The Crystal Coast Case series by A. M. Ialacci, has complicated characters that are rich and believable, and the perfect amount of mystery and intrigue. If you like Melinda Leigh, Lisa Gray, or Claire McGowan, you’ll love A. M. Ialacci’s gripping series of sun-drenched murders. Enjoy!

Diamonds, Teak, and Murder: A Crystal Coast Case (Crystal Coast Cases Book 1)
by A. M. Ialacci
4.4 Stars (144 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Thrillers | Crime Fiction

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Upon the sudden deaths of her parents in a car accident, credit fraud investigator Allie Fox traded her fast-paced life in Chicago for a boatyard bookkeeping job in sleepy Carteret County, North Carolina. It is a huge transition, especially as she is now the sole caregiver for her younger autistic brother. But when the yard foreman mysteriously ends up dead at work, she can’t resist being pulled into the mystery.

Plenty of people had reason to want Ty Guthrie dead, but he had been kind to her as a kid, and even the sheriff’s department thinks there may have been foul play. Despite the possibility of alienating all of her co-workers and risking her livelihood, Allie becomes a consultant on the case to discover the murderer in their midst.

The deeper she digs, the more secrets she unravels, and the killer turns his sights on her, and even worse, her brother. At odds with law enforcement and the DA while a massive hurricane bears down on the coast, the only thing that matters is that her brother is in danger. With everything to lose and time running out, it’s up to Allie alone to stop the killer, or die trying.

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Lenses, Lust, and Murder: A Crystal Coast Case (Crystal Coast Cases Book 2)
by A. M. Ialacci
4.3 Stars (57 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Thrillers

When Allie Fox became a private investigator, she envisioned herself solving crimes and keeping her hometown of Carteret County a safe place. Instead, to her great regret, she’s found herself trailing cheating husbands and tracking check kiters. All that changes when her autistic brother, Ryan, discovers a body near the Cape Lookout Lighthouse. Now, Allie is diving headfirst into the investigation.

Everyone in town loved the victim, or so they’re saying. Yet Allie soon discovers many at the Cape have shocking secrets they would kill to keep hidden. As she closes in on the truth, a frightening attempt is made on her life. Can she unravel the clues to reveal the murderer’s identity before becoming their next victim?

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Riptides, Wrath, and Murder: A Crystal Coast Case (Crystal Coast Cases Book 3)
by A. M. Ialacci
4.6 Stars (24 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

She wanted sun and surf. The waves gave her a wet corpse.
It’s been all work and no play for PI Allie Fox since moving to coastal North Carolina, and she’s in desperate need of a relaxing day at the beach. When a dead man washes up on the sand, Allie can’t help but examine the body.
Everyone says local surfer Ebbie Watkins was a nice guy, and the police are ready to call it an accident. But Allie isn’t convinced. Then Ebbie’s estranged son hires her to take the case, and she begins to unravel the victim’s darker side, uncovering a trail of bitterness, deceit, and wrath.
Allie tracks down every lead only to come up empty. When she is attacked, she must face her own vulnerability in order to find the killer in their midst before he strikes again.
Riptides, Wrath, and Murder continues the story of the Crystal Coast Case series.

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Sunsets, Scripts, and Murder: A Crystal Coast Case (Crystal Coast Cases Book 4)
by A. M. Ialacci
4.7 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

A dead actress. A big secret. And Allie Fox is on the case.

Tired of couch-surfing with friends, PI Allie Fox heads to the beach on an overcast, off-season day to do some house hunting.

But when she stumbles onto a dead body in an empty rental, she’s plunged straight into another case of foul play.

Up and coming actor Aisha Carter’s stay in Emerald Isle had been a secret, and only a select few knew she was here. When her agent hires Allie to investigate, she finds the actor was keeping everyone in the dark, and hiding much more than her whereabouts.

As she digs deeper into Aisha’s past, nothing seems to add up. Then Allie uncovers a shocking clue that puts everyone she loves on the killer’s list.

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