mark Wayne McGinnis
4.5 Stars (172 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Metaphysical

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“Ridiculously cool science fiction — A vivid world of intrigue and violence… R.J. Wright” The year is 2117. In the farthest reaches of Earth’s territorial space, a spree of depraved murders has local cattle ranchers fearing for their families. A fear, they will soon discover, that is more than justified. Apparently, John Gallic’s reputation proceeded his arrival to the fringe world of Muleshoe. A reputation suggesting he be given a wide berth. As the new Territory Abettor, commonly referred to as a Frontier Marshal, Gallic would be there for the long haul. Formally titled Detective Chief Inspector of the Spatial Colonial Police — District 22 — he’d investigated only the highest-profile murders and was a rising star within the department. But that life was in the past. Gallic now provided an assortment of backwater law enforcement services to the burgeoning deep-space frontier territories. Sure, there was an occasional smalltime crime to investigate, but more often than not Gallic spent his days — commissioned by the big Interstellar banks — repossessing billionaire ranchers’ high-priced spacecraft. A glorified repo man. He was fine with that. It gave him spare time to do the one thing more important than anything else — find the murderer of his wife and child. Piloting his voluminous spacecraft, the Hound, Gallic arrives on Muleshoe expecting his latest assignment to be no different from the hundred other repo jobs he’s performed. Typically, no one gets in his way. Then a Vid-Message call comes in from D-22 — the Hammer and Nails Killer is at it again. Right there within the frontier worlds. Soon, Gallic would be chasing the very same cunning serial killer who, mercilessly, stole his once-perfect life away from him. The line between prey and predator becomes blurred and the Galaxy Man will have no problem sacrificing himself to kill a killer.

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Red Man’s Mesa
by Gordon Landsborough
4.7 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Westerns

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The fight is on…

Sergeant Clagg M’Glue is well-known as a no-nonsense, to-the-books military man.

For the most part, his men respect him. But a gang of five mischief-makers, spear-headed by Trooper Rhett Coan, are causing trouble.

But as long as they’re a part of his outfit, M’Glue will bring them in line.

In the desert, they soon come across a landscape of bodies, barely a day dead. The arrows in their backs tell a story of an Indian ambush.

But M’Glue isn’t so sure. Some of those men died in gunfire, not just arrows, but who, aside from Indians, could be out in the desert?

They bury the bodies, and on M’Glue’s rigid insistence take the only thing left behind: a US Cavalry gun.

To add to their troubles, they come to a railway settlement in the midst of riot – a drunken fit of Irishmen, trying to burn Chinamen in their huts.

It’s only through gumption and guns that M’Glue, with the help of Trooper Buster Ashe, – a mysterious Texan – manage to quell the rioters and help the Chinamen escape.

But, in a fit of bad luck, the restless Irishmen overhear about the ambush and in an act of revenge, they burn down an Indian village.

M’Glue has fought enough Indians to know that this means war.

The settlers must move on or face certain death by the vengeful tribes. If they travel by darkness, they might just outrun the Indians.

Exhausted and out of options, they rest on a ‘taboo’ Indian mesa but with no hope of rescue and no chance of escaping, they’re trapped.

Unless the wily M’Glue can figure something out…

Set in the old, wild American frontier, Red Man’s Mesa is a classic gun-toting Western, filled with plenty of action, intrigue and suspense for a true page-turner of a novel.

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