It’s time for me to start getting ready for Halloween. My brain is up for it, but has no ideas, and my body is on strike. It keeps hurting itself so I will stop moving. Yesterday I rolled my ankle. My foot is a jerk. Putting all that aside, I like to make something new each year to add to my outdoor decor. I keep landing on the three witches from Hocus Pocus. I absolutely LOVE them! They are adorable. I have never seen the movie. I might be the last person on the planet who has never seen Hocus Pocus. I should probably watch it before I start making yard decor out of them. That will be my plan for the weekend. Hocus Pocus movie night on Friday, followed by a weekend of making silhouettes of the witches over the weekend. Let’s just hope my body works with me on this idea.

They Will Be Coming for Us (The Jovian Duology Book 1)
by Kim Catanzarite
4.3 Stars (220 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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In this gripping sci-fi thriller, Svetlana Peterman has met her soul mate in Andrew Jovian, a young astronomer who works for Starbright International, the aerospace company his wealthy parents own. Once married, they make a home in Kirksberg, Pennsylvania, a small town famous for a UFO sighting that occurred in the 1960s. Svetlana is, for once, truly happy, except that Andrew’s family is strange, and not in a normal-strange kind of way.

Preoccupied with only two things — the night sky and carrying on their family lineage — the Jovians lack social skills and often pry into Svetlana’s personal life. Her intimidating mother-in-law demands she get busy fulfilling her reproductive duty to the family, and Andrew’s eccentric uncle seems to be able to read her mind.

Feeling bullied and wanting a career before motherhood, Svetlana takes precautions but ends up pregnant anyway. But that’s the least of her worries when she discovers the Jovians have a monumental secret that will change her fate (and that of her child’s) forever — a secret so powerful, it could alter the course of mankind.

Buy They Will Be Coming for Us today and experience this mind-bending tale of love, loss, and the mysteries of the night sky.

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Defender (To the Rescue Book 3)
by Joanne Rock
4.5 Stars (56 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Foreign Languages

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He’s a man on a mission…
Explosives expert Navy Lieutenant Finn Riddock might be on enforced leave from duty, but that doesn’t mean he’ll walk away from the trouble brewing next door. Especially when his sexy professor neighbor is receiving escalating threats.

Nikki Thornton is trying to restore the home of a literary luminary before she opens it to the public, but someone in the neighborhood is determined to stop her. When Finn insists on offering his protection, Nikki can’t deny the combustible attraction. But as their time together ticks down, secrets from the past are set to detonate…

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The Neurodivergent Friendly Workbook of DBT Techniques Using Dialectical Behavior Therapy To Manage Anxiety Stress Autism ADHD and Promote Well-Being (Mental Health Workbooks 3)
by Yevhenii Lozovyi
4.6 Stars (35 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting | Science & Math

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Are you exposed to stress and anxiety? Are you going through some tough times that make it difficult to focus and live your life?

According to WHO, around 15-20% of the population is neurodivergent. In abnormal psychology, neurodiversity is characterized by an individual with variation in basic brain functioning and cognition, for instance, in social situations, learning etc. But this is something not to be ashamed of. Whether you are autistic, submerged in depression/anxiety, or watching your siblings/children/friends going through the same phase, you all deserve to be happy!

This book uses Dialectical behavior therapy, which deals with individuals with intense reactions to emotions. It helps cope with difficult emotions and makes your life easier. This DBT skills training manual will rejuvenate your life by making you happier and less prone to stress and anxiety and will help you take charge of your neurodiversity and turn your life around!

This life-changing book will contain:

• A detailed description and definition of neurodiversity so that you can realize the challenges that they face and their remedies

• Introduction to Dialectic behavior therapy, its importance, and components that make it successful

• Exercises to manage daily wellbeing and improve your daily outlook on life

• Exercises and tips for managing your emotions in fears and phobia and how to beat them

• Precautions against anxiety and panic attacks also contain activities for managing panic attacks and countering them.

• Exercises that would help you counter intrusive thoughts and maintain positivity in your life

• Activities that would focus on your boundaries and how to be flexible around them, paving the way for better social life

• Exercises to enhance mindfulness, peace, and feeling content

• Activities to tackle distress and grow out of the hole that you are in!

This dialectical behavior therapy workbook aims to enhance the life of neurodivergent individuals because this is something not to be ashamed of. On the contrary, it needs to be appreciated and worked on. So buy this DBT skills training manual and embark upon a well-being journey regardless of your emotional intelligence!

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Body in the Books: A Nora Jones Mystery (Nora Jones Mysteries Book 1)
by Heather Huffman
4.5 Stars (1,911 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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Sometimes, owning a bookstore can be murder.

When Nora Jones inherits a dusty old bookshop from her estranged uncle, she moves to St. Augustine to tie up loose ends and maybe learn a bit about the man she never knew.

Only what first appeared to be a heart attack turns out to be murder, and there’s no shortage of suspects. The detective assigned to the case might be handsome and charming, but Nora’s convinced he’s chasing down the wrong lead.

With her newly-inherited Greyhound named Margo and a quirky band of friends in tow, Nora decides to track down the killer. She finds herself in a race to solve the murder before she becomes the next body in the books.

Body in the Books is the first installment of the Nora Jones lighthearted mystery series. Fans of Stephanie Plum, Nancy Drew, or Scooby Doo won’t want to miss this humorous whodunit novella.

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Flying Bullets in Devil’s Territory: A Historical Western Adventure Book
by Austin Grayson
4.4 Stars (424 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Westerns

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The only thing missing from Noah Bradshaw’s peaceful farm life is a chance to marry the beautiful Ruth Younger, the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, fate has other plans for him… When folks around Willow Bend start mysteriously disappearing, everyone rushes to attribute it to a supposedly cursed cave at the base of Willow Peak. However, when Ruth’s brother vanishes off the face of the earth, followed by Noah’s brother as well, the brave farmer is determined to find them at any cost.

Will Noah manage to get to the bottom of a dark mystery even when all the signs show that he’s signing his own death sentence?

Luckily for him, Noah has Ruth on his side, and together they begin a perilous journey towards a giant mousetrap. It’s not too long before they realize that it’s not witches they must contend with, but ruthless criminals ready to disperse fear and death. From that moment on, it all comes down to one choice; risk it all in order to rescue their brothers and the other prisoners from men who will not hesitate to shoot them on sight.

Serving justice is a risky path full of obstacles…

Outnumbered and outgunned, Noah and Ruth hatch a desperate plan to save their kin. Yet, even before they can put their plan into effect, Noah is called on to show how fast he can draw his pistol. Will Noah and Ruth survive the perilous mission and rescue their loved ones? Will they take down the ruthless figures who want to see the world burn?

A pulse-pounding drama, which will make you turn the pages with bated breath until the very last word. A must-read for fans of Western adventure and romance.

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