It feels so good to have the garage sale behind us and having purged so much clutter we had weighing down our home. I was absolutely amazed at just how many people showed up. Easily 300 people came to our neighborhood garage sale. I don’t think I will ever do a garage sale again unless it is with multiple households. What I should try to do is not let so much clutter enter my home in the first place. I do love treasure hunting though. I find so many cool things. It’s like taking a stroll through the history of our culture. Memory lane is often quite entertaining. For now I will just enjoy the success from the weekend and try to spend at least a little bit of time recovering from a weekend of selling stuff.

Charlie-316 (The Charlie-316 Series Book 1)
by Colin Conway, Frank Zafiro
4.4 Stars (254 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Action & Adventure | Mystery

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Tyler Garrett is a model SWAT officer whose good looks, education and familial status add to that image. The fact that he is a black man in the predominately white Spokane Police Department only adds to the city administration’s pride in one of their own. He’s often pointed to as an example of the department’s best and brightest — a young man on the rise.

One summer evening, Garrett stops a reckless driver. It’s something he’s done a thousand times except this time, gunfire erupts from a nearby house. As Garrett dives for cover, the driver turns and begins shooting as well. Garrett survives the ambush by killing the driver and chasing off the additional shooter.

The legend of Tyler Garrett grows and the community rallies around him.

Until the initial investigation determines the driver was shot in the back and his gun has somehow disappeared. Suddenly, the police department, city hall, and even the national news media are wondering just what happened that night? In a nation where police brutality dominates the headlines, Garrett’s case has suddenly become a flashpoint.

Now, Officer Tyler Garrett must take matters into his own hands. Time is quickly running out for him to find the second shooter and to clear his name.

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Spy Season: A Deception & Discipline Novella (Deception and Discipline Book 4)
by Golden Angel
4.4 Stars (89 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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An English spy and a debaucherous debutante meet in a French brothel.

On a dangerous mission for the Crown, Captain Anthony Browne narrowly escapes capture by a band of French soldiers when a lovely working lady offers him a most pleasurable cover for his visit to a brothel. Enchanted by his unexpected companion’s beauty and wit, the Captain would love nothing more than to take her as his mistress until she slips from his bed without a trace.

Miss Eveline Stuart is well acquainted with secrets. The headstrong niece of England’s spymaster wants nothing more than to prove herself to her uncle, even if it means going as far as pretending to work in a French brothel. Yet she never expects to find one of her uncle’s spies there, nor a night of passion she will never forget…

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The Wonkiest Witch: Wonky Inn Book 1
by Jeannie Wycherley
4.5 Stars (1,049 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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Alfhild Daemonne has inherited an inn.

And a dead body.

Estranged from her witch mother, and having committed to little in her thirty years, Alf surprises herself when she decides to start a new life.

She heads deep into the English countryside intent on making a success of the once popular inn. However, discovering the murder throws her a curve ball. Especially when she suspects dark magick.

Additionally, a less than warm welcome from several locals, persuades her that a variety of folk – of both the mortal and magickal persuasions – have it in for her.

The dilapidated inn presents a huge challenge for Alf. Uncertain who to trust, she considers calling time on the venture.

Should she pack her bags and head back to London?

Don’t be daft.

Alf’s magickal powers may be as wonky as the inn, but she’s dead set on finding the murderer.

Once a witch always a witch, and this one is fighting back.

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Mary Me: One Woman’s Incredible Adventure with God
by Elizabeth Bristol
4.6 Stars (76 Reviews)
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs | Religion & Spirituality

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You have a unique and special assignment that only you can do.
And it will make your spirit soar.
Discover how to find it here!

God? No way! That’s what this globe-trotting party girl thought as she threw on her backpack and ran. Elizabeth just wanted to be happy. After the abortion, the date rape and the accident in Africa, drug abuse only masked her pain. Her own worst enemy, she wondered, How do I fill the void inside and find the ultimate journey worth living?

That’s when something amazing happened in a scare at sea.

Elizabeth thought life as a Christian would be boring and she’d have no cool friends. But in this vulnerable and soul-searching experience, she found the adventure of a lifetime, a variety of unique and special friends, and an infinitely loving God. And as she hung out with Him, He led her back to the people involved in the painful parts of her past and taught her how to forgive. In that healing she so desperately needed, she experienced the amazing gift of freedom!


If you like adventure and inspiration with a touch of the unusual, you’ll love this behind-the-scenes peek into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

This book will help you:

• learn how to encounter a real and personal God

• see how the Christian faith is more relevant than ever before

• embrace the keys you need to make a better story out of your own life

• recognize your superpowers andteach you how to use them!

Mary Me: One Woman’s Incredible Adventure with God is the perfect resource for those curious about the Christian faith or who want more than they already have.

It offers a fresh and unique perspective on life, love, and the amazing power of redemption.

And the coolest thing about this book isn’t the miraculous story God made from one person’s chaos. It’s that He wants to do the same for you!

When you walk in your destiny, nothing can steal the peace that passes all understanding! Let this book help you find that!

Trigger Warnings: Rape, abortion, and just so you know, there are a few swears in it.

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The Silver Timeship: An Epic Space Opera/Time Travel Adventure (The Crimson Deathbringer Series Book 4)
by Sean Robins
4.6 Stars (97 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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What will you sacrifice to save the entire universe?

Following Jim’s audacious plan, Kurt and a team of Marines traveled to the future to destroy Voltex. However, in doing so, they inadvertently started a chain reaction that ended with the extermination of all life in the universe.

Now our heroes must get together one more time to save the universe before it is too late.

The Silver Timeship, the fourth book in the bestselling The Crimson Deathbringer series, has everything that makes these books so popular: time travel, epic space battles, unpredictable twists, and jump-off-the-page characters. You’ll finish The Silver Timeship in one sitting and ask for more!

Pick up Jim’s latest adventure today!

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Little Man, and the Dixon County War
by Stan R. Mitchell, Danah Mitchell
4.4 Stars (136 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Westerns

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Good vs evil. Right vs wrong.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as that.

And when a young lawman pins on a badge in the West, he’ll find out why most (honest) lawmen end up dead.

(But if you’re still not convinced, there’s also loads of action, gunplay, and an abducted woman, who even the U.S. Marshal won’t go save.)

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