It just occurred to me that on Monday I will not be able to go out to dinner with my family because of some pesky “Holiday”. I got a little angry thinking about how I will be forced to nag hubby to cook dinner for us that evening. What if I am feeling too lazy to make hungry noises at him? I think there should be special seating in restaurants on Valentine’s Day for those of us who aren’t celebrating the day of love, but are just lazy and hungry. The lazy lane if you will. If you want to go through the Lazy Lane you just have to promise not to wear red, or anything formal, not look lovingly into your partners eyes, and no giggling. AND… if you dare propose marriage you will be fined. That should cover the basic outline of the Lazy Lane. I bet a lot of people would be down for that. Then the restaurants would be booked up that day with people not celebrating Valentines Day, and I would still have to nag hubby to make me dinner. Well now I am really mad. IT WAS MY IDEA!

The Savage Series Book Bundle 1-3 ( Steampunk Time Travel Romance Sci Fi Trilogy)
by Tamara Rose Blodgett
4.0 Stars (526 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Horror | Romance

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For fans of The Outlander ,The Black Dagger Brotherhood and from New York Times and #1 Dark Fantasy bestseller Tamara Rose Blodgett, comes a tale of criminal geneticists who interfere with predestined matches between the women and men of an unforgiving world.

Clara Williamson is a princess living in a dark post-apocalyptic future of bio-spheres fashioned to protect 1890s America. A time when marriages are arranged for things other than love. When her sadistic mother betroths her to an abusive prince from a neighboring sphere to secure their future in illicit trade, Clara determines to escape.

Leaving a life of familiar terror behind, she embraces the dangers of Outside that no one from the spheres has seen in nearly a century and a half.

Clara escapes tyranny only to discover the sphere-dwellers are not the only people who survived the cataclysmic events of one hundred forty years prior. She finds herself trapped, unable to return to the abusive life of the sphere while facing certain danger Outside.

Can Clara find love and freedom with the peril that threatens to consume her?

Clara has become queen and yearns to unlock the puzzle of her lineage. Matthew and Bracus, survivors of the post-apocalyptic Outside and protectors of the Band, accompany Clara in her journey to the eastern seaboard to discover her true family.

Trouble seeks them in the form of the Fragment, a maundering group of nomadic criminals, who thrive on exploitation and control. When the faction absorbs Prince Frederic into their ranks, they undertake a plan to involve Clara and her home sphere in a dangerous scheme of coercion for their own gain.

It isn’t long before Clara discovers a terrible secret about the very ones who saved the people of her kingdom from certain destruction. The Guardians are not who they seemed. Through terrible circumstances she must escape, can Clara protect herself from her own destiny and keep the integrity of her sphere intact?

Will the needs of her people, war and tribulation overwhelm her need for a love all her own?

King Raymond is betrothed to Princess Ada of a neighboring sphere in an arranged match not of his choosing. Travelers from a parallel world have bargained to save the future of his people and he cannot refuse their offer. Raymond does not believe that an alliance with the Savages would result in a life-altering experience.

He soon finds himself overwhelmed when an entanglement of emotion and love conspire to undermine his vow in the most unlikely place.

Rowenna, warrior female of the Band, is a much sought-after female select. When her kin agree to an offer that will unite the races of their future, they do not realize what the sacrifice will cost her. Can the two peoples of separate societies survive the prejudicial position that has been hoisted on them?

Will their sacrifice afford a future of liberty, or will heartbreak be the only consequence of their love?

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Take Me Home (Finding Home Book 1)
by Rachel Branton
4.6 Stars (55 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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What if everything you ever thought was true about your past, wasn’t true at all?

Liana Winn has always felt like an outsider in her family. As a child she was adopted by relatives after her parents’ plane accident in India, but now that she is as an adult, her disjointed memories — and nightmares — of the past continue to make it impossible for her to bridge the wide gulf she still feels with her adoptive family. She is plagued by questions about her parents’ deaths and wonders if that event is the reason for her inability to form deep personal relationships. Although her adoptive brother Christian has become her greatest friend and supporter, she even has difficulty bonding with him. Needing someone means love, and losing those you love hurts too much.

When Liana meets successful businessman, Austin Walker, who has risen above his own difficult childhood on a Wyoming farm, she’s certain their business will not extend to friendship. Yet she cannot deny their powerful connection and the feeling of hope he offers for romance.

But the ghosts of the past will not rest for Liana, and while searching for answers, she makes a shocking discovery that just might mean the end of everything she’s ever believed.

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Mitch Kearns Combat-Tracker Boxed Set of Thrillers, Volumes 1-7: A Black-Ops Espionage Thriller Series (Mitch Kearns Combat Tracker Series Book 12)
by JT Sawyer
4.7 Stars (167 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Men’s Adventure | Action & Adventure

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Meet Mitch Kearns, a former Special Forces Combat Tracker who works for the FBI hunting down notorious criminals. Crossing paths with Israeli agent Dev Leitner, the two seasoned operators join forces to bring down terrorist cells, rogue assassins, and black-ops mercenaries in these 7 adrenaline-soaked thrillers now available in one boxed set.

Volume One, Dead In Their Tracks: Former combat tracker Mitch Kearns is past his glory days and spends his time teaching the feds how to pursue fugitives on the run. Fresh out of a class with the FBI, he runs into his mentor’s daughter, who’s in possession of plans to obliterate the U.S. Mitch then faces an impossible task: get her to the authorities before hardened mercenaries can kill them. Cornered and desperate, they’re left with no choice but to escape into the Arizona desert. Mitch uses every evasive technique in his arsenal, but nothing works, and their pursuers seem unstoppable. Can Mitch beat the clock or will their adversaries annihilate them and end democracy forever?

