From Best selling writer David Pearson, comes this exciting collection of crime fiction/police procedural mysteries set in Ireland. The Galway Homicides series is set in the magnificent surroundings of Ireland’s West Coast known as Connemara. The locale is a strong player in the series, and as the books progress, the main characters of DS Maureen Lyons and DI Mick Hays grow with them. The China Chapter and A Fatal Liaison are part of The Dublin Homicide series currently with 4 books in all. David Pearson is a prolific writer with 16 books in all to his name, virtually all of which have achieved No 1 Best Seller on Amazon. Enjoy!

MURDER IN AN IRISH BOG: police dig deep to solve a mystery (The Galway Homicides Book 11)
by David Pearson
4.3 Stars (517 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction

Too late to find a missing man, are Irish detectives in time to catch his killer?

It is only a passing comment in the post office in a remote part of Western Ireland that alerts police to the disappearance of Davin Faherty. But foul play is established when his unceremoniously wrapped corpse turns up in a bog.

His brother falls under suspicion, but why kill over a near-useless piece of grazing land?

DI Maureen Lyons leads the investigation but relies on trusty Mulholland, the old-school local policeman stationed in Clifden, for the legwork.

She has other problems: an illegal cannabis farm and a prospector from a US minerals company who won’t take no for an answer.

Ultimately, however, DI Lyons will need to get her hands dirty before the killer vanishes into the coastal mist.

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MURDER IN A SAFE HAVEN: An Irish murder mystery with a wicked twist (The Galway Homicides Book 10)
by David Pearson
4.1 Stars (652 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction | Mystery

Irish detectives struggle to make sense of the evidence in this mystery that keeps you guessing.

A relaxing sailing trip on his day off becomes anything but for DSI Mick Hays when a body is found at sea.

The coastguard pluck the corpse from the ocean with ease, but establishing the dead man’s identity won’t be straightforward. And when pathology indicates he was murdered, Hays’ partner DI Maureen Lyons is put in charge of the investigation.

Good forensics and a nose for trouble lead Lyons to a small hamlet in an isolated part of the coast. But the locals, who are running a smooth bootleg liquor operation, are none too forthcoming with information.

Suspicions are raised when a known associate of the victim goes to ground. But who is he running from? The police or the killer themselves? Lyons will have to work quickly and solve the puzzle before another body is found.

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The Galway Homicides Books 1-3: The gripping Irish crime fiction series
by David Pearson
4.2 Stars (55 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction

Murder, mystery and suspense on Ireland’s West Coast

Available exclusively on Kindle, this box set comprises the first three novels in David Pearson’s hugely popular crime fiction series, featuring detectives Maureen Lyons and Mick Hays.


A woman is found in a ditch, murdered. As the list of suspects grows, an Irish town’s dirty secrets are exposed.
Detective Inspector Mick Hays and DS Maureen Lyons are called in to investigate. But getting the locals to even speak to the police will take some doing. Will they find the killer in their midst?


When a nurse finds an old man dead in his tumbledown cottage, the local police surmise he was the victim of a burglary gone wrong. However, having suffered a violent death and there being no apparent robbery, Irish detectives Hays and Lyons are not so sure. With no clear motive it will take all their wits and training to track down the killer.


When the Irish police arrive at a road accident, little do they know it will lead to evidence of a kidnapping and a murder. Detective Maureen Lyons is in charge of the case but struggling with self-doubt, and when a suspect slips through her fingers, she must act fast to save her reputation and crack the case.

If you like easy-to-read whodunits that will keep you guessing, you’ll love these books!

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Look out for the other box set of books 4-6 and 7-9.

These books are also available in single volumes on Kindle and in paperback.

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The China Chapter: Dublin detectives link a local murder to international crime (The Dublin Homicides Book 3)
by David Pearson
4.1 Stars (294 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction

A man is found dead after a house fire. Detective Fiona Moore suspects foul play.

It’s not the charred remains of Tony Phelan that really trouble Dublin law enforcement or the traces of accelerant, so much as the bullet hole in his chest.

When a weapon is recovered at the back of the still-smouldering house, it will be the first clue that the death is connected to China.

And when Phelan is identified as an airport worker, the investigation begins to focus on suspicious goings-on in relation to a regular A300 freight flight from Shanghai.

But pointing the finger at the Chinese is all the rage and maybe detectives have just been led up the garden path. Could the proximity of the victim’s house to prime development land be more relevant?

Someone has clearly sought to gain from Phelan’s death, but the detectives’ job would be easier if they could clarify the motive. Enter a mysterious agent from the US and this case gets enormously tricky for detectives Fiona Moore and Aidan Burke to solve.

THE CHINA CHAPTER is the third book in bestselling Irish author David Pearson’s new crime fiction series, The Dublin Homicides. It can be enjoyed as a standalone but look out for the other books.

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A Fatal Liaison: Irish detectives investigate a cold-blooded murder (The Dublin Homicides Book 2)
by David Pearson
4.1 Stars (348 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction

Two dead bodies in the Dublin mountains. What’s the connection between them?

A man is found in his car, having met a painful death. Another man is found in the woods, clearly murdered.

DI Aidan Burke seeks to establish the connection between these deaths. The first man is a wealthy property developer. Little is known about the second victim.

Burke’s sergeant, DS Fiona Moore, sets to work gathering evidence. But the investigation turns up some unusual findings that point to serious organised criminal activity.

Soon the race is on to collar suspects who are escaping to mainland Europe and out of their reach.

Will the mix of DI Burke’s unconventional methods and DS Moore’s steady police work catch the culprits?

If you like crime fiction that’s easy to read and keeps you guessing, this book is for you!

A FATAL LIAISON is the second book in a new series by bestselling Irish crime writer, David Pearson. Look out for others.

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