Happy Halloween EVERYONE!! I spent all day yesterday baking and decorating for tonight’s festivities. I baked cornbread to go with the chili my mother in law made, as well as brownies just in case the kids tonight don’t find enough sugar treats. I also made the biggest lasagna I have ever made in my entire life. Actually it’s the first lasagna I have ever made that wasn’t done in the Instapot. The thing is massive! I used the large size of the disposable metal pans, and that thing (no joke) must weigh at least 20 pounds. For those who are not into lasagna I made an only slightly smaller Eggplant Parmesan.  I have enough food to get me through winter I am sure. Did I stop there? NOPE! I am also making sliders for those who aren’t feeling the Italian food tonight. When I wasn’t cooking or baking I was also adding a few more spiders and crows to really bring the Halloween Spirit home. You can NEVER have enough spiders on Halloween. For some reason I also found it absolutely imperative that I get all the laundry done as well. Not sure why my guests would need to attend a party at a house with the laundry done, but it’s just not Halloween without clean socks.

Cross Contamination: A Different Kind of Ghost Story (Dearly Departed Series Book 1)
by M. Larson
4.6 Stars (10 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire

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Meg has lost too many people in her life, but the latest is the hardest: her feisty, beloved grandmother Eloise has died of a mysterious virus… and materialized in Meg’s closet.

Once Meg gets over the shock of seeing Grams, she finds herself embroiled in a world peopled by the dearly departed who have joined forces to solve the mystery of Eloise’s untimely death. Together, this “Ghost Support Group” and Meg race against time before the strange virus claims more victims.

But events take an even more sinister turn when one of Meg’s co-workers turns up murdered and a local doctor is attacked and left for dead. In the midst of great peril, Meg and her cohorts try to unwind the tangle of intrigue and, in the process, discover that the entire town is in mortal jeopardy.

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Cancer Self-Defense 101: Quick Tips to Help You Survive
by Josh Fulton
5.0 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting

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Are you aware that the US is not the leader in cancer survival rates?

Are you aware that the Standard of Care for cancer treatment varies from country to country?

In Cancer Self-Defense 101: Quick Tips to Help You Survive, Josh Fulton takes you on a trip around the world to find the evidence-based treatments that work best to inhibit cancer.

In China, medicinal mushrooms are routinely added into cancer treatment, producing impressive survival benefits with minimal to no side effects.

In Germany, mistletoe extract is routinely prescribed to prevent treatment-related side effects in all cancer types.

In Turkey, a clinic has combined heat with other natural and conventional treatments to produce survival rates 20 times higher than the norm in pancreatic cancer.

Supported by over 2,000 scientific references with an emphasis on human trials, Cancer Self-Defense 101: Quick Tips to Help You Survive informs you of jaw-dropping fact after jaw-dropping fact.

Therapies discussed include:

* Intravenous Vitamin C

* Supplements

* Hyperthermia

* Exercise

* Nutrition

* Repurposed Drugs

And more.

Included is a 17-page summary, a compilation of every actionable step profiled in the book.

You can be more than just a bystander in the fight against cancer.

You can be informed!

About the author: Joshua Fulton, an entrepreneur by trade, had a firsthand battle with cancer when his wife was diagnosed with stage III melanoma in 2013. Throughout his journey, Josh has seen dozens of people improve their conditions with a combination of conventional and natural therapies.

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In The Fog: Novel (A Murder Mystery)
by John Meany
3.9 Stars (828 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Mystery

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What was real and what was fantasy?

When Frank and Dora Parker, in their Boston Whaler, are fly-fishing for trout one day in their hometown of Twin Valley, Oregon, ghostly fog begins to roll down from the mountains. With it comes a haunting scenario.

On the lakeshore, a mysterious woman emerges from the forest holding a large knife in her hand. Then a man steps out of the woods dragging, what to Frank Parker appears to be a dead body. However, only he observes this. His wife claims she doesn’t see anything except fog and a desolate shoreline. How could that be? How could Frank Parker be witnessing a gruesome murder taking place and his wife, who was there in the boat with him, not see anything?

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Social Skills for Teens With Social Anxiety: Manage Anxiety, Avoid Awkwardness, Feel Comfortable in Any Social Situations, and Make Real Friends
by Grace Cohen
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Children’s eBooks | Children’s Nonfiction

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Do you find it difficult to make friends at school? Do you ever get invited to a party but say no because you’re worried you’ll look bad? Do you have trouble communicating with someone you find attractive?

Many teenagers feel shy and uncomfortable in social situations. That’s why Social Skills for Teens With Social Anxiety is here to assist teens who are experiencing social anxiety by teaching them how to deal with it and start enjoying interacting with people from all walks of life.

With this book, you will be able to build the confidence you need to make friends and have successful relationships. You’ll have the courage to face your fears and begin living the life you deserve.

By reading this book, you will be able to:

• Understand social anxiety and how it affects you

• Discover different social skills that will help you communicate better with others and grow your circle of friends

• Learn how to cope with social anxiety in different situations

• Understand and practice different approaches that will help you feel more confident in social situations

• Learn the two techniques that will help you manage your social anxiety and build healthier relationships

• Boost your self-esteem and become the best version of yourself

If you’re ready to make a change in your life and start socializing again with confidence, then this book is for you.

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Tattered Stars (The Tattered & Torn Series Book 1)
by Catherine Cowles
4.4 Stars (3,608 Reviews)
Genre: Sagas | Romance

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Be brave. Just for sixty seconds. Twenty breaths.

It took every ounce of my courage to return to the small town I fled all those years ago. But I should’ve known he’d hate me. How could he not when my father’s blood still runs through my veins?

Yet here I am, desperate for a chance to make things right. Even if it means facing the family my father almost destroyed and the boy with the dark eyes — now grown — who still haunts my dreams.

I never expected just how explosive things would turn between us. He’s the last person I should want. Yet, somehow, I keep drawing closer — so close I know I’ll end up burned.

But Hayes is a good man, a noble one. Someone who channeled his pain into a career spent protecting those around him. So, when the threats begin, he steps in to keep me safe. And we discover that maybe neither of us knew the other at all.

As the sparks between us ignite into something deeper, someone watches. And they’ll do anything to tear it all apart…

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1929: Book One (The 1929 Series 1)
by M.L. Gardner, Curiouser Editing, The Thatchery
4.3 Stars (2,081 Reviews)
Genre: Sagas | Historical Fiction

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As Black Tuesday triggers financial despondency, three young couples in New York City must trade their lives of luxury for poverty, tragedy, and setbacks.

When Jonathan Garrett’s brokerage firm collapses on the day of the Stock Market Crash, he unites with his closest friends (and former business partners), Aryl and Caleb, to relocate, track down a low-paying job, and cultivate a new life.

As the three men toil in their laborious jobs, their wives, Ava, Arianna, and Claire, slowly adapt to life in a shabby, rundown apartment, learning to sew, cook, and clean. With the help of their former, outspoken, Irish maid, Maura, and a new, equally Irish friend, Shannon, the wives become even closer than before.

The couples’ rocky path leads to more turmoil, however, when a business rival, Victor Drayton, creates one disaster after another. From petty tricks to outright violence, Victor’s nefarious mind will stop at nothing to beat down Jonathan’s last glimmer of hope.

Despite everything, Jonathan and his friends are fixated on surviving.

Emotional and financial destruction nip at their heels, until finally, with a lucky twist of fate, they escape city life and begin anew in their hometown of Rockport, Massachusetts.

A story set in the past, 1929 is full of romance, drama, and humor. Vivid, expertly crafted characters make this novel more than memorable — 1929 is unforgettable.

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