I am a bit disappointed. I did not get a robe this year for Christmas. I always get a robe. Hubby always gets pajama bottoms, the baby bassets always get Legos, and I always get a robe. I was very much looking forward to the new robe. My current one has a huge hole in the left hand pocket and it’s lost its shape. All good moms get a new robe on Christmas. Do they not think I have not been a good mom? I know I ‘m not the greatest cook, but I didn’t think that would disqualify me from getting a robe. I am going to make waffles this morning and see if a robe appears after that. It’s worth a try.

Tabula Rasa (Jonathan Jarl Series Book 1)
by Filip Forsberg
4.1 Stars (141 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Action & Adventure | Science Fiction

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A stolen treasure. A rookie agent. A race against time.

A priceless artifact, the Nebra Sky disc, is stolen. Jonathan Jarl is a rookie agent for the Amber Group, a private treasure hunting firm, and he’s plunged into a heart-pounding race to get it back.

Who stole it and why?

At the same time, on the coast of Madagascar, a ruthless corporate leader creates Tabula Rasa, a mega-complex inhabited by over a million people. Their scientists discover something alien in orbit around the moon and do everything in their power to keep the discovery secret. But one of the scientists decides to share the discovery with the world. She takes a fateful decision that puts her life on the line.

How is the stolen artifact connected to the alien discovery in space?

Ancient history clashes with near-future science fiction with the world at stake! If you love archaeological thrillers, you’re going to love the Jonathan Jarl Series.

Blade runner meets Indiana Jones.

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Dad Bod Country Boy: Dad Bod: Men Built for Comfort
by Jailaa West
4.2 Stars (162 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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“She chased her dreams. But he held her heart.”

For every woman who runs away to chase big city dreams, there’s always a country man secretly hoping she’ll come back.

Ryan thought he’d seen the last of his best friend, Alix — who’s hitting the charts as a country music star — until she shows up at their school reunion. Could this be his chance to show her what she really means to him?

All Alix ever wanted was to hit it big in country music, but that dream’s on hold until she deals with her paralyzing panic attacks. He’s always been her break-in-case-of-emergency guy, but is she coming back to use him and lose him? Or will she finally realize what he’s known all along?

One-click now to grab this steamy, small town, friends to lovers romance that is part of the hit Dad Bods series. These men may be built for comfort but don’t be fooled – they will stop at nothing to protect the women who’ve claimed their hearts.

Dad Bods made a big impression in 2021 – and they’re not going anywhere!

This January, some of your favorite contemporary romance authors are bringing you a sexy selection of brawny, hot Dad Bods and the women who love their men with a little something extra to hold on to.
These men may be built for comfort but don’t be fooled – they will stop at nothing to protect the women who’ve claimed their hearts

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Henry Halifax and the Tutori’s Cloak
by Atlas Swift
Genre: Action & Adventure | Mystery

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The legend of the Tutori was something Henry Halifax had never imagined to be real – an ancient organization tasked with watching over the animal kingdom from the shadows. After a chance encounter with the elusive Tutori, Henry and his fiercely loyal dachshund quickly become entangled in a global pursuit that will demand courage at every turn. But courage only gets you so far and Henry must carefully navigate a web of treachery within the Tutori ranks if he’s going to survive onboard the Arthur Broome. Not sure who to trust after his worst fears are realized, Henry will stop at nothing to unravel the mystery behind a bizarre wave of international zoo heists before it’s too late.

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The Legend Is Born: The Legends of Lainjin, Book Three
by Gerald R. Knight
4.4 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Mythology & Folk Tales | Fantasy

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This faraway, pre-contact story begins with Helkena, a young, still untattooed girl enduring a typhoon crashing over the only island she has ever known. Her home is Wotto, one of the dry, windswept atolls of the northern Marshall Islands. The newborn infant Lainjin has just been entrusted to her care by his mother, who has sailed her fleet of proas into the open ocean to save them from certain destruction.
Helkena, having barely survived the storm, must now travel to Namdik, a wet atoll in the southern rain belt of the Ralik Chain. As Lainjin’s surrogate mother, she will sail with the infant by outrigger canoe in the company of his maternal grandfathers. These kind men had recently helped the Wotto Islanders overcome the terrible drought that typically follows a typhoon. With the trade-wind season approaching, it’s soon time to complete their voyage. The grandfathers begin teaching Helkena the traditional navigational arts along the way.
Her goal is to get her tattoos on Namdik and, in time, to find a man there to take home to Wotto. She will need help to manage her matrilineally inherited lands, and she is related to most men in that small, dry world. But will she entice a man from the lush south to her barren desert island?

