I plan to take full advantage of this three day weekend. I am going to rest, play, and hang out with friends. The holiday season is right around the corner and once it hits, I am going full force. Okay.. obviously the coffee hit and I am fired up. As soon as I try and stand up though the pain from the two days of working out in the gym will hit and I will be in nap or sit mode. But I kinda like the idea that I can be all excited and motivated. It’s a nifty feeling. Reality can wait five minutes and let me enjoy this daydream. Hahahaha

The Man With Two Names: A Novel of Ancient Rome (The Sertorius Scrolls Book 1)
by Vincent B. Davis II
4.3 Stars (1,038 Reviews)
Genre: Classics | Historical Fiction | History

FREE for a limited time

To preserve his village, a man of peace must survive the cutthroat city of Rome.

Rome, 107 BC. Quintus Sertorius just lost his father and he may lose his home. When his rural village is stripped of its political status, he must leave his family to secure their food and protection from inside Rome’s bloodthirsty government. As he transitions from countryman to politician, he’s thrust into the middle of a bitter political war…

As Quintus struggles to gain the aid his village so desperately needs, he approaches Gaius Marius, the uncle of Julius Caesar himself. But with each passing day in the unforgiving landscape of the Eternal City, he puts his family and his own life in even greater danger.

In a ruthless battle of conscience, will Quintus lose both himself and the ones he loves?

The Man with Two Names is the first book in the gritty Sertorius Scrolls historical fiction series. If you like heroic ambitions, well-researched historical settings, and Roman corruption, then you’ll love Vincent B. Davis II’s powerful tale.

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Love Like Crazy (Crazy Love Book 1)
by Carmen DeSousa
4.5 Stars (40 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Coming of Age | Women’s Fiction

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College and career are hard enough without bringing love into the mix, so the last thing Jesse is looking for is a spring break fling. His future entails getting an MBA and taking over the reins of his father’s small-time plumbing company and making it successful. He doesn’t have time for a girl, especially not one who’s related to the spoiled rich girl who broke up his last relationship. One week with Kayla, though, changes everything.

Eighteen and in love, Jesse and Kayla now have everything they’ve ever wanted–until tragedy strikes. Now, thrust into a world of heartbreak and grief, others insist they are too young. But when you find the love of your life, no matter what happens, the only thing you can do is hold on and LOVE LIKE CRAZY.

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Deadly Investment: A Fitzjohn Mystery
by Jill Paterson
4.4 Stars (289 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

FREE for a limited time

It was an accepted fact that Beatrice Maybrick, owner and operator of the Maybrick Literary Agency, accidentally fell to her death. Or did she? Esme Timmons thought not, her suspicions fuelled by a letter she received from Beatrice following the tragic incident. Faced with this dilemma, Esme takes steps to find the killer.Meanwhile, Detective Chief Inspector Alistair Fitzjohn commences his investigation into the suspicious death of entrepreneur, Preston Alexander. With robbery ruled out as the motive, Fitzjohn is drawn to Preston’s investment portfolio and the Maybrick Literary Agency.Finding an antiquated establishment where uncertainty prevails following the demise of its owner, Beatrice Maybrick, Fitzjohn asks himself two questions. Why did the high flying investor, Preston Alexander, invest in such a business, and did it lead to his death?

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Inspiring Stories for Amazing Girls: A Motivational Children’s Book About Self-Confidence, Kindness and Courage to Raise Brave Worry-Free Girls
by Maggie Bell
4.8 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks | Foreign Languages

Do You Know Why You Are as You Are?

Look at you… at your lovely face, your pure voice, your sweet smile…

Do you think anyone can be so wonderful?

You’re kind, you’re smart, you’re important. Like a warm fireplace that cheers up people next to it and warms their hearts…

No one like you is just like you!

But even a lovely little soul like you will face the rainy days that life sooner or later presents you. You need to be prepared for the struggles that it will bring you. You may think that you’re less than others, that you’re not strong enough, and that’s why you might let yourself get down during challenges along the way.

But remember… you’re unique, special, and precious… ’cause you’re the only one in this Universe!

And just the girls in the book, you’ll face with bravery several challenges along the road. Like them, you’ll develop the self-confidence needed to overcome the most difficult obstacles, you’ll find the courage to face your fears and you’ll accept yourself just the way you are.

This is the perfect collection of stories for:

• Feeding self-esteem, becoming more confident, and always finding courage;

• Enhancing the friendship value and protecting the gift of kindness;

• Revealing her personality with inner strength and developing a perseverance attitude;

Sit on the couch, stand between your parents and read aloud these tales, you’ll be entertained by them and will teach you good morals and values. Don’t miss the final “What I’ve Learned From This Story” page at the end of each one and the self-affirmation sentence to get the message’s value of the story.

This book will support the girl for:

• Asking for help openly and talking about her feelings

• Increasing her confidence in her parents and having more dialogue

• Reacting to struggles and defending against the wickedness

• Knowing herself better and following her dreams

• Believing more in herself and facing the challenges of life

This is the best book gift idea for little girls to make for a birthday, supporting her during her growth or simply to let her know that you think and love her!

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The Red Bike
by Tara Delaney
4.2 Stars (1,239 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Family Life | Women’s Fiction

FREE for a limited time

Abigail Gallagher needs answers. Which of her mother’s lives was real? The life she led or the one she left behind?

When wildlife photographer Abbey captures the tenderness between a protective mother gorilla and her newborn baby, she wonders if she can ever feel the same family bonds. First, she must break free from the intense anger she has carried since learning of her mother’s affair. Her mother’s self-centered behavior remains the wedge that keeps Abbey and mom apart.

After a year away, Abbey returns to Austin from Africa just before her 31st birthday. Her boyfriend Ryan cannot pry any commitment from her for their future together, despite her mother’s playful, but pointed, urging and interference.

When her mother is diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, Abbey offers begrudging assistance to lighten her father’s care taking load. Slowly, the secret layers of her mother’s life are peeled away, until Abbey has no choice but to face a new and unsettling truth.

Can she close the gap in her relationship with her mother before her life slips away? Can Abbey open herself to Ryan enough to repair their attachment and resume their romance, to make plans for a life together?

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Patton and His Third Army (Annotated)
by Brenton Greene Wallace
4.4 Stars (419 Reviews)
Genre: History

FREE for a limited time

Patton and His Third Army is the first-hand account of Patton’s legendary, lightning-fast armored-drive routing of the Wehrmacht forces across France and beyond following the Allied Invasion of Europe. Author Brenton Wallace served as an assistant chief of Patton’s staff, and his narrative covers the full campaign, from the Third Army’s preparations in Britain, to its first engagements with the enemy, through to the major battles countering the German offensives, liberating Paris and breaking across the Moselle into the Nazi heartland. It is the story of a master tactician, a superior military strategist whose unique talents in armored warfare made him ideally suited to lead the decisive charge across occupied Europe.

Patton and His Third Army is a frank account of the much mythologized general and includes many of his immortal maxims such as, “May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t,” and “There are only three principles of warfare: Audacity, Audacity, AUDACITY!” It is essential reading for anyone interested in the European Theater of combat in World War 2 and finding out more about this remarkable figure who Eisenhower said was “born to be a soldier.”

*Includes annotations and photographs from World War 2.

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