I love shopping online through Etsy and Facebook Market place for unique treasures. I mostly window shop, but it’s fun and I get a lot of ideas for things I could make myself or want to add to the garden. I am having one little problem though. People really seem to be abusing the word “Rare”. I shop for a lot of plants and I will see twenty posts for a “Rare” succulent. There are TWENTY of them, and they are all easily propagated. Maybe “Rare” doesn’t mean what I think it means. OR… maybe it’s a word that I can use any way I like, since everyone else does. From now on I am signing my letters and emails Rare Book Basset. Thank you

Winnetka Road (Book 1) (The Winnetka Road Series)
by J.S. Sheridan
3.9 Stars (160 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers

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It’s the Swinging Sixties, and Paul and Cellina Farrell are the “it” couple on Chicago’s North Shore. He’s handsome, rich, and a partner at a prestigious law firm. She’s beautiful, brilliant, and leads the crowd in all things fashion, interior design and elegance. They live in a mansion on Winnetka Road with their baby girl, Simone. Their life seems picture perfect.

But there is something dark and unnatural stirring beneath Paul’s smooth exterior.

Cellina doesn’t notice. She’s too busy with her constant renovations and trips to Paris, Palm Beach and Percocet.

Their friends don’t notice. They’re too blinded by the Farrell good looks, money, and standing in society.

But the baby nurse sees.

And little Simone.

Façades are beginning to crack at the big house on Winnetka Road.


The Winnetka Road Series is a psychological/domestic thriller with supernatural elements. Books 1 and 2 end with a partial resolution and cliffhanger. Book 3 ends with complete resolution. The adventures continue in Books 4 and 5, each of which ends with complete resolution.

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The Blood of Belua (The Sumrectian Series Book 2)
by Leigh G. Wynn
5.0 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Science Fiction & Fantasy

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An unlikely assassin. An impossible mission. An entire city perched on a dangerous secret.

Amber Chesterfield is untagged. Unlike most Korpora citizens, Amber does not have a chip implanted in her brain. Her thoughts are unmonitored. Her motives go undetected. And the government desperately needs a human like her…

To assassinate the most powerful Sumrect in a thousand years, Ansel Cassadian.

When a group of highly trained government officials kidnaps her and threatens to kill her family, she has no choice but to accept the impossible mission.

With the help of Roy, a human agent well-versed in Sumrectian magic and technology, Amber secures a position as Ansel’s assistant — a position that allows her to get up close and personal with her target.

Too close.

As Amber finds herself falling for the Sumrect she must kill, she uncovers a sinister secret the government has been hiding from its programmed citizens…

And the power to defeat the greatest evil her world has ever seen.

But can she succeed without losing the ones she loves most?

The Blood of Belua takes place twenty years before The Eye of Elektron and may be read before book 1 of the series. If you like action-packed and fast-paced fantasy with a hint of romance, then you will enjoy The Blood of Belua, book 2 of The Sumrectian Series. Scroll up and take the dive today!

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The Seven Steps to Closure
by Donna Joy Usher
4.5 Stars (1,873 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Literary Fiction | Humor & Satire

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Can A Trashy Magazine Article Help Heal A Broken Heart?

Tara Babcock awakes the morning after her 30th birthday with a hangover that could kill an elephant – and the knowledge she is still no closer to achieving closure on her marriage breakup. Things go from bad to worse when she discovers that, not only is her ex-husband engaged to her cousin – Tash, the woman he left her for – but that Jake is also running for Lord Mayor of Sydney.
Desperate to leave the destructive relationship behind and with nothing to lose, she decides – with encouragement from her three best friends – to follow the dubious advice from a magazine article, Closure in Seven Easy Steps.
The Seven Steps to Closure follows Tara on her sometimes disastrous – always hilarious – path to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Another book by the multi-award-winning author, Donna Joy Usher.

“The Seven Steps to Closure’s heroine, Tara, is an endearing character and her entertaining journey to closure is packed with laughs and plenty of heart.” Tonya Plank, Shirley You Jest! Book Awards judge and author of ‘Swallow’.

Winner of the 2012 elit Publishing Awards Humor Category
London Book Festival Honorable Mention
Finalist in the 2012 Shirley You Jest! Book Awards
Finalist in the 2013 Indie Excellence Awards Chicklit Category.

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Strait Over Tackle: a Flip-Flop Detective novel (The Flip Flop Detective Book 1)
by Colin Conway
4.1 Stars (97 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Action & Adventure

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Rule #1 – Only be where flip-flops can be worn.

Former deputy Sam Strait lives his life by a particular set of rules. They provide him freedom to do the things he wants where he wants with whom he wants. For a single man in his mid-thirties, things couldn’t get any better. Then why isn’t he happier?

When Sam returns home for the summer, he discovers a stranger dead in his boat. With cops and reporters crawling over his property, gone are the usual plans of soaking up the sun and whiling away the days in the arms of a beautiful woman. Instead, Sam embarks on journey to solve the mysterious death.

Soon, he’s being followed, harassed, and assaulted by figures demanding the return of something he had no idea he possessed. Sam would have been better to stay away for the summer, but he couldn’t have. He had to return home. The rules demanded it.

Strait Over Tackle is the first book in an exciting new series from the author of the 509 Crime Stories and the co-author of the Charlie-316 series.

If you like your crime fiction with a dose of humor, then pick up this book today!

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Where the Irises Bloom
by Will Lowrey
4.6 Stars (200 Reviews)
Genre: Arts & Photography

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In the big city, everyone has a story — even the lost souls.

Life on the streets can be tough for a kitten. Between neighborhood hooligans, trains and traffic whizzing past, unforgiving weather, and grumpy raccoons competing over scraps of food in the garbage cans, every day is a struggle to survive.

Although lost and afraid among the tall, glimmering buildings and their shadowy alleyways below, Fern soon discovers she’s not alone. She’s seen him before, huddled in the cold by the old tavern. Mother taught her to be wary of the people, but when she takes a chance on him, she learns he has a story, too.

Together, they just might save each other.

From the author of the acclaimed novel Chasing the Blue Sky comes the compelling, poignant tale of the unusual bond between a stray kitten and a homeless man.

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