It’s FREEZING COLD! I knew Mother Nature would do that. Last week I was enjoying the warm weather and playing in the garden. It was so nice out I was thinking about planting a few Spring flowers to get ahead of the game for Easter. Thankfully I wised up and remembered that Mother Nature loves to act all warm and fuzzy, then BLAM!!! She freezes everything. Not this year lady. This year I did not let my guard down, I didn’t run off to the store and buy a bunch of cute little blooms, and you did not get a chance to freeze my freshly planted treasures. That’s a WIN for me!!

A Suspicious Suicide (Detective Khan’s Unforgettable Cases Book 1)
by Saimum Islam Jeem
4.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Mystery | Horror

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Mr. Sami Khan, a private detective, starts living in a haunted house from where a girl committed suicide recently. Rumors are everywhere of the house being haunted, terrific and creepy. Kate, a mechanical engineer committed suicide because of being mentally unstable upon living here. 5 went missing previously. Khan, a man of science and truth, takes upon the case, for not believing ghosts. Khan starts taking rarified air as he starts hovering around a house where questionable things happen.
Upon staying for several weeks, Khan sees himself becoming mentally unstable. A series of horrifying things have befallen him. He starts to question whether ghosts exist. How will he get out of it? Khan focuses on not becoming ill rather than solving the case.

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How to Not Fall for the Guy Next Door: A Sweet Romantic Comedy
by Meg Easton
4.3 Stars (363 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Romance | Humor & Entertainment

FREE for a limited time

It only took twelve years, a few too many embarrassing moments, and a cross-country move to run into her childhood crush again.

This time, he’s Addison’s next-door neighbor. And someone she definitely cannot fall for.

If Ian Kendrick hadn’t grown up to be so good-looking, kind to his grandma, skilled at carpentry, and completely dateable, then it wouldn’t be so difficult to stay away from him.

They’re both just getting over breakups, though, and Addison doesn’t need the kind of awkwardness that would come from living next to someone who would surely be just a rebound if they ever dated.

Nope. What she needs is to make a list to constantly remind herself how to not fall for the guy next door.

If you like your romances with plenty of humor and heart, you’ll love How to Not Fall for the Guy Next Door. Start reading today!

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Warrior and Weaver (Norse Family Saga Book 1)
by K.S. Barton
4.5 Stars (24 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | World Literature

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A Viking saga of love, revenge, sacrifice, and betrayal.

Bjorn Alfarsson cares nothing for the blood feud that has raged for years between his foster-father and brother. But when Bjorn’s best friend is killed by the son of their bitter enemy, he is drawn into the long-standing conflict. With the safety of his children at risk, Bjorn does whatever is necessary, but the hatred he has wrought threatens to unravel his world.
Astrid Tryggvisdottir is the daughter of a powerful jarl. What she wants most is to marry a man she loves, and to keep her loved ones protected, but hers is a world fraught with hardship and danger. Her father’s blood feud has now spilled over onto her and her brothers. Astrid must decide whether to sacrifice her own happiness or that of her family. If she chooses wrong, everyone she cares about will be in danger. It is up to her to weave the two families together.

Content Warning: includes a depiction of miscarriage.

Warrior and Weaver is the first in K.S. Barton’s Norse Family Saga series.

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Fire and Rain: A Casey Jones Mystery (Casey Jones Mystery Series Book 7)
by Katy Munger
4.5 Stars (151 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

FREE for a limited time

“Casey Jones joins the ranks of smart and gutsy heroines. Don’t miss her.” –Janet Evanovich

Katy Munger’s Casey Jones has her hands full avenging the death of one of her oldest friends — while trying to keep unruly strippers and untrustworthy bikers in line.

Casey Jones is back with a new adventure that takes her from four-foot strippers to forty-something bikers — and a head-on collision with too many ex-boyfriends to count. Will regrets slow her down? Can anything stop her? So long as she has caffiene and Krispy Kremes within reach, Casey’s never calling it quits. But will her stubbornness pay off?

When The Tiny Dancers hit Raleigh, North Carolina, the diminutive strippers are a huge hit. Men line up and down the block to watch their rootin’ and tootin’ topless routine. But someone’s not a fan and the vicious death threats the Tinajero sisters are receiving kick Casey into high gear.

But when what should have been a routine bodyguarding case turns deadly, and Casey loses one of her oldest friends, the case turns personal in more ways than one. Her friend is dead, one of the strippers is missing, and the handsome biker Casey met the night before sure seems to be in it up to his neck. Vowing to track the killers and find the missing stripper, who may or may not be in on the murder, Casey sets out on what turns out to be a wild ride that takes her from the flatlands of eastern North Carolina to its most exclusive mountain enclaves.

But no woman is an island and Casey knows she can’t do it on her own. Fans of Casey Jones will recognize their favorites in the cast of colorful supporting characters who answer Casey’s “all hands on deck!” call. From her 360-pound boss Bobby D. and his epic meals, to police mole Marcus Dupree and his magic keyboard, to ex-boyfriends Burly and frenemy Detective Bill Butler, Casey needs all the help she can get — even if she’s too stubborn to admit it.

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Battle-Cruisers: A History 1908-48
by Ronald Bassett
4.4 Stars (86 Reviews)
Genre: History

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A lean and hungry breed of warship, the battle cruisers burned their names deeply into the annals of sea-warfare.

Fast and heavy-gunned, the battle-cruiser could overhaul and destroy anything at sea except the battleship.

The brain child of Admiral Jacky Fisher, the battle-cruiser was intended to be light, fast, and able to avoid action with ships-of-the-line.

However, the battle-cruisers came to be treated as fast battleships
… And expected to fight as a battleship.

But their design rendered them vulnerable and left them outmatched.

This weakness was cruelly exposed at the battle of Jutland in 1916, where three of the battle-cruisers exploded.

Known as the ‘Splendid Cats’ for their speed and viciousness, battle cruisers fought at Heligoland Bight, the Falkland’s Islands, Dogger Bank and Jutland.

Following the First World War the battle-cruisers biggest enemy was the scrapyard.

Once more the world was plunged into war, and four battle-cruisers would be lost during the Second World War.

The most famous is perhaps the Hood, following the action against the Bismark.

Only the Renown survived both world wars, yet she was condemned to the breaker’s yard in the summer of 1948.

From the far side of the world to home waters, the battle-cruisers played a vital part in the British war effort.

Combining meticulous research with a novelist’s flair for storytelling, Battle-Cruisers vividly describes the life and times of the sixteen battle-cruisers built for the Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy.

Yet ships do not fight on their own. This is also the story of the men who served, lived, fought and faced adversity in these floating worlds.

Ronald Bassett (1924-1996) was born in Chelsea. During the Munich crisis, at age fourteen, he falsified enlistment papers to become a Rifleman of the King’s Royal Rifle Corps (60th Rifles). Following active service, he was exposed and discharged. In his records, his colonel noted, ‘A good soldier. I am sorry to lose him.’ Undismayed, he immediately entered the Royal Navy, in which he remained for fourteen years, serving in the Arctic, North Atlantic, Mediterranean, the Far East and, later, Korea. He died in Surrey.

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