I got really mad at a plant yesterday, and said a few bad things to it in anger. Looking back, I might have been overreacting. I bought a half dead houseplant off the clearance rack a month ago, and brought it home thinking I could save it. For the past month this plant has done nothing by die slowly. I gave it water, a new pot, fresh soil, a grow light, and the best spot in my house. As far as I am concerned it should be thriving. Instead it mocks me by loosing a leaf every few days. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME??? I feel the plant is being unreasonable. It should be happy with all I have done for it. What happened to it before I got to it? For all I know somebody might have poured coke in it at the store, and no matter what I do it will die. I really shouldn’t be so upset about this.

An Unexpected Love Story (Falling into Happily Ever After Rom Com)
by Ellie Hall
4.0 Stars (321 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Religion & Spirituality | Humor & Entertainment | Foreign Languages

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Catherine + Kellan = forNEVER, or so I thought.

Let’s not talk about how I was let go from my job and had to take a position as coffee-girl at a publicity firm. We definitely won’t discuss their newest client and how he was the former love of my life. However, it’s fair to mention that Kellan Connelly is now my fiercest adversary.

I’ve spent the last decade playing it safe with book boyfriends — avoiding frustratingly attractive and three-dimensional guys like him.

When my roommate finds the Boyfriend Book, a silly relic leftover from my teens, it prompts a dare; go on five dates and pick one to be my Valentine. I can’t say no, especially if it means proving to myself and Kellan that I’ve moved on.

Despite braving the dating jungle, none of the guys comes close to being my one true love. Except Kellan. He’s infuriating, confusing, catnip… and it turns out he has a secret.

With a love letter and a plane ticket in hand, can I leave my baggage behind and decide between love, hate, and the lies I told to protect my fragile heart?

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My Brother’s Destroyer (Baer Creighton Book 1)
by Clayton Lindemuth
4.2 Stars (6,140 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Literary Fiction | Thrillers

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International bestseller and genre-bender My Brother’s Destroyer is a starkly comedic grit lit thriller told in a Smoky Mountain dialect Kirkus says “perfectly evokes the woods and hollows of the Carolina hills.”

A story of loyalty, love, justice and redemption you will never forget.

Baer Creighton is a gifted distiller of fruited moonshine, capable of detecting even the subtlest lies. He lives in the woods next to his house, philosophizes with his dog Fred, and writes letters to his high school love Ruth–who long ago chose Baer’s brother.

Baer keeps a low profile. Everyone is happy drinking his sublime moonshines — until Fred goes missing. A week later, while Baer harvests apples in the moonlight, a chain of headlights emerges from the woods. A single truck tosses a bundle to the ditch.

When you discover who stole Fred, you’ll know you’ve found a new master of the dark surreal.

And when you see what Baer does to him…
And what they do to Baer…
You haven’t read a novel like this.

I promise.

You’ll be engrossed long after you turn the last page.

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Awakening (Histories of Drakmoor Book 1)
by Robert M. Kerns
4.3 Stars (634 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy

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His mind raced…
… as he lay in the alley.

Why was he there?

Gavin knew two things – his name and he was wearing a tunic and pants. From beyond the alley, hustling city sounds were unfamiliar. The warmth of the sun on his neck and its position in the sky suggests it was mid-morning.

The first choice he made, turning out of the alley, would change his fate.

Marcus has led a full life, but he was sick of it. Six thousand years of magic, mayhem, and fighting other people’s wars has worn him out. Why wouldn’t people just leave him alone?

At least the Society of the Arcane allowed him to do his job without asking a bunch of tedious questions. Maybe lunch with his friend Ovir, the Priest, would make the day slightly less miserable?

Gavin wasn’t sure where he was going.

Was he searching for something?

The slavers he found were certainly looking for him. Surrounded and outnumbered six to one, he didn’t have a weapon. Out of desperation, instinct took over.

Marcus sensed the burst and saw the men fall.

How had the boy done that?

Perhaps today wasn’t going to be so dreadful after all?

You’ll love this Epic Fantasy series, because the journey Gavin and Marcus take will keep you turning the pages until long after bedtime.

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Next Stop Execution: The Autobiography of Oleg Gordievsky
by Oleg Gordievsky
4.5 Stars (390 Reviews)
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs | History

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Oleg Gordievsky was the highest ranking KGB officer ever to work for Britain.

For eleven years, from 1974 to 1985, he acted as a secret agent, reporting to the British Secret Intelligence Service while continuing to work as a KGB officer, first in Copenhagen, then in London.

He provided Western security organizations with such a clear insight into the mind and methods of the KGB and the larger Soviet government that he has been credited with doing more than any other individual in the West to accelerate the collapse of Communism.

In this thrilling memoir, Gordievsky lays out his extraordinary, meticulously planned escape from Russia, a story that has been described as ‘one of the boldest and most extraordinary episodes in the history of spying.’ (Ben Macintyre – The Times)

Peopled with bizarre, dangerous and corrupt characters, Gordievsky introduces the reader to the fantastical world of the Soviet Embassy, tells of the British MPs and trade unionists who helped and took money from the KGB, and reveals at last what the author told Margaret Thatcher and other world leaders which made him of such value to the West.

Gordievsky’s autobiography gives a fascinating account of life as a secret agent. It also paints the most graphic picture yet of the paranoid incompetence, alongside the ruthless determination, of the all-encompassing and sometimes ridiculous KGB.

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Manhunt In the Wild Mountains: A Historical Western Adventure Book
by Austin Grayson
4.3 Stars (222 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | History | Westerns

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Paul Coleman is about to make his first steps as a bounty hunter, in the mountaintop community of Animas Forks. However, he soon realizes that no matter how well he knows the job, no one plays by the rules. In his quest to track down a suspected killer who’s seeking shelter with his father, a foreman at the gold mining mill, Paul will have to fight with powerful demons. It will not be long before he has to confront the Sheriff himself, discovering that sometimes lawmen aren’t all on the same side. When things go from bad to worse and Paul has to defend himself in front of the prominent town magistrate, an unlikely ally steps up right when justice is bent to the whims of the corrupt. Will Paul find the courage to defend everyone, or is something worse on the horizon that will put his own life at risk?

The moment Paul meets Eliza Tilman he thinks that his luck has finally changed, and the beautiful woman immediately captures his heart. To his surprise, her father, the town magistrate, will decide to intervene when he finds out that Paul shows up to return a fugitive from justice. With the owner of the gold mill and Eliza’s father conspiring, Paul and Eliza will join forces, determined to solve the case and put evil behind bars. Will Eliza manage to be the gateway to justice Paul has been looking for? Or will her father abort their every attempt to uncover the dark truth?

With guns blazing and knives slashing, Paul must act fast, otherwise, he might not come out alive. Plunged into a quagmire of corruption and wickedness, will Paul survive the greatest challenge of his life? Will the fearless bounty hunter rise to the challenge and eventually find peace?

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