There can be no victory without sacrifice. No courage without fear. No freedom without heroes to defend it. This is a time for heroes. A time for war. A time for the Starship Freedom to light the darkness. Battlestar Galactica meets Starship Troopers in this sci-fi adventure from Daniel Arenson, the USA Today bestselling author of Earthrise. Grab your copy today!

Starship Freedom – Super Box Set (Book 1-4): A Military Science Fiction Adventure
by Daniel Arenson
4.4 Stars (208 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

The starship Freedom is just a museum ship. Until the aliens attack!

The Starship Freedom super box set! Four complete novels of military science fiction and space opera. From the USA Today bestselling author of Earthrise. For fans of Battlestar Galactica and Starship Troopers.

The starship Freedom was once a mighty warship. Today she’s a tourist attraction. The space wars ended long ago. The Freedom is now a flying museum. The tourists love it. The Changing of the Guard, the starfighter aerobatics, the starboard cannon salute… it’s the best show in the galaxy.

James King commands the starship Freedom. He hates his job. He was a real soldier once. Back when the Freedom was a real warship. He never imagined himself running a tourist trap. Right after Christmas, he plans to retire.

Then, on Christmas day, the aliens attack. Horrifying aliens. Creatures of claws, fangs, and endless malice. Within hours, they devastate Earth’s military. Millions die.

So much for retirement.

The aliens spare the starship Freedom. After all, she’s only a tourist attraction. But not to Commander King. He will get his beloved starship battle-ready. He will enter the fight. The Freedom will fly to war again!

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Let Freedom Ring (Starship Freedom Book 5)
by Daniel Arenson
4.5 Stars (295 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

The starship Freedom is marooned in deep space. Far from home. Crippled. Barely flying.

But she is not alone.

In the shadows, evil stirs. A race woven from arachnid and human DNA. They hunt like spiders. They think like men. They are the perfect killers.

Like a virus, they invade the Freedom.

James “Bulldog” King, commander of the Freedom, has fought alien fleets. This is different. This is worse. The infestation swarms through Freedom’s labyrinthine halls. Destroying. Eating up the Freedom from the inside.

King must muster all his courage. All his strength. He must reclaim his ship. He must find his way home. Or not only Freedom will fall — but Earth itself.

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In Pursuit of Freedom (Starship Freedom Book 6)
by Daniel Arenson
4.6 Stars (238 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

The Aeolians. The galaxy’s most mysterious aliens. For a million years, they’ve been hiding. No human has ever seen them.

Until now.

James King, commander of the starship Freedom, travels to their secluded world. He seeks to forge an alliance. To learn from the Aeolians their ways of war.

According to myth, the Aeolians once defeated the predatory rahs, alien spiders who are plaguing Earth. Aeolia’s secrets can save humanity.

But King soon learns that Aeolia harbors more secrets than he ever imagined. The Aeolians seem friendly at first… but not entirely honest. Something terrible happened to these aliens. Something they will not speak of. As Aeolia’s secrets begin to unravel, so might the galaxy itself…

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The Guns of Freedom (Starship Freedom Book 7)
by Daniel Arenson
4.6 Stars (210 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction


War flares between man and monster. Between Earth and the terror from the stars.

We did not choose this war. The spiders attacked us. They trapped us in their webs. They devoured millions.

No, we did not want this war. But we will win it!

The starship Freedom rises. A legendary ship. A beacon of hope. A pillar of flame in the darkness. The fleet rallies behind her. All eyes gaze up at her light.

Admiral James King leads the fleet to battle. He knows the stakes. Earth teeters on the edge of destruction. He must muster all his courage, all his skill. Or Earth will fall.

This is an hour of war. An hour of spiders. An hour of courage and sacrifice and blood. This is Freedom’s finest hour.

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A Time for Freedom (Starship Freedom Book 8)
by Daniel Arenson
4.6 Stars (123 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

The final battle is here.

The final stand of the starship Freedom. The final hope of Earth.

Two galactic civilizations face off. On one side — the rahs. Arachnid predators from deep space. On the other side — humanity. Us.

We have been fighting for years. Millions sacrificed their lives to bring us this far. Cities fell. Starships burned. Nations shattered. But we are still standing. Still fighting.

It ends now.

The greatest battle begins. Only one species can survive. It is a war between man and spider. Between hope and despair. Between freedom and tyranny.

The fleet is ready. The cannons are loaded. The soldiers stand tall. In this last battle, we will fall into the shadows of history… or our victory will shine for a million years.

The Freedom rises. She is our hope. Our flagship. Our light in the dark. She flies to battle… one more time.

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