Want to become the next Law of Attraction success story? Then keep reading… With 45 techniques to catapult you towards your dream reality, The Magic of Manifesting Collection leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making the Law of Attraction practical and effective. Ryuu Shinohara’s best-selling Law of Attraction series is now being bundled (Save 50%)!

3 IN 1: The Magic of Manifesting Collection: 45 Advanced Manifestation Techniques to Shift to Your Dream Reality and Attract Money, Love, and Abundance (Law of Attraction Bundles)
by Ryuu Shinohara
4.7 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Politics & Social Sciences | Health, Fitness & Dieting | Religion & Spirituality

In The Magic of Manifesting (Book 1), you’ll discover:

• Flap or Fab: Why you should care about manifestation more than you think.

• The scientific secret behind changing your reality.

• Why you might be manifesting your misery and how to avoid these common mistakes.

• The smartest and most powerful way to attract anything you want in life.

• How to upgrade your goals and increase the probability of your manifestation success.

• The #1 mental exercise Olympians and star athletes practice daily to improve their performance.

• Warning Signs that you have a scarcity mindset and how to get rid of it.

In The Magic of Manifesting Money (Book 2), you’ll discover:

• The secret “no woo-woo” science behind making yourself magnetic to an avalanche of financial abundance… even if you can’t manifest as much as a parking spot.

• 3 hidden money blocks you’ve unconsciously adopted, and how to turn these complications into wealth creation.

• The #1 key to accelerating your money manifestation, instead of waiting a lifetime for it to come, so you can start changing your reality now.

• The path of least resistance where money miracles and opportunities flow to you in unexpected ways without needing to take more action.

• Where to place your focus and energy to manifest wealth. Never go to sleep depressed about your bank balance ever again.

• How to be receptive to the infinite opportunities around you to speed up your money manifestation process and never miss signals from the universe.

• The 3 most common mistakes to avoid when applying money manifestation techniques.

In The Magic of Manifesting Love (Book 3), you’ll discover:

• Key principles for embodying magnetism that will get high-quality men/women desiring your love and attention.

• How to hack your belief system and get rid of negative beliefs, start trusting yourself, and develop unshakable confidence.

• A simple exercise that will immediately put you in alignment with EXACTLY the kind of relationship you want to attract.

• 3 hidden relationship patterns that push people away, and how to turn these negative behaviors into magnetic attraction.

• How to develop openness and receptivity for more synchronicities in your love life WITHOUT attracting the wrong type of people.

• The one secret to radiating an IRRESISTABLE ENERGY that will get heads turning everywhere you go.

And much, much more!

If you think “manifestation” is just another trendy buzzword, then you haven’t heard the success stories of millions of people who made their dreams come true with this one powerful tool.

It goes from 6-year-old Kabir who manifested to become the Malaysian David Copperfield and got invited to perform in The Magic Castle in Hollywood to family father Daniel who manifested his dream house in Maui.

You don’t have to be famous to be successful in life. These are average people, with average IQs, and with the natural power to manifest.

Stop waiting for life to happen to you and start creating it.

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