I must have done something really really right last year, because this year a Monarch butterfly visited my garden on Saturday, and left me quite a few little treasures. Last year I had bought a few milkweed plants from the nursery that had monarch eggs on them. A new obsession was born! I put them in a butterfly habitat and cared for them until they became butterflies. I then released them in the garden with plenty of milkweed to keep the cycle going. My goal was for them to return next year and do it all again… AND THEY DID! SUCCESS! I have only seen one Monarch, but she left plenty of eggs to start the season off strongly. I will certainly keep you up to date.

You’re Always With Me: A heart-stopping psychological thriller with twist after shocking twist
by Andy Maslen
4.6 Stars (155 Reviews)
Genre: Psychological | Thrillers

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Treating a woman for post-natal depression, therapist Mel Porter discovers a shocking truth about herself. As she battles to separate truth from lies, she must confront the most dreadful choice a wife can ever make. Believe that her husband is a killer. Or that she is.

Who is Mel Porter?

The woman claims to have murdered her own child. The confession turns out to be false but it starts a chain of events that leads to horrifying consequences for Mel. As each brick in the wall she has built around herself crumbles and falls away, a stark truth is revealed. Is she even the woman she thinks she is?

When an ambitious detective with secrets of her own arrests Mel on a charge of murder, her world descends into chaos. Memories she thought she could trust turn out to be unreliable. Her very sanity is questioned. And Jonathan asks for a divorce.

A shocking decision

In court, facing a hostile lawyer’s harrowing questioning, Mel’s faith in herself reaches breaking point. Then the jury returns with its verdict and delivers a shocking conclusion to the trial.

How much of her perfect life can Mel still believe in? And how much is total fantasy? The answer could be the difference between life and death.

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Hag of the Hills : A Celtic Historical Fantasy (The Bronze Sword Cycles Duology Book 1)
by JTT Ryder
4.6 Stars (10 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Fantasy

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“Nothing is unconquerable; even our gods can die.”

Brennus is destined from birth to become a warrior, despite his farmer’s life. But when the Hillmen kill his family and annihilate his clan, he now has the opportunity to avenge those who he loved.

Brennus must survive endless hordes of invading Hillmen and magic-wielding sidhe, aided by only a band of shifty mercenaries, and an ancient bronze sword.

Failure means his family and clan go unavenged. Victory will bring glory to Brennus and his ancestors.

Hag of the Hills is a heroic fantasy novel set in 200 B.C. on the Isle of Skye, steeped in Celtic mythology and culture.

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The Cowboy and His Runaway (Rock Springs Texas Book 1)
by Kaci M. Rose
4.4 Stars (783 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Contemporary Fiction

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A protective cowboy, a girl on the run, and crash landing that shakes them both.

No cowboy ever expects to find a woman hiding in their barn.

Much less one that is a beautiful as Riley, even with the bruises.

I vow to protect her, from whatever she is running from.

I will protect her from everything… everything but me.

The Cowboy and His Runaway is a novel in the Rock Springs, Texas series, and all books in the Rock Springs world are interconnected standalones. A HOT cowboy romance with a guaranteed happily ever after and an Alpha hero, second chances, friends to lovers, and a reformed playboy. It does have some strong language and oh my, sexy times.

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by Vanessa A. P.
5.0 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Parenting & Relationships | Health, Fitness & Dieting

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It’s time to put an end to the cycle of emotional abuse and manipulation you endured as a child.
Did you have a dysfunctional family when you were growing up?

Do you feel that your parents’ immature behavior has emotionally traumatized you?

Are you determined to break this cycle of emotional abuse so that you don’t repeat it with your own kids?

A child’s brain is like a sponge: highly absorbent and impressionable. Any experience, good or bad, will have a lasting effect on a child’s development, and this continues well into adulthood.

Sadly, this also stands true for children living with emotionally unavailable or neglectful parents.

Take a moment and think about your childhood. Can you identify the signs of emotional abuse you endured from your parents?

• Being insulted for your actions

• Being fearful of a parent

• Doubting your own choices and opinions

• Feeling neglected or unloved

• Being manipulated or controlled on an emotional level

These are all signs of emotional abuse.

You might find that most of your childhood revolved around your parents and their needs, instead of the other way around.

These traumatic experiences left a scar in your development, and now, as a parent, you want to end this cycle, making sure that you don’t treat your children in the same way.

You need to break this toxic cycle so that you can develop a nurturing, happy relationship with your kids.

And it all begins with rising from the ashes of your own childhood trauma…

In Life After Emotionally Immature Parents, you will discover:

• The 5 types of emotionally immature parents (and how their behavior affects children)

• How trauma is used to emotionally bond as well as isolate a child for manipulation (think Stockholm syndrome)

• 7 unrealistic expectations of emotionally immature parents (perhaps you’ll recognize one or two from your own experience… )

• A clear understanding of the abuse cycle – discover the signs of emotional abuse and its cyclic pattern, along with 3 psychological manipulation tactics

• Parenthood done right – explore the 5 parenting styles, and discover what it really means to be a great and responsible parent

• The 4 patterns of attachment styles (and why, as a parent, you should aim for ‘secure attachment’)

• The 10 most common toxic parenting patterns that you need to unlearn using positive messages

• How to navigate the road to recovery – acknowledge your inner child as you apply these 8 practical tips to heal from your abusive childhood

And much more.

Detaching yourself from the emotional trauma of your childhood will give you a positive outlook towards building a healthy relationship with your kids as you rediscover a better you.

A new life awaits… without the emotional trauma.

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Cupcakes and Catastrophe: A Cozy Culinary Mystery (A Belle Harbor Cozy Mystery Book 1)
by Sue Hollowell
4.1 Stars (270 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Mystery

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A nightmare ending to her storybook marriage. An escape to a quaint beach town. Will a mysterious murder derail a second chance at her dream?
Tilly Griffin did everything by the book. Everyone else’s book. Now it was her turn to write a new chapter, three thousand miles from her former life. Her dream of opening a bakery like her grandma Luna was now becoming a reality.

No sooner does she arrive in the charming beach town, when she and her quirky uncle are tangled up in a mysterious death. When a kite competition judge is found murdered in the bookstore next to her uncle’s Checkered Past Antiques shop, Tilly questions her decision to move to Belle Harbor, and everything about her new life.

As the clues emerge, and the small-town secrets are revealed, Tilly’s uncle finds himself smack dab in the middle of the investigation, and surrounded by suspects. Will the murderer be nabbed in time for the bakery’s grand opening or will this close the book on Tilly’s dreams?

Cupcakes and Catastrophe is Book 1 in the Belle Harbor Cozy Mystery series. A light, cozy mystery in a quaint beach town with a fun loving, amateur female sleuth, her quirky uncle, and enough antiques and pastries to fill your home and your belly. No gore, swearing or cliffhangers. Can be read as a standalone.

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