Do you know what I like about the week before Thanksgiving? The fact that there is no point cleaning the house because I will have to do a big holiday cleaning the day before. Any sooner and my efforts will be wasted, because we dirty up the house pretty quick. Guilt free laziness is what I get for the next 6 days. These are by far the best 6 days all year. The day before Thanksgiving will be busy as all heck, cleaning, cooking, and setting the table. Until then though, I don’t have to clean ANYTHING! NICE!!!!

Shot Clock: an absolutely gripping mystery and suspense thriller (The Fighting Detective Book 2)
by Blair Denholm
4.2 Stars (176 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Literature & Fiction | Crime Fiction

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A hit-and-run victim lies shattered on the road. The brutal murder of a famous sports coach sends shock waves through the city. With enough suspects to fill a stadium, Detective Jack Lisbon must race against time to find a cold and calculated killer.

After years of waiting, the struggling Scorpions basketball franchise is finally knocking on the door of its first ever championship title. The community of Yorkville is united behind the home team, spirits are high.

But with the playoffs in sight, their coach Dale Collins is mowed down in broad daylight. The killers leave no trace – no DNA, no prints, no clues, nothing.

Ex-boxer DS Jack Lisbon and his partner DC Claudia Taylor must unravel dark secrets and long-standing grudges to peel back the layers of this baffling mystery. If those obstacles aren’t enough, Jack has to battle his own personal demons that threaten to cripple him at every turn.

With the long list of suspects all harboring a motive, Detectives Lisbon and Taylor pull no punches to find the killers.

Justice served with a side order of vengeance.

Shot Clock is the second full-length novel in the stunning Fighting Detective thriller series. Perfect for fans of David Baldacci, Tess Gerritsen and James Patterson.

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Against A Wall: A Stonecut County Romance
by Cate C. Wells
4.5 Stars (1,755 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Romance

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My high school bully is now my fake boyfriend.

Cash Wall has been messing with me since junior high.

Nuisance stuff, mostly. Name calling. Pranks.

Honestly, he’s nowhere near the worst of my problems. Back in school, I had bigger fish to fry, and now, I’ve got a “scarlet letter” situation going on. The whole town hates me.

For some reason, Cash offers himself up as my knight in shining armor.

So now, my former tormentor is my fake boyfriend. What could possibly go wrong?

Glenna Dobbs thinks I’m an idiot, and she’s mostly right.

I hunt. Fish. I go mudding. I’m not a “brain” type. I’m not really a “thinker.”

But I ain’t stupid. When I see that Glenna needs a rescue, I’m in.

‘Cause what Glenna doesn’t know? I’ve been in this whole time, and once I’ve got her, I’m not letting go.

Against a Wall is a small-town, enemies-to-lovers romance. It is the second book in the Stonecut County series, but it can be read as a standalone. Intended for adult readers.

HEA guaranteed.

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The Du Lac Chronicles: Book 1
by Mary Anne Yarde
4.7 Stars (173 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy

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A generation after Arthur Pendragon ruled, Briton lies fragmented into warring kingdoms and principalities.

Eighteen-year-old Alden du Lac ruled the tiny kingdom of Cerniw. Now he half-hangs from a wooden pole, his back lashed into a mass of bloody welts exposed to the cold of a cruel winter night. He’s to be executed come daybreak — should he survive that long.

When Alden notices the shadowy figure approaching, he assumes death has come to end his pain. Instead, the daughter of his enemy, Cerdic of Wessex, frees and hides him, her motives unclear.

Annis has loved Alden since his ill-fated marriage to her Saxon cousin — a marriage that ended in blood and guilt — and she would give anything to protect him. Annis’s rescue of Alden traps them between a brutal Saxon king and Alden’s remaining allies. Meanwhile, unknown forces are carefully manipulating the ruins of Arthur’s legacy.

The Du Lac Chronicles has a recommend reading age of 16+

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Dinosaur Mazes for Kids Ages 4-8: Maze and Dot to Dot Book
by Buzzing Bee Press, Simi Raghavan
4.6 Stars (75 Reviews)
Genre: Foreign Languages | Children’s eBooks

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Created by certified teachers, this dinosaur-themed activity book will help your little one(s) develop important educational skills while having tons of fun!

In this engaging maze and dot-to-dot activity book, your kids will be excited to head out on a Jurassic adventure with 7 cute dinosaur characters. They will challenge their problem-solving skills as they lead each dinosaur through mazes (set amidst scenes of Jurassic wilderness) in search of hidden clue words. They will need to avoid dangers such as erupting volcanoes as well as the ever-present ravenous raptors. The dot-to-dots will allow them to develop their fine motor skills as well as allow for some fun coloring once completed. Parents and caregivers are also encouraged to join in alongside their little one(s) in the bonus raptor-themed adult versus child maze challenges.

Key Features:

• 43 beautiful originally illustrated activity pages that will engage and challenge your child

• Four levels, increasing in difficulty (appropriate for ages 4-8)

• A dot-to-dot to complete and color in at the end of each level

• Encourages family bonding with 7 adult versus child maze challenges to do alongside your children

• Clue words to find after each maze (Children will practice printing the words out together at the end of each level to form fun sentences)

• Durable, travel-friendly, wipe-clean cover

• Large 8.5″ x 11″ format

• Created by certified teachers

If you are ready to engage your child in this fun, skill building activity book, simply click BUY NOW or ADD TO CART above.

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Vengeance Gone Too Far: A Historical Western Adventure Book
by Henry McConley
4.1 Stars (155 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Literature & Fiction | History

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Due to the color of his skin, Gabe never had a chance at a normal life. Becoming a hired gun adds even more danger to his life, but what truly breaks him is the brutal death of his parents. Even though Gabe is determined to seek revenge, his moral code keeps him from slipping into the path of an evil person. But when he discovers one of the outlaws who killed his parents is still on the loose, he must find a way to stop him…

When his back is against the wall, how far will he go to get justice while staying true to his heart?

Winona Sweeting is in the prime of her life — yet she feels that her life is about to come to an end. When her father tries to marry her off, she knows she must run but she has no idea what lies in store for her. Witnessing a brutal murder will bind her to a mysterious gunslinger and she will suddenly find herself being hunted by a terrible outlaw. Winona must trust Gabe, a man who promises to protect her…

How far will she go to trust a stranger when faced with the reality of losing everything?

Gabe and Winona will find themselves tied together by fate. When Winona’s fiery independence and Gabe’s stubborn drive combine, the two will have no choice but to follow the river and discover where the water stops flowing. Will tragedy consume them, or will a miracle save them?

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Santa Claus, Lies, and Murder (Amber Fox Mysteries book #4.5 – Novella)
by Sibel Hodge
4.2 Stars (123 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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The Bestselling Cozy Mystery Series is back with more adventures!

Santa has gone missing and the fate of Christmas is in Amber Fox’s hands…
When the bones of St Nicholas, the original Santa Claus, are stolen from a special exhibit at the Natural History Museum on Christmas Eve, insurance investigator Amber Fox is hot on the thieves’ trail.

Jinxed spells, freaky insects, and a sack full of secrets take Amber on a bumpy sleigh ride. But can she restore the relics back to their natural resting place and preserve the true spirit of the Yuletide Holly Days? Or is Santa lost forever?

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