Here I am thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and we have a heatwave coming our way. I didn’t bring out my Fall sweaters yet, but they are still a possibility in the next few days. As soon as we hit September I am ready for clothes that cover everything from head to toe. No one needs to know how much cake I eat each week!

DREAM WITH ME, COWBOY: The Trouble With Lacy Brown (Texas Matchmakers Book 1)
by Debra Clopton
4.5 Stars (1,782 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns | Contemporary Fiction | Family Life

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From award-winning author Debra Clopton comes the Texas Matchmakers series — about three older women who set off a nationally advertised “Wives Wanted Campaign” to bring women to their small town of Mule Hollow to marry the lonesome cowboys. A far fetched idea that’s working — look out fellas, the women are coming one car at a time!

Wacky hairstylist Lacy Brown is a whirlwind of trouble just waiting to happen when she drives into the dying Texas town and joins up with the matchmakers determined help all the lonesome single cowboys find wives. She has big dreams and a vision, but she’s not counting on a certain cowboy being the key to making her dreams come true.

To save a dying town it’ll take more than dreams and buckets of paint, it’ll take a whole lot of love… if she can just open her own heart to the possibility.

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The Bargain
by Aaron D. Gansky
4.2 Stars (113 Reviews)
Genre: Religious & Inspirational Fiction | Thrillers | Suspense | Literature & Fiction

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The lives of everyone in Hailey — including his wife’s — are in his hands.

Ten articles in eight days is a tall order for any journalist, even for Polk Award winner Connor Reedly. But with a dying wife and an empty bank account, the promised payment of $250,000 is hard to turn down. More so, his enigmatic employer, Mason Becker, has insinuated Connor’s acceptance of the job will result in a supernatural healing of his beloved wife.

The people of Hailey, California — the subjects of Connor’s charged articles — are a secretive group, not willing to open up to strangers. When shots are fired and Connor is running for his life, he demands Mason answer his questions: Why are the articles so important? Is anyone going to publish them? Where is the money coming from? How can he be so confident that the completion of the articles will heal his wife?

Nothing in Connor s vast journalistic adventures — not Katrina, not September 11th, not even his first-hand experience in the genocide in Darfur — could prepare him for the answers Mason gives. Now, it seems, the lives of everyone in Hailey — including his wife’s — are in his hands.

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It’s All Greek to Me: A Humorous Romantic Mystery (Emily Potens Mysteries Book 1)
by Maggie Aldrich
4.4 Stars (165 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Parenting & Relationships | Health, Fitness & Dieting | Humor & Entertainment

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After finding herself suddenly penniless, Emily is on the verge of homelessness when she lands a job as a sorority house mom. Finally, her life is back on track! After a year of turmoil, she’s got a steady source of income, a roof over her head (albeit, a decrepit one) and a welcome, but unexpected, frequent dose of eye candy. Especially, Michael, the sexy contractor. If only that darn federal investigation weren’t lurking in her background…

Emily teams up with a zany PI to dig up the truth about her family’s sketchy past. But investigating crime while babysitting Gamma Delts makes embracing her new life (not to mention Michael) much more… interesting than it seems.

Can Emily leave behind her sweet single girl lifestyle and accept the craziness her life has become?

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On the Edge: a gripping financial thriller
by Michael Ridpath
4.3 Stars (93 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Suspense

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Jean-Luc Martel wants to become the greatest hedge fund manager of his generation and “The Man Who Broke the Euro”.

From his past as an RAF fighter pilot to his job as a bond trader in the City, Alex Calder is a man known for taking big risks – and winning.

When colleague Jennifer Tan decides to pursue a sexual harassment case against her boss, Calder witnesses the ugly side of his world. And the tragic. For Jen commits suicide and Calder quits in disgust.

One year on, Calder is running a flying school in Norfolk. But the past won’t disappear.

When a former colleague of Jen’s vanishes while visiting Jean-Luc Martel in his mountain paradise in Wyoming, Calder sees the tragic events of twelve months earlier in even more sinister and terrifying light.

It’s time for him to risk reputation, livelihood and even his life to see that justice is done.

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Strangulation & Strawberry Cake: A Culinary Cozy Mystery (Comfort Cakes Cozy Mysteries Book 3)
by Nancy McGovern
4.8 Stars (88 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine | Mystery

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When Rachel Rowan is hired to bake a special strawberry cake for Sheriff Scott’s grandmother’s 90th birthday, she works extra hard to make it as perfect as possible. After all, the sharp-eyed millionaire is known to have a hot temper & a short fuse. But, despite all of her hard work, there’s no way Rachel could have prevented this party from going awry.

