Sometimes I do dumb things. With the baby bassets at school, I decided now would be a good time to bring their Christmas gifts out of hiding and wrap a few. It took me a few trips past hubby to realize he was in the middle of checking his blood pressure with the monitor. Is it weird that I started tip toeing past him? Maybe he didn’t notice.

Masters Of The Broken Watches
by Razi Imam
4.5 Stars (279 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Action & Adventure

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An action adventure like Indiana Jones, a science adventure like Jurassic Park and a human feel-good story like Slumdog Millionaire.

Masters of the Broken Watches is a must-read.

Sebastian Miles and his team of marine biologists stare at their watches. Time outside their lab has jumped forward by twenty-two hours. Minutes before this illogical space-time event, they were analyzing a mysterious glowing nodule extracted from an unknown marine specimen.

News of this marine life reaches powerful governments, inadvertently triggering a race to hunt, capture and control it. But these governments and their nationalist leaders have never faced a team of scientists known as the Paramarines. They have no idea to what lengths Sebastian and his Paramarines will go in order to protect the species from capture and exploitation.

The first of a multi-book series, this genre-bending novel leaves readers on the edge of their seats. Thrilling like Blake Crouch and science-driven like Ted Chang, all approached in ways you’ve never seen before. A captivating adventure, a heartbreaking story of love, and a true display of human ingenuity and bravery in the face of overwhelming odds.

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Marshmallows & Mistletoe (A Wilton Hills Christmas Book 1)
by Marianne Rice
4.6 Stars (160 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Holidays

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Christmas is the most magical season of the year. Noel loves everything about it. From the decorating, to the music, and the baking. While visiting her parents in their farmhouse nestled in the Maine woods in preparation for the holiday, she finds herself alone when the power goes out.

But when she finds a stranger and his little boy stranded next to the road, she follows her intuition and offers them shelter until they can figure out how to restore the power.

All Ian wanted to do was take his son to see Santa. Now he’s stuck with a Christmas enthusiast in a farmhouse decorated with smiling faces on family pictures. But as Ian spends more and more time with Noel, he’s reminded of what the true spirit of Christmas is all about.

Family, joy, kindness… and love.

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The Claiming
by Ike Hamill
4.3 Stars (143 Reviews)
Genre: Horror

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It wasn’t her fault.
It wasn’t Lizzy’s fault that she saw the cloaked people out in the yard. It wasn’t her fault that she was drawn by the moonlight to watch them as they advanced on the house. And it definitely wasn’t her fault when people began to die. Lizzy didn’t want the strange dreams where she saw how they were killed. Even her sister was starting to suspect her.
It wasn’t fair because it wasn’t her fault.
Lizzy was claimed.

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Turtle Cove: A Florida Gulf Coast Mystery
by Marc Landau
4.1 Stars (192 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Mystery

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“Git your alligator outta my peanut butter!” A shell of a fun mystery.

Like Hiaasen, Dorsey and Evanovich? You’ll love Turtle Cove!

Nolan Parker just wants to relax, paint some turtles, and toss a ball with the dog. But… Things aren’t going as planned.What starts out as a side hustle to pay for wifi and dog treats, ends up with Nolan chasing a teenage runaway around the beaches of Florida trying not to get killed.

Worse, his tropical paradise has been invaded by a crew of wacky Floridians… and maybe an alligator.
Will Nolan find the kid and get the girl? Or will the sunshine state suck him into its swamplands?

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Soup Cookbook: Simple and Healthy Homemade Recipes to Warm the Soul: Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss
by Vesela Tabakova, The Healthy Food Guide
4.3 Stars (89 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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What’s for dinner?- Family-friendly Soups to Satisfy Your Soul – and Stomach
From the author of several bestselling cookbooks, Vesela Tabakova, comes a great new collection of delicious, easy to make recipes. This time she offers us a veritable around-the-world of healthy soup recipes. Comforting and enjoyable, soothing and healing – you are sure to find the perfect recipe whether it is for a laid-back lunch with friends and family, a sophisticated starter, or just a simple supper.

Soup Cookbook: Simple and Healthy Homemade Recipes to Warm the Soul is an invaluable and delicious collection of mouthwatering soup recipes that will please everyone at the table and become all time favorites. If you’re looking for delicious soups that are healthy and budget-friendly, warm up with these easy-to-throw-together-on-a-busy-day soup recipes!

***FREE BONUS RECIPES at the end of the book – 20 Easy Paleo, Gluten-Free, Fat Burning Smoothies for Better Health and Natural Weight Loss***

Table Of Contents

• Family-friendly Soups to Satisfy your Soul – and Stomach

• Chicken Soup with Rice

• Lemon Chicken and Kale Soup

• Slow Cooker French-style Farmhouse Chicken Soup

• Chicken Vegetable Soup

• Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

• Chicken and Ricotta Meatball Soup

• Asparagus and Chicken Soup

• Asian-style Chicken Soup

• Cold Cucumber Soup

• And so many more!

FREE BONUS RECIPES: 20 Superfood Paleo and Vegan Smoothies for Vibrant Health and Easy Weight Loss

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