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Dragon’s-Eye View: The Wisdom of Dragons #1
by Danny Knestaut, Vickie Knestaut
4.6 Stars (358 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Fantasy

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Unlike his twin sister and most of his friends, Tyber has never been impressed with dragons. Instead of admiring them and their riders, he’s busy doing whatever he can to make sure his siblings have enough to eat. But after getting caught helping a friend commit an act of petty theft, Tyber is given a choice between imprisonment or entering the King’s Royal Academy of Dragon Riders.

New recruits are desperately needed in the face of an escalating war, and King Cadwaller is offering a bonus to any family that enrolls its young adult sons. Even larger bonuses await those who go on to become Royal Hordesmen. It sounds like a golden opportunity for Tyber and his family. But can he endure the trials of the academy and overcome his distaste for serving the king he blames for his family’s poverty?

Neither task, however, will be as difficult as winning the loyalty of a young dragon named Rius and accepting the wisdom of dragons.

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The Growth Mindset Workbook: 60 activities for kids to overcome challenges, inspire learning, and become a modern day problem solver – For ages 6-12.
by DaddiLife Books
5.0 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: Parenting & Relationships

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Set your children up for future success by cultivating a growth mindset to help them achieve their goals.

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m Possible.’ Audrey Hepburn.

Is traditional learning enough on its own for children to succeed in an ever changing world? A growth mindset for kids helps broaden their ability to learn new things. The Growth Mindset Workbook is a fun and engaging workbook that’s packed with awesome activities, creative exercises, and a 7-day growth mindset journal to help your child train their growing brain, and develop problem-solving skills through practice and repetition.

In this growth mindset book by DaddiLife Books, the writers and dads at the award-winning platform have worked with early years teachers to ensure kids aged 6-12 know how to nurture an awesome “can-do” attitude and celebrate mistakes as a path to success.

The Growth Mindset Workbook includes:

• 60 creative activities – that get kids to understand how their brains work, to dream big, and transforms problem-solving into engaging exercises.

• A 7 Day Growth Mindset Journal – that both boys and girls can use to put their learnings into real world action.

• Child focussed – with success stories and concepts so that school children aged 6-12 will gain the positivity that benefits them throughout their personal and professional lives ahead, way beyond school. This book has exercises that not only develops growth mindset through writing, but also through drawing and coloring.

Your children will gain:

• Fun (and rewarding) work that also reassures them that perfection isn’t always possible, and mistakes and stumbles are opportunities to change and grow for the better.

• Lots of everyday examples and simple exercises. This growth mindset for kids book is a great way to teach them that they can take on just about anything with effort and encouragement.

• Their own pathway to overcome of their own challenges and work on their goals – it’s like having a growth mindset coach.

Parents and Carers will benefit from:

• Learning how to encourage a growth mindset with their children, in everyday circumstances.

• Working with your child in specially designed activities that show why flexibility and adaptability are key, that “not yet” can mean “someday” and much, much more!

• A different form of connection and communication with your child, built around the power of mindset specifically.

The Growth Mindset Workbook is your essential tool for setting developing brains free of one-dimensional thinking and expanding their endless possibilities.

If you’re ready for your child to have an enchanting journey in education through creative exercises and actionable advice for building faith in themselves, then click the ‘Buy Now button and start expanding their minds now.

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Pressing Matters: A Quilting Cozy Mystery (Quilting Cozy Mysteries Book 3)
by Kathryn Mykel
4.5 Stars (197 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

FREE for a limited time

Pressing matters and a trail of deception. Can Alex pick apart the mystery before she’s pinned?

With one misadventure after another, Alex Bailey is determined to iron out her troubles and find the common thread to steer her life back on track. Returning to normalcy is the best way to mend her frayed nerves, and the charity Quilt-A-Thon is the perfect distraction. What Alex doesn’t expect is more of Nona’s ploys.

Mysterious deliveries, unexpected clues, and an old murder have weaved a troublesome web and Alex is tangled in the middle!

The quilters uncover an unexpected secret On Spruce Street — one that can’t be covered up with an artistic motif. While one mystery is solved, another (deadly) pattern emerges.

Can Alex piece together the pattern, or will someone she loves be pinned for the crime?

Pressing Matters is the intriguing third book in a series of Quilting Cozy Mysteries. If you like intriguing whodunits, then you’ll love Kathryn Mykel’s sharply spun tale.

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