Timeless and transformative, in Mission Critical Leadership, Gregg Sturdevant arms you with tactical strategies and solutions that will help you build teams that perform better and set your organization up for success. Whether your business employs ten people or ten thousand, Mission Critical Leadership is your essential guide for reaching your full potential — and leading your organization to excellence.

Mission Critical Leadership: Marine Corps Leadership Principles to Transform, Motivate, and Lead Your Teams to Success
by Gregg Sturdevant
5.0 Stars (20 Reviews)
Genre: Business & Money

Gregg Sturdevant knows what it’s like to lead under pressure. As a Major General in the United States Marines Corps, he deployed ten times over the course of his career, including multiple combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. With each tour, Sturdevant honed his leadership skills, allowing him to build a formidable repertoire of success strategies that served his troops and country exceedingly well.

When he transitioned to civilian management roles, Gregg implemented the same leadership strategies that worked so well for him in the military with equally effective results. Since then, he has gone on to teach others — from small business owners and entrepreneurs, to those leading corporations — how to apply these principles.

And now, Gregg is ready to share those powerful leadership secrets with you.

In Mission Critical Leadership, you will learn how to:

? Leverage individual strengths, to get the most out of each team member

? Inspire your team to not only follow the rules, but also to do their absolute best

? Set your team up for success

? Enhance your communication skills for improved relationships

? Cultivate continual improvement cycles

? Discover solutions more quickly and efficiently

? Improve your decision-making skills

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