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Lyric’s Curse: An epic teen dragon fantasy (Dragonblood Sagas Book 1)
by Robyn Wideman
Genre: Children’s eBooks

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Dragons have returned!

When a young crippled orphan finds himself caught on the wrong side of town by a group of highborn youths, his life is forever changed. Left for dead after a vicious attack, Lyric finds himself in the care of a witch. One who knows more about him than he does.

With the old witch’s help, Lyric will learn his true place in life, one far more interesting and dangerous than his old life as a street rat. Lyric will meet two young women who play intricate roles in deciding his future, will it be love or destiny? All the while a dark shadow is crossing the land…

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Lyric’s Curse 2: An epic teen dragon fantasy (Dragonblood Sagas)
by Robyn Wideman
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

A warrior emerges

Lyric has won the tournament and an unwanted marriage with Sibylle. But his nemesis Talon Horne won’t accept defeat at the hands of a foreign born street rat. Talon and his father manipulate the king and once again Lyric is an outcast. Only this time he is being hunted. With nowhere else to turn, Lyric heads to the mountains to find his dragon. However, Lyric isn’t the only Finch who is dragon blood.

A fun sword and sorcery coming of age adventure for young and young at heart readers.

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