I am finding it kinda odd that I am excited that hubby and I both have dental appointments today. QUALITY TIME WITH HUBBY! Misery loves company? I actually love going to the dentist. I am not that crazy about the actual appointment itself, but I love how clean my teeth are afterwards. It makes the pain all worth it. When I was younger I was pretty scared of the dentist, so when I moved out of the house and was on my own, I never went. Of course my dental health was always in the back of my mind and I imagined my teeth were rotting out of my mouth. Still I wouldn’t go. Fast forward ten years, and I finally cracked and went. After ten years of worrying, it turns out my teeth were fine and just needed a good cleaning. That was a lot of worry and stress I didn’t need. So now I am excited to go to my appointments because I know that it is one less bit of guilt I won’t have to endure. I gotta keep these chompers healthy so I can eat all my baby bassets candy!

Buried Magic (White Haven Witches Book 1)
by TJ Green
4.4 Stars (3,276 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Metaphysical

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Love witch fiction? Welcome to White Haven.

White Haven has a history of witchcraft, but the locals don’t know that there are five witches living among them, and Avery is one of them.

When Avery receives an ominous premonition, a rune covered box, and an intriguing letter, all hinting at the mysterious past of her hometown, perched on the Cornish coast, she realises that the witches are missing a vital part of their history.

Five powerful grimoires.

And when the annoying, but good-looking, Alex Bonneville, shares the same premonition, they know that trouble’s coming. The witches need to team up to uncover the truth.

Unfortunately, someone wants the past to remain buried, and they unleash dark magic and demons that turns the quirky town into a battleground.

Now is the time to uncover the past. Now is the time to reclaim their heritage. The White Haven witches risk everything to do it.

If you love witches and magic, with a twist of romance and plenty of mystery and action, you’ll love this fast-paced series starter.

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The Pinkie Pact (A Best Friend’s Brother College Romance)
by Jenna Fiore
4.4 Stars (65 Reviews)
Genre: Coming of Age | Literary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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When a bold girl meets an inexperienced law student, sparks fly in this enemies-to-friends-to-lovers college romance.

Desperate for a fresh start, Sky makes a pact with her new roommate Kara to change their lives for the better. When she meets Kara’s hot brother, however, her new life gets a whole lot more complicated.

But this is it for Sky… her last chance at the college experience. And this time, she’s determined to get it right. Well, hopefully.

Readers 18+

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The Patriarch Code (A Jess Montgomery Thriller Book 2)
by KJ Kalis
4.6 Stars (55 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers

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Intelligence analyst Jess Montgomery thought her life was finally going the right direction.

With a good job at a DC think tank, her niece safely returned to the family after a traumatic kidnapping. and the glow of the newly married life, Jess thought everything was good.

But ransomware attacks are popping up all over the nation, with millions of dollars being demanded in return, the exposure of top-secret government technology, energy and lives on the line.

Jess Montgomery gets the call to work on the case. She doesn’t realize getting involved has put a target on her back. The hackers will stop at nothing to achieve their global goals, even if it means eliminating anyone who is in their way, including her…

Jess is drawn into a web of lies, betrayal and deceit before she realizes it. Can she escape and find the hackers before it’s too late?

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Devine’s Law (Marshal Devine Book 1)
by I. J. Parnham
3.9 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: Classics | Westerns

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Marshal Jake T. Devine’s law is simple. Nobody threatens him and lives. In his twenty-five years of law enforcement he’s always brought in his man with a bullet blasted between the eyes. So when Max Randall shoots his mouth off, claiming he knows a devastating secret about the wealthy rancher, Roy Cowie, he’s clearly spoiling for trouble – and gets it!

Roy Cowie calls in Devine to arrest Max and without provocation the brutal marshal slaughters Max’s entire family. In self-preservation Max heads for the hills with Devine and his deadly Peacemaker in hot pursuit. Even when Max gains an unlikely ally in Roy Cowie’s son, his chances of seeing another sunrise are slim.

Can Max survive long enough to reveal what he knows, or will the gun-toting marshal deliver yet another round of Devine’s law?

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Dutch Oven Cookbook: The Most Versatile Pot For Your Outdoor Cooking.
by Steve Robert Kendall
4.5 Stars (102 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Enough with the usual boring recipes! Make the most of your Dutch oven’s potential to create “impossible” outdoor recipes.

Imagine how great it’d be to have a sumptuous Sunday brunch in the wilderness…

Enjoy a fresh hot pizza next to a river…
Or eat a fine chocolate dessert under the stars…

And all prepared outdoors with just your Dutch oven!

They’d be unforgettable experiences, right? Memories to keep forever.

“It’d be great” – you might say – “But how many hours should I waste cooking?”

This is the good of it:

In addition to being the most versatile pot for the outdoor, the Dutch oven does not require a “cook”.

In other words, it requires minimal effort, so you can spend time with your loved ones while the Dutch oven makes its “magic”.

But how do you make a pizza or a chocolate dessert with the Dutch oven? This cookbook shows you how. It reveals to you all the techniques and the secrets to use your Dutch oven at its 100%.

Some things you’ll find in it:

• How to cook with the Dutch oven (all the basics you need)

• What are the most amazing things your Dutch oven can do (the dishes you’ve always considered impossible to prepare outdoors and that’ll blow everyone away)

• Over 350 EPIC recipes from breakfast to dinner dessert (brunch included)

• The 5-Ingredients Meals shopping list (for recipes that can’t be simpler)

• And so much more

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