I cleaned the family room so now it is off limits until the first family member arrives on Thanksgiving. I DON’T CARE IF IT’S A MAIN ROOM! It is clean and now off limits. Please stay behind the roped off area. Thank you. They think I am crazy now, wait until I finish cleaning the bathrooms.

The Crucible of Steele: A Thriller
by L M Whitaker
4.4 Stars (101 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers

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An orphan’s dream turns to nightmare when she discovers her family, a secret society on a disturbing and deadly mission.

Tech security consultant Georgia Steele is as sharp as they come. Though despite her undeniable talents and willingness to flout the law, she has yet to uncover the cryptic origin of her biological bloodline. But when a younger near-twin approaches Georgia out of the blue with startling insights, she learns the answers she craves could lie with their criminally insane geneticist godfather.

Evading an FBI agent on her tail, Georgia travels to New York and Honduras to track down the men she believes know the truth. But after uncovering a cruel purification plan, she’s terrified to discover a shocking personal connection with the very people she’s desperate to take down.

With little time and even fewer resources, can Georgia save humanity from genetic annihilation?

The Crucible of Steele is a fast-paced techno-thriller. If you like unstoppable heroines, ethical entanglements, and intriguing plots, then you’ll love L M Whitaker’s spiraling DNA adventure.

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The Pages of Time: A Time Travel Thriller
by Damian Knight
4.4 Stars (237 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

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What would you do if you could turn the pages of time?

Sam Rayner thinks he is an ordinary sixteen-year-old. But when his family’s flight is brought down in a shocking act of terrorism, he suffers a traumatic brain injury that leaves him in a coma.

On waking in hospital Sam learns that his father died in the crash. Struggling to come to terms with his loss, he begins to experience strange seizures that alter the flow of time and transport him into the body of his past or future self. At first these episodes seem anything but useful. That is until he collapses and learns of another terrorist attack: this time in the future.

Can Sam prevent the impending atrocity before it takes place? Can he master his new powers to save his family from violent deaths that are already in the past, defeat the sinister forces that wish to use him for their own ends, and maybe also win the girl he loves… by turning the pages of time?

Back to the Future meets The Butterfly Effect in the first book of The Pages of Time series.

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Israel Journey: Eight Days In One Of The World’s Most Complex Countries
by Michael Bauer
4.8 Stars (18 Reviews)
Genre: Politics & Social Sciences | Travel | Biographies & Memoirs

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Welcome to Israel – one of the world’s most complex countries.

For more than 20 years, Michael Bauer crossed the State of Israel from end to end, leading groups and teaching them about the little slice of land that has influenced culture, religion, and faith around the globe more than any other.

His vast experience has led to this book, a unique travel diary in which Bauer leads nine young media professionals from diverse religious, ethnic, and political backgrounds around Israel, on a tour of the most important sites in Israel. He takes them up and down the country’s borders and beyond them, providing an opening for conversation about the many interesting issues pertaining to Israel: religion, history, geopolitics, economics, culture, and the country’s existence.

The interplay between the group’s diverse structure and the complexity of the State of Israel illustrates the story of this land, past and present.

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Reality Barks: A Rescue Dog’s Funny Story (Mutt to Megastar Book 1)
by Kit James
4.0 Stars (18 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Crafts, Hobbies & Home | Foreign Languages | Humor & Entertainment

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Rescue dog faces the reality of his unusual new life.

When two glossy Sydney metro couples rescue an ordinary Aussie mutt from the Dog Pound, he wonders why… especially when they change his name to Elliott! But he soon realizes that Jamie, the alpha-male of one of the couples, has plans for him… big plans! It’s a humorous Australian rescue dog’s tell-all tale about how he becomes a celebrity and wins their love.

Previously a one-man companion pooch, Elliott soon finds he’s become a time share dog, shared between the two couples. But because he can read auras and understand every word of human talk, not just body language, Elliott learns fast. He discovers the reason he’s here is because ad man Jamie wanted an ordinary “everydog” for his TV commercial for Biffo ChunkY-Yums dog food, which, to his surprise, also stars Hedy, a glamorous Afghan Hound. If he can become a TV dog star, Elliott need never fear being sent back to the Dog Pound. So with dogged determination, the feisty dog even trains himself to wink, with humorous results. But that’s not all, while trying to win the love of his new human pack, Elliott falls in love with Alison, the stunning Airedale Terrier, and befriends the dogs next door, Spike, a Tibetan Mastiff, and Mitzi, a snooty Standard Poodle.

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241 Real-World Brain Teasers.: Guided problem-solving in Inventions, Nature, Uncommon Trivia, and Business Innovation. (Invent and Discover)
by Invent and Discover
4.6 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment | Self-Help

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Challenge yourself to figure out creative solutions to real-world problems that have led to important inventions, discoveries, and innovations throughout history!

Do you love trivia quizzes… but wish these didn’t rely so much on useless facts that you simply either know or you don’t, leaving no room for actual thinking?
Do you enjoy mental puzzles… but want to come away with something more valuable than just getting the right answer to abstract, theoretical problems? Something more practical, perhaps?

This book aims to change the game.

Experience walking in the footsteps of discoverers, inventors, and innovators through taking on real-world problems that challenge you to tap into lateral thinking and creativity.
Part knowledge question and part logic puzzle, each of these 241 real-world brain teasers will challenge you to think of things in a new light and solve problems creatively.

Our unique questions are specially designed to lead you through solving actual challenges that people have faced in the real world — no trivia knowledge necessary! Everything you need for brainstorming your way to a solution is baked right into each carefully crafted question and helpful hint.

In this book of brain teasers, you’ll find:

• 241 engaging problems across 12 fascinating topics including Ingenious Inventions, Business Innovations, Nature & Science, Historical Happenings, Folk Wisdom from different cultures around the world, and many more.

• Specially designed easy-to-navigate format that eliminates the need to flip back and forth between sections, helping you keep the fun going and avoid accidentally stumbling upon answers.

• Chapters, arranged by difficulty and subject so you have complete control over how you play.

• Answers that go beyond fun facts, giving you a bit more insight into how the world works and what makes people tick.

• Family-friendly puzzles that anyone and everyone can brainstorm and enjoy, regardless of age, education, or background.

• A variety of ways to play and train your brain, getting in that mental workout whether solo, with family and friends or even in a professional setting.

• See inside for a link to download your FREE Bonus eBook.

Sharpen your logic, improve your analytical abilities, enhance your creativity, and develop your lateral thinking skills… all while having fun and learning more about the world around you. From kids to the elderly, students to CEOs, whether for professional development or just for fun, this book can be a useful tool for keeping the mind in top shape.

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