Not when someone is murdered right before dinner!

Grandma Mallory’s accountant is the victim. It seems he’d learned something that someone wished to keep secret and, with nobody at the party other than members of the family, one of them must be the killer.

Unless, that is, it’s the ghost in the attic…

Meet Rachel Rowan as she strives to prove her innocence in her latest culinary cozy mystery adventure, Strangulation & Strawberry Cake!

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Therapy Games for Teens: Easy and Practical CBT and DBT Tools: Manage Anxiety Depression and Stress Improve Communications Skills and Self-Esteem through … Activities (Mental Health Workbooks Book 1)
by Yevhenii Lozovyi
4.9 Stars (30 Reviews)
Genre: Parenting & Relationships | Children’s eBooks

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Powerful tools to help kids and teens build healthy coping mechanisms, develop resiliency, and manage moods are here!

Is your child showing signs of depression, irritability, and anger issues?

Do you feel helpless watching them in chronic distress, self-loathing, and even self-harming?

Do you wish there was a productive way to step in and help them without overwhelming them?

You’re in the right place!

Children and teens can go through a barrage of confusing experiences that they aren’t yet equipped to handle. With it comes feelings of frustration as you watch your child struggle with negative emotions.

You want to help them, but you don’t exactly know how.

And perhaps most upsetting of all is that, even with all your good intentions, they still can’t see that you’re only trying to help them — especially teenagers.

But don’t feel hopeless just yet. This is all a normal part of growing up. What our kids are going through now are so different than what we went through before.

According to the CDC, approximately 8.5 million children aged 3-17 years have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety combined — a staggering number that needs swift intervention for anyone involved.

But where do you even start?

In “Therapy Games for Teens: Easy and Practical CBT and DBT Tools”, is a holistic distress tolerance workbook that offers carefully curated worksheets and exercises for anxiety, depression, and stress management, Improving self-esteem and communication skills.

Using evidence-based insights, this toolkit:

• Harnesses the power of Cognitive Behavioral Training and Dialectic Behavioural
Therapy: Take advantage of a proven and organized process that aims to effectively take down negative habits and behaviors and replace them with healthier ones

• Uses science-based exercises: Help your child manage the impact of anxiety and panic-related situations, control negative emotions, and build a stronger sense of self-care and self-love.

• Helps kids and teens independently find calm: Using exercises to help visualize a safe space, your kids will slowly build up the strength to not give into depression

• Provides therapeutic activities to help cope with trauma: Help your child handle their triggers better and find effective and healthy ways to deflect in any situation

• Addresses impulse control issues: This guide helps manage your child’s hyperactivity so that they can learn to reframe their mind to focus on only the bigger picture

• Boosts your child’s mood and self-esteem: Help your child thrive in any situation and become the best version of themselves using grounding exercises

• Improves sleep: Better sleep is key to a happier, healthier child. Show them effective breathing exercises that increase their sleep quality so they can tackle the stresses of daily life

And so much more!

If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow, age-appropriate guide that will help your child live out their best years yet, instead of being chained to negative emotions and thoughts that hold them back, then this guide is will give you all the tools you need to make that a reality.

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A Disloyal Element: A Civil War Historical Romance
by Barbara Martinez
4.5 Stars (36 Reviews)
Genre: History | Black & African American | Historical Fiction

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Annie Campbell has the worst hangover of her life, an escaped prisoner of war has collapsed at her door, and it’s not even breakfast.

Richmond, Virginia – February 9, 1864. Civil War has raged for three years. In just a few short hours, the biggest prison escape in American history will take place. Annie Campbell’s life will be changed forever.

Annie is barely surviving in war-torn Richmond when a letter arrives informing her that the father who abandoned her has been hanged as a spy. His actions may have been responsible for the deaths of thousands of Union soldiers, maybe even her missing brother. Annie wants no part of war, but vows to find her brother, no matter what, until Matthew Cooper, a Union soldier escaped from Libby Prison and near death, collapses at her door. Now her task becomes hiding him and saving his life, pushing her head first into the war and becoming what the newspapers call the “disloyal element” in and around Richmond.

Falling in love was not part of the plan, but neither was embedding herself with the enemy until an old friend of her father appears, a man who can provide the key to finding her brother but with it the key to secrets long hidden that can destroy her. While sacrificing herself may be the only way to learn her brother’s fate and more, is doing what’s right worth the personal cost?

Annie’s choices are heartbreaking. Ignore the war or embrace it and damn the consequences.

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