USA Today Bestselling author Melissa McClone has written over forty-five novels. With a degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University, she worked for a major airline where she traveled the globe and met her husband. But analyzing jet engine performance couldn’t compete with her love of writing happily ever afters. Check out this wonderful collection with characters you are sure to love and plenty of swoon worthy romance. Enjoy!

Summer Serenade
by Melissa McClone
4.4 Stars (133 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Romance

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She wanted to be a star — until he crushed her dreams in front of millions.

When Ivy Quinn’s father dies, her dream of moving to Nashville gets put on hold, but she isn’t giving up on a music career. At least not until country superstar Nash Bennett delivers a devastating critique of her audition… on national television. Returning home to her supportive family and a stable job makes the most sense. Who needs a life in the spotlight, anyway?

Lately, stardom hasn’t been easy for Nash. Being labeled a “bad boy” by the press and getting hurt on tour has earned him a one-way ticket to Idaho where he can heal while a PR team repairs his damaged reputation. But when he hears Ivy sing, Nash forgets about lying low. He asks her out only to be rejected — hard — when Ivy tells him to leave her alone.

One impromptu duet, however, is all it takes to forge a connection between them. Nash wants to win her over. But Ivy won’t give in to her feelings, fearing her rekindled dreams of a music career — and Nash — could destroy her. She has no idea what he’s willing to risk for love… and for her.

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The Gold Digger: Prequel 1 (The Billionaires of Silicon Forest Book 4)
by Melissa McClone
4.2 Stars (122 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Short Stories

Real estate agent Cambria Baker needs to make a sale, or she’ll be homeless. So, when her broker asks her to do a showing on Mount Hood, Cambria jumps at the chance. The only problem? The buyer is as gruff as he is gorgeous and not impressed with her or the dilapidated cabin.

Tech billionaire Adam Zeile wants to build the perfect mountain lodge where he can forget about work and the women who are only interested in his net worth. He’s excited to see a property with a dream view, but the beautiful real estate agent’s eagerness to make the sale raises his suspicions.

When a mudslide traps them in the cabin, they must put aside their differences. As mutual respect grows into attraction, an unforgettable kiss changes everything. But can their newfound connection last once they’re rescued? Or are they better off burying it and saying goodbye?

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Sweet Holiday Wishes
by Melissa McClone
4.5 Stars (73 Reviews)
Genre: Holidays

Lizzy Hamilton wants to skip Christmas this year. Working as a nurse and trying to save her failing marriage — to no avail — has drained her energy and joy. She’s a pro at caring for others, but she needs someone to look out for her, too. However, when her soon-to-be ex-husband asks if she’ll spend the holidays with him so he won’t be alone, she can’t say no. Other than his Army Ranger platoon, she’s the only family he has.

Staff Sergeant Mitch Hamilton wants only one Christmas gift — his wife. Frequent deployments and training exercises kept him away from home, and he had no idea how taken for granted Lizzy felt until she asked him for a divorce. Now he must show his wife he’ll do anything to save their marriage, starting with a romantic holiday vacation to Indigo Bay.

The stakes — losing Lizzy forever — are higher than any Mitch has ever faced. This is one mission he can’t… won’t… fail.

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Carter’s Cowgirl (Quinn Valley Ranch Book 8)
by Melissa McClone
4.6 Stars (163 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Romance

Carter Quinn needs to save his farm, but he gets more than he bargained for when he hires Avery Scott as his consultant.

With everything on the line, Carter Quinn will do whatever necessary to take Quinn Organics to the next level, including risking his savings to gamble on a consultant. And it just might pay off… if he doesn’t let romantic feelings distract him.

Avery Scott loves helping her consulting clients succeed, but all too often, people treat her like she’s nothing more than a pretty face. After being hurt one too many times, she’s learned to keep her guard up, but Carter’s work ethic and kindness are starting to break that wall down, leaving Avery’s heart at serious risk.

Especially considering the man has made it clear he has no time for romance.

But as the two work together to help Carter’s farm, neither can deny their growing feelings. The only question is, are the pair willing to let go of their past dreams to create a new one together?

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Sweet Beginnings
by Melissa McClone
4.6 Stars (192 Reviews)

A little hope changes everything…
Hope Ryan dreams of seeing her work displayed in top galleries again, but after a devastating betrayal destroys her career, she spends her days creating unique items for tourists and wedding couples in her hometown of Indigo Bay. To keep her heart safe, Hope refuses to venture from her comfort zone, even if she longs for… more.

Sportscaster Josh Cooper never overcame his bitterness after a football injury sidelined him for good. Finding his solace in alcohol made matters worse until he finally hit rock bottom. Now, he wants to make amends. After flying cross-country as a favor to someone he’s wronged, Josh’s path to redemption leads him to Hope.

Hope finds a kindred spirit in the former quarterback. Josh’s journey to sobriety inspires her to take charge of her own life — something she’s put off doing for far too long. But as their relationship straddles the line between friendship and romance, can Hope and Josh find the strength to overcome their pasts and build a life together? Or will the fear of repeating mistakes drive them apart?

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