I have waited for three months for these little fellers to arrive. They don’t look like much now, but if I manage not to kill them, they will be amazing grasses in my front yard. I have checked on them every few hours since I unpacked them and planted them in their temporary pots. They haven’t done much. Maybe I should wait a few hours, then check on them again. Good plan.

Champagne Widows: First Woman of Champagne, Veuve Clicquot
by Rebecca Rosenberg
4.9 Stars (58 Reviews)
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs | History | Historical Fiction

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From triple-gold award-winning author, Rebecca Rosenberg: Champagne, France, 1800. Twenty-year-old Barbe-Nicole inherited Le Nez (an uncanny sense of smell) from her great-grandfather, a renowned champagne maker. She is determined to use Le Nez to make great champagne, but the Napoleon Code prohibits women from owning a business. When she learns her childhood sweetheart, François Clicquot, wants to start a winery, she marries him despite his mental illness.

Soon, her husband’s tragic death forces her to become Veuve (Widow) Clicquot and grapple with a domineering partner, the complexities of making champagne, and six Napoleon wars, which cripple her ability to sell champagne. When she falls in love with her sales manager, Louis Bohne, who asks her to marry, she must choose between losing her winery to her husband, as dictated by Napoleon Code, or losing Louis.

In the ultimate showdown, Veuve Clicquot defies Napoleon himself, risking prison and even death.

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Quantrall: Cowboy justice for hire. (Q-File P.I. Series Book 1)
by Carolina Mac
4.3 Stars (103 Reviews)
Genre: History | Crafts, Hobbies & Home | Action & Adventure

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Jesse Quantrall is known throughout Texas as a millionaire oilman and horse breeder, but when his father dies, he wonders… can he be more than an heir to an inherited life of leisure?

While reevaluating his sense of purpose, a frantic phone call draws him into a twisted plot of kidnapping, violence, and greed. Though left with few clues, Jesse must piece together what happened and who is behind it if he’s to save a life… But will he get there in time?

If you like Ace Atkin’s Quinn Colson, and John Sandford’s Lucas Davenport, you’ll be sucked into this fifteen book, cowboy family saga adventure.

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The Dragoneer: Book 1 – The Bonding: A Dragons of Cadwaller Novel
by Danny Knestaut, Vickie Knestaut
4.6 Stars (123 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Fantasy

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As the only child of the dragoneer, Trysten has a strong connection to the dragons of the village weyr. When her father is injured and can no longer lead the dragons into battle, he must choose his successor. Trysten wants the job, but tradition forbids women from holding the title.

A new dragoneer must be named quickly. Winter is waning, and the mountain passes will soon open. On the other side, the kingdom’s enemies wait with firebreath and bowstrings ready.

When Trysten’s father chooses her childhood friend as the new dragoneer, Trysten sets aside her own ambitions in order to save the village. She uses her connection to the dragons to help her friend bond with the alpha before it’s too late. But the alpha dragon is not bound by tradition and has ideas of her own.

Enjoyed by fans of Anne McCaffrey, the first book in The Dragoneer series is a full-length novel featuring strong women, hope for a better future, and an unfolding supernatural mystery appropriate for most ages.

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Pancakes and Corpses (Peridale Cafe Cozy Mystery Book 1)
by Agatha Frost
4.4 Stars (915 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Romance

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The 1st CLEAN and FUN book in the BESTSELLING Peridale Cafe Cozy Mystery series!

Soon to be divorced Julia South never expected to be caught up in solving a murder, until she discovered the body of her cafe’s most awkward customer. With a new smug Detective Inspector in town who underestimates her every move, Julia makes it her mission to discover the real murderer, before her village friends are dragged into the frame, and more bodies are discovered.

Book 1 in the Peridale Cafe Mystery series! A light, cozy mystery read with a cat loving and cafe owning female amateur sleuth, in a small village setting with quirky characters. No cliffhanger, swearing, gore or graphic scenes!

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Cool That Volcano: How to Help Children Stay Calm, Manage Anger and Master Emotions
by Peter Black
4.2 Stars (86 Reviews)
Genre: Parenting & Relationships | Education & Teaching

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Are your children difficult to control and calm down?

“I loved this book. I read it with both my parent and practitioner hat on. It was a very easy, accessible and engaging read. Informative explanations throughout the book, along with very useful hands on practical strategies and techniques to use.” – Alison Sellars (CEO of Relax Kids and qualified SENCo Child Practitioner).

Are you starting to worry that your child’s constant temper tantrums and explosive anger are getting out of hand? Discover the skills you need to teach your kids so they can calm themselves down.

Helping children to calm down and stay calm isn’t easy. Parenting and looking after children can be so difficult; it can cause physical, mental, emotional and practical problems, and can be very stressful.

Luckily there is help. Peter Black is a registered psychologist with over 18 years of experience. Using his own professional experience and knowledge of emotional management skills, he has developed a landmark set of tips to help you achieve a stress-free home and emotionally intelligent children. By following the eight techniques included in the book, you’ll have calmer children and a stress-free home.

Inside ‘Cool That Volcano’, you’ll discover…

• How to help your child stay in control of, and master their emotions

• How to teach your child to recognise difficult feelings

• How to teach your child to calm down and manage their anger

• How to encourage children to understand, process and talk about their feelings

• How to help your child achieve long term mastery over their emotions

• How to think about your own approach to emotional management

• And much, much more…

Cool that Volcano is an easy to use book that has already helped numerous children learn the skills to better manage their feelings and calm down. These emotional management skills have helped them to do better in school and at home, develop meaningful relationships, and to set them up for successful futures. If you want to equip your child for success in life, then you can’t afford to miss Peter Black’s essential guide.

Read the book to set your child on the path to success today!

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