Volume Two, Counter-Strike: Join Mitch and Dev as they head across the globe in pursuit of a deadly pathogen that has fallen into the wrong hands. From the boreal forest of Sweden to the jungles of Indonesia, the two warriors must pool all of their skills to overcome an adversary bent on releasing a virus that can level humanity

Volume Three, The Kill List: Mitch Kearns is back in the U.S. visiting a friend at a secluded home in Colorado. Little do they know that there is a killer in their midst who is plotting against them for actions connected with a mantracking case Mitch was involved with a year earlier. With a storm moving in and one of their group dead before nightfall, they must work together to figure out who the traitor is and escape the perilous canyon where they are trapped.

Volume Four, Blindsided: Eleven years ago, three Mossad operatives embarked upon a rescue mission in Africa that would have a ripple effect on their lives and the futures of their loved ones. Now, years later, Dev, Mitch, and their Gideon team are framed for a killing by an unknown assailant whose grasp extends beyond international borders. With Gideon being shuttered because of criminal charges on the anniversary of the founder’s death, Dev must battle against overwhelming forces to uncover who is responsible for trying to dismantle her company and alter the elections in the Israeli Parliament.

Volume Five, Deadly Harvest: In this fast-paced story, Mitch tests his physical and mental endurance during an extended wilderness survival course with his Special Forces unit which culminates in a thrilling showdown between Mitch and two notorious bear poachers. This exciting novella is set eight years before Dead In Their Tracks

Volume Six, Borderlands: When an abduction by cartel members along the Arizona border goes horribly wrong, Mitch Kearns is pulled away from his family ranch near Tucson to help track down the suspects. When it’s discovered that the captive is a high-level U.S. government official who holds the key to unlock codes for the Southwest power grid, Mitch and Dev are in a race against time to prevent a catastrophe from unfolding as they battle rival cartel members who each have their own stake in the game.

Volume Seven, Without Mercy: When Mitch, Dev, and the senior Gideon staff head to Thailand for a conference, they think the rest of the week is going to be spent enjoying the sights with one of their colleagues. Instead, they cross paths with human-traffickers who have abducted some foreign tourists. With time slipping away, Mitch and the others must hunt down the criminals and resort to unconventional fighting methods in a culture still bound by the deadly blade arts.

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Mai Tais and Murder: A Tiki Mystery (The McCreadie Mysteries Book 1)
by Andrew Culver
4.3 Stars (37 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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The only thing Aristotle McCreadie wants to do is sit on the beach and drink mai tais.

Since Aristotle inherited a bunch of money, he moved to a houseboat in a quaint California beach town and he spends his nights at the best tiki bar in the world, Pirate’s Cove. All is right with the world. But Aristotle’s plans are about to go off the rails.

Something weird is happening in this idyllic town. A wealthy old real estate mogul, and patron saint of Pirate’s Cove, has just been murdered in his sprawling mansion. And whoever did it knew exactly how to dismantle the alarm system, where his cash was hidden, and where his most expensive antiques were. Now everyone in town seems to think it’s no big deal and no one wants to answer Aristotle’s questions about it.

Aristotle can’t enjoy his mai tais when an unsolved murder is killing his buzz. Now weird things are happening at the victim’s house at night, and to complicate things, a cute local girl wants to show him all around town. Which would be great if she didn’t have a boyfriend in grad school in Portland.

Why are the police so eager to pass off this crime as an isolated robbery? And why are people whispering about big real estate plans for Playa Santiago? Suddenly Aristotle gets the suspicion that this perfect little town is about to get very tacky and very crowded. Now the future of Pirate’s Cove is in jeopardy, and this will mean the end of the best tiki bar, arguably, in the world. Which means that dozens of drinks with secret family recipes may be lost forever. The Pooka Pooka Bowl. The Mexican Mai Tai. The Naked Surfer Girl. All lost. And Aristotle can’t let that happen.

The good thing about tiki bars is when the liquor flows, people talk. So, in the interest of justice, Aristotle must go to Pirate’s Cove to get information out of these weird and colorful locals. With each mai tai he will get closer to the truth, and he just might save this town.

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Taste of Home Keto Desserts Cookbook #2022
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting | Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Then we have just the book for you Dessert lovers!

We live in a sugar-filled world, and temptation is all around us. Birthday parties, holidays, and the office break room are veritable minefields of sugar and excess carbohydrates. No one wants to feel deprived, and Keto Desserts Cookbook proves that you don’t have to. This collection of low-carb, high-fat sweet treats will help you resist the siren call of sugar without sacrificing flavor or texture.

With over 250 recipes for cakes, cookies, fat bombs, pies, ice creams, and more, Keto Dessert Cookbook will show you how to make delicious keto desserts and treats that will satisfy even the most powerful sweet cravings! Every recipe includes essential macros, detailed instructions, and helpful tips for making recipes that are both delicious and low-carb. Also included is detailed guidance for choosing the right sweetener for every type of dessert, choosing nut flours that will ensure your desserts are always perfectly delicious, and using binders that will give your desserts the perfect texture every time.

Here’s a peak of what you’ll find inside:

• 28 delicious cake recipes

• 28 mouth-watering bars

• 28 irresistibly bomba

• 27 tasty brownies

• 29 different pies

• 28 tempting cookies

• over 80 types of candies and confection recipes!

With this cookbook, you will be able to lose weight while enjoying desserts, enhance your cooking skills and diminish your cravings for sweets with time making your body feel better and healthier.

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