The Organized Mysteries are a USA Today Bestselling series by Ritter Ames, and feature organization expert Kate McKenzie. Kate knew starting a small business in small-town Vermont would be tough, but she only expected she’d have to solve clutter issues with each job–not solve murders, too.

Organized for Murder: A Cozy Mystery (Organized Mysteries Book 1)
by Ritter Ames
4.1 Stars (782 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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A move to small-town New England meant a new start for the McKenzie family. When Kate opened her organizing business and immediately gained a rich client, she thought everything was finally stacked in their favor.

Until her client is found dead. Then the police take a hard look in her direction.

Things only get worse when forensics evidence finds her fingerprints on the murder weapon–and suddenly Kate shoots to the top of the list as prime suspect.

The stopwatch is ticking for Kate to prove she had nothing to do with the murder. The odds are further stacked against her when stolen items turn up in the McKenzie home.

She must trust her methodical skills and expert eye to sort out who is trying to frame her and uncover the real killer before she’s organized right into a jail cell.

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Organized for Homicide: A Cozy Mystery (Organized Mysteries Book 2)
by Ritter Ames
4.6 Stars (94 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

Packing up a client’s home can be deadly business. Staying one step ahead of a killer is murder…

The job sounded straightforward enough: organize the cross-country move for a divorced father and his children. Until a dead body turns up, and Kate’s carefully organized plans get turned to chaos.

When the chain of evidence points police to someone she believes is innocent, Kate must discover the truth before it’s too late. With the killer watching her every move.

Leading her into a dangerous investigation–if she doesn’t watch her step…

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Organized for Scheduled Sabotage: A Cozy Mystery (Organized Mysteries Book 3)
by Ritter Ames
4.6 Stars (39 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

Who knew planning a photo shoot could be so dangerous… ?

Kate & Meg are excited when hired to organize location opportunities for a photo shoot featuring a bestselling calendar author. Even better, they learn royalties from annual sales help fund an animal rescue program in Vermont.

Until acts of sabotage start… Followed by murder.

As the police look for suspects, Kate and Meg find their lives suddenly upended by chaos and their own reputations at risk — along with their client’s.

Now, it’s not enough to fulfill the terms of their contract. They must also find a way to save their client and her rescue program, too.

Can they accomplish all that and avoid finding their next work outfits are matching orange jumpsuits? Or worse… ?

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Organized for S’more Death: A Cozy Mystery (Organized Mysteries Book 4)
by Ritter Ames
4.6 Stars (36 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

A weekend family getaway. Another dead body…

A family outing in a national forest seemed like the best kind of R&R to Kate & Meg. Until an afternoon scavenger hunt in the woods ends the day with a dead body–and the natural beauty around them takes a decidedly sinister twist.

Worse, after interviewing witnesses, the police suspect one of them could be the prime suspect. Or the next victim.

Can they get off police radar and stay out of the killer’s crosshairs in time to keep their families safe?

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Organized for Masked Motives: A Cozy Mystery (Organized Mysteries Book 5)
by Ritter Ames
4.4 Stars (38 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Fun might be on the schedule for Halloween, but Kate & Meg find crime doesn’t take a holiday…
Kate McKenzie never dreamed when she started her business, Stacked in Your Favor, that she’d spend nearly as much time crime solving as organizing.

However, with Halloween approaching, and too many items on the to-do list, she and Meg Berman find themselves in another puzzling — and risky — dilemma. Where every answer leads to another question.

And more danger…

Please note: This title originally appeared in a shorter version in the Halloween anthology, Midnight Mysteries. New content has been added to this release.

Organized for Masked Motives is a holiday novelette title in the popular Organized Mysteries series from USA TODAY bestselling author Ritter Ames. The series features a small town New England setting and interesting characters, along with humor, strong family and friendship ties, and absorbing cozy mysteries.

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