Today we have a great collection of science fiction novels by author I.O. Adler. Starting with Old Chrome, this series is perfect for fans of The Murderbot Diaries, The Last Policeman, and Blade Runner. This fast-paced cyberpunk adventure will keep readers on the edge of their seat. For fans of The Expanse and the Mass Effect games, I.O. Adler brings us the Broken Stars series. This relentlessly entertaining space opera adventure is sure to have readers hooked from page one. Grab your copy today!

The Seraph Engine (Old Chrome Book 1)
by I.O. Adler
4.2 Stars (88 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Science Fiction

Miles Kim, cyborg and relic of a war fading from memory, is on the last train ride of his life.

When a gang of bandits attacks the train, Miles and a hundred passengers find themselves trapped in in a standoff in the middle of the desert.

But there’s more to the robbery than meets the eye.

An unknown entity has set its sights on the Seraph Express. As people start dying, Miles realizes that any rescue will be too late and no one will make it out alive unless he can stop it.

It’s a struggle for survival and a race to discover what is after them and who among the survivors is hiding a secret worth killing for.

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The Atomic Ballerina (Old Chrome Book 2)
by I.O. Adler
4.6 Stars (24 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Westerns

When Beatrix Fish enlists Miles Kim’s help to find her missing daughter Agatha, he discovers the child is more than a simple runaway.

Miles’ investigation thrusts him into a web of deceit, where the richest family in Seraph is more interested in protecting secrets than finding Agatha, and someone is willing to do anything to keep him from uncovering the truth.

As the case grows more complex with each disquieting turn, Miles will need more than his burner and targeting software to survive.

He’ll have to navigate the upper crust of Seraph high society and its darkest corners to bring Agatha home.

Continuing Miles Kim’s adventure started in The Seraph Engine, Atomic Ballerina is the science fiction crime and mystery novel that will keep you guessing the outcome until the last page!

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A Haunt of Jackals (Old Chrome Book 3)
by I.O. Adler
4.6 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

His first case as a Seraph marshal may be his last.

When Seraph’s head marshal calls in Miles Kim to help investigate a triple murder, Miles finds three bodies with no simple answers.

Why were a water baron, a militia leader, and an information broker meeting in a remote junkyard away from their bodyguards?

With no witnesses and no survivors, the case will thrust Miles into the center of a power struggle between the militia and Seraph’s underworld. And no one wants an ex-Meridian police officer prying into their business.

Learning the truth will put Miles in the crosshairs of Seraph’s sheriff and the local militia, along with a gang of ruthless cybernetic assassins on the trail of anyone getting close to the answers to what happened that night.

It will take all his skills as an investigator and all his wits to stop a series of events which will shake Seraph to its foundation.

Grab your copy of the latest installment of the pulse-pounding post-apocalyptic crime and mystery series Old Chrome!

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Shadows of Mars (Broken Stars Book 1)
by I.O. Adler
4.0 Stars (62 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

The message from Carmen Vincent’s mother wasn’t possible.

She died in the Mars base disaster two years ago.

But when government agents show up at Carmen’s door, she realizes the message is no hoax.

Someone is still trying to cover up the disaster and the reason why Earth abandoned its space program.

It’s a race to discover the truth of what happened on Mars before Carmen loses her mother for a second time.

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Deimos Station (Broken Stars Book 2)
by I.O. Adler
4.7 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

Is Sylvia Vincent a hero, prisoner, or traitor?

Carmen Vincent will need to learn the answer quickly as she journeys to the Framework to confront her mother.

Can she save her from the Melded and bring her back home?

But the Framework has its own rules, and she’ll have to discover who among the refugees she can trust and who should be feared.

For lurking among the alien survivors on the patchwork space station are creatures who serve the enemy which has devastated a thousand worlds, and these shadowy entities are setting their sights on a new target: Earth.

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