My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding meets Virgin River. The Tall Dark and Driven series by Barbara DeLeo is a sweet, small-town contemporary romance series that readers can’t get enough of. If you love smoldering chemistry, witty banter, and big ensemble casts, then you’ll fall for Barbara DeLeo’s irresistible stories.

Making the Love List: A sweet, small town, older brother’s best friend romance (Tall Dark and Driven Book 1)
by Barbara DeLeo
4.3 Stars (448 Reviews)
Genre: Small Town & Rural | Romance | Women’s Fiction

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He’s number 5 on her ‘love’ list — tall, dark and… completely off limits.

Successful, reserved restaurateur Lane Griffiths is made of loyalty. He owes the Katsalos family big time, so is happy to help with the renovations of their wedding hall — at least until he finds himself stuck working with his best friend’s gorgeous, but totally off-limits little sister, Yasmin.

Yasmin Katsalos is done with being a good little Greek girl. Having survived a near-death experience, she’s made a list of all the things she was too afraid to do before, and is determinedly checking them off. And it just so happens that her big brother’s best friend is the perfect choice for “seducing a tall, dark, and handsome man out of my league.”

As Yasmin turns up the heat in her attempts to win Lane, she can’t understand the dazzling man’s reluctance to give in to their obvious attraction. And though Lane can’t get the blossoming young woman out of his head, he knows that giving in to their desire could blow both their worlds apart.

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Winning the Wedding War: A sweet small town, enemies to lovers romance (Tall Dark and Driven Book 2)
by Barbara DeLeo
4.4 Stars (42 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Small Town & Rural | Romance

Two rival families. Two competing wedding venues. One wedding of the season.

Nick Katsalos has a foolproof plan to save his parents’ floundering wedding venue. The last thing he expects is for Erin Patterson, the captivating daughter of his parents’ biggest rival, to waltz in and charm the client who could finally get the family business back on track. Nick would be furious — if only he could stop thinking about her.

When Erin and Nick enter into a wager to determine who will win the contract she prepares for the worst… and is surprised by the glimpses of warmth she sees in the man behind the numbers. But Erin isn’t about to forfeit what could be the biggest wedding of the decade to a man as cold as Nick. Especially since securing it means she could finally prove to her father she’s just as capable of handling the family business as him.

But as the competition heats up, Erin and Nick must decide what’s more important — winning or love.

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Reining in the Rebel: A sweet, small town, fish out of water romance (Tall Dark and Driven Book 3)
by Barbara DeLeo
4.2 Stars (24 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Small Town & Rural | Romance

When the one you want is the one you shouldn’t…

Grace Bennett is determined to set a perfect example for her new wedding planning business. From now on it will take more than good looks and a charming smile to win her over. The next guy to get her attention will be sweet, dependable, and looking for something serious. But first she’ll have to survive the next couple of weeks at The Aegean Palace with swoon-worthy Ari Katsalos.

Ari doesn’t believe in happily-ever-after. Between his estranged parents and the cheating spouses he tracks down as a P.I., he hasn’t seen many examples of a good marriage. Helping out at his parents’ wedding hall seems like a nightmare… except for the time spent beside the irresistible Grace.

Ari and Grace want very different things, but it’s getting tough to resist the powerful chemistry burning between them.

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A Home for Summer: A sweet, small town, marriage of convenience romance (Tall Dark and Driven Book 4)
by Barbara DeLeo
4.5 Stars (35 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Literature & Fiction

A Greek Island. A mystery man. A secret that can’t be shared.

While renovating the house her hippie mother left her on the Greek island of Lesvos, penny-pinching Summer Adams must confront much more than her lack of DIY skills.

When the mysterious Costa Nicoliedies comes to the rescue, the secrets he holds–about her mother and his hidden wealth and fame–challenge their deepening relationship.

As the atmosphere heats up, both Costa and Summer must revisit their tightly bound past that threatens to destroy their future.

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A Marriage for Show: A sweet, small town, marriage of convenience, second chance romance (Tall Dark and Driven Book 5)
by Barbara DeLeo
4.2 Stars (29 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

To keep her home for her baby, she’ll sign his contract. But it’s her heart that’s on the line.

Property tycoon Christo Mantazis wants the one thing his riches can’t buy–the villa where his mother has lived and worked as housekeeper for forty years. That it’s the same house he was banished from after being caught making love to the owner’s irresistible daughter stirs up old memories, and now he wants her more than ever.

Magazine editor Ruby Fleming’s not about to give up her home to Christo, the man who broke her heart–until she discovers her mother left half of the estate to him, and she realizes she’s trapped.

When Christo offers a marriage of convenience, Ruby knows it’s the only way for them to get what they want. Ruby needs a link to her past, and Christo needs his mother to retain her home.

But it’s another need–to have Christo again–that Ruby must resist at all costs.

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