Poor hubby. All week he hasn’t seen much of me. With a little cash in hand I keep running off to the thrift stores looking for treasures. Today I found a spiffy pewter (?) water pitcher and a gorgeous white enamel bowl. I have no clue what I am going to do with them, but that’s for me to figure out later. Hopefully I have the thrifting bug out of my system for the week. OH??!!! I just found a dollar in my desk. OFF I GO!!!!

4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace
by Johan Twiss
4.7 Stars (294 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Religious & Inspirational Fiction

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I was paralyzed — trapped in my own mind. The friendship of a crazy old man was my way out.

14-year old Aaron Greenburg is trapped in a vegetative state. He’s awake and aware of everything around him, but the doctors don’t realize it. After being placed in a care facility, he receives a new roommate–an old eccentric jazz musician with dementia. When Aaron talks in his mind to stay sane, the old man hears his thoughts and replies. But no one believes the old man because they think he’s crazy. And when the old man thinks he’s living in the past with his dementia episodes, it pulls Aaron into those moments in time and he gets to experience 1920’s New York City, getting into a scuffle with the mob in a Chicago nightclub, fighting in World War II, and much more as the two develop an unlikely and unique friendship.

4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace is a humorous and heartwarming coming-of-age story, entwined with an end-of-age story, that will capture your imagination and renew your faith in the power of friendship.

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Red Gambit (The Harvesters Series Book 1)
by Luke Mitchell
4.3 Stars (356 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Men’s Adventure

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Against an unholy army of red-eyed aliens, one man will rise to save us all… right after he gets his exosuit back.

Jarek Slater was never a hero.
… Okay, rarely a hero.
… Fine, SOMETIMES a hero.

But never for free.
… Or, like, never when the dirty bastards didn’t kinda deserve it anyway.

Look, it’s complicated being a decent man in a world ravaged by raknoth invasion and lawless marauders. Or was complicated, at least. Right up until those red-eyed pricks had to go and steal his exosuit, too.

You don’t steal a man’s exosuit. You just don’t.

But when Jarek’s quest for vengeance runs him straight up against a raknoth stronghold and a mysterious blonde who throws grown men around like telekinetic frisbees, he soon learns there’s far worse than missing exosuits to worry about.

And if he and his fiery new friend don’t put a stop to it, they may just be looking at Apocalypse Number Two…

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The Book Club
by Kate McCabe
4.2 Stars (325 Reviews)
Genre: Literary Fiction | Historical Fiction | Foreign Languages

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Looking for a way to pass the cold winter nights – and take her mind off her lying ex – Marian Hunt decides to start a book club. And pretty soon, it begins to take off…

Christy Grimes thinks the book club will help his beloved wife in her recovery from a stroke, but little does he know the effect it will have on him.

Liz Broderick hopes the book club will distract her from her grief. But a greater distraction than books lies in store.

Caught up in working hard to support his ex-wife, Matt Bollinger reckons the book club will be a good way to meet new people. But while romance beckons, sabotage is not far behind.

Disgraced poet Nick Barry is in search of the perfect story to relaunch his career, and he expects the book club will be the perfect place for some market research. But Nick finds a bigger story than he bargained for.

With sadness, joy, money, sex, betrayal – and a few novels thrown in for good measure – those cold winter nights are about to heat up…

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Jeff Edwards Military Thriller 3-Book Box Set (USS Towers Series): Sea of Shadows; The Seventh Angel; Sword of Shiva
by Jeff Edwards
4.6 Stars (165 Reviews)
Genre: History | Thrillers

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This box set of award-winning naval warfare thrillers from Jeff Edwards includes all three books of the USS Towers series: Sea of Shadows, The Seventh Angel, and Sword of Shiva.

These novels have accumulated more than 1,200 Five-Star ratings and reviews, and are boxed together for the first time!

Sea of Shadows (Book #1) 1,085 Ratings and Reviews, Average 4.4 Stars

The only way to survive is to change the rules.

A minor accident at a German nuclear power plant, a Biological Warfare attack on the British Embassy in Washington, DC, and a secret arms deal combine to drive a trusted NATO Ally into an illegal alliance with a rogue Middle Eastern state. With the world hovering on the brink of war, a handful of U.S. Navy warships must track down and destroy a wolfpack of state-of-the-art submarines.

The adversary is skilled in deception and incredibly lethal. Out-gunned, out-maneuvered, and out-thought, the U.S. Navy crews must throw the rulebook out the window, to become every bit as devious and deadly as their enemy.

The Seventh Angel (Book #2) 485 Ratings and Reviews, Average 4.4 Stars

The world has forgotten the true nature of terror. It’s about to be reminded.

A military revolt in southeastern Russia puts a former hard-line Soviet leader in command of a ballistic missile submarine and its arsenal of nuclear weapons. His goal: re-ignite the communist revolution and recapture the glory of the fallen Soviet Union. Without warning, Russia, Japan, and the United States become hostages in a scheme of international nuclear blackmail. When the warheads start falling and people begin dying, no one can pretend that it’s a bluff.

As the earth rushes toward extinction, a lone U.S. Navy warship must penetrate the Siberian ice pack to destroy the submarine before it can destroy the world.

It may already be too late.

Sword of Shiva (Book #3) 516 Reviews, Average 4.5 Stars

A single spark can ignite a war that consumes the world.

Three Tibetan rebels attack a train carrying Chinese soldiers into the Tibet Autonomous Region. The insurgents escape across the Himalayas into India, unaware that the son of China’s First Vice-Premier lays maimed and dying among the burning wreckage of the train.

As an escalating series of retaliations drive China and India toward outright war, hostilities spill over into the sea, and the Bay of Bengal becomes a crucible of naval warfare.

The president of the United States orders a U.S. Navy strike group into the area as a stabilizing force, but the situation between the two nations has already deteriorated beyond any hope of peaceful resolution.

With Asia sliding toward annihilation, a small force of U.S. warships must defeat the Chinese Navy to preempt the coming firestorm.

The fuse has already been lit.

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The Peddler’s Reward
by Carrie Anne Noble
4.2 Stars (72 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

FREE for a limited time

Spending the winter in Florida with a group of rowdy horse trainers and performers ought to be fun for seventeen-year-old peddler O’Neill. But when he and his ailing guardian Scarff park their wagon with the Gaskins, things go downhill fast. Scarff is growing sicker by the day, and if that isn’t bad enough, O’Neill soon finds himself unwittingly engaged to the Gaskin king’s daughter — a dangerous girl who doesn’t care one fig that he’s already devoted to another.
With Scarff in dire need of a rare swampland remedy, O’Neill plunges into the magic-tainted Floridian wilds with three goals in mind: to rescue the runaway Gaskin princess, to obtain the cure for the only father he’s ever known, and to remain alive so he can return north to his true love.
What could possibly go wrong in an enchanted swamp?

In the O’NEILL AND THE GRIGGIN, O’Neill discovers what he thinks is a baby left in the woods to die. Bound by magic to care for the feisty faerie creature until he locates its mother, he faces more perils and pitfalls than the average young papa. Can he survive a week of parenting a shape shifting griggin, or will the wee beast’s insatiable appetite and hot temper do him in?

Revisit (or meet for the first time) the beloved characters of Scarff, O’Neill, and others from THE MERMAID’S SISTER in this pair of adventure-filled stories by Carrie Anne Noble, set during the timeline of the beloved original novel.

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