I worry about monsters under the bed when I go to bed each night. I hate turning off the light and then having to run and jump into my bed, avoiding the hand that tries to grab me and pull me into the pit of doom. I feel like there is a pit of doom under my bed. I am not however worried about monsters in my closet. That would be crazy. The boogie man lives in my closet, but can only come out if the door is left open. Let’s talk about the evil being that hides in my bathroom when the shower curtain is closed all the way. When the shower is closed I always check for the evil beings that hide there, waiting for the day I don’t check behind the curtain. No problem there. I ALWAYS check. Each of these bad guys never go into the other bad guy’s territory. They have a code or something. I was promised that when I became an adult that all of these monsters would go off on their merry way. I believe I am an adult now. Do I need to fill out paperwork or something? Oh… I bet it’s an online form now. Fine. I will Goggle it.

A Dash of Peach (Sweet Peach Bakery Book 1)
by Wendy Meadows
4.3 Stars (325 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Mystery

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It is well known that Momma Peach’s bakery sells the best bread and peach pie in Pine Falls, Georgia. But what fewer people know is that Momma is also a bit of an amateur detective.

One bright morning, her friend Michelle Chan pays her a visit and tells her that a strange man has been poisoned by her famous pie. Of course, Momma Peach wants nothing more than to find the culprit. But it is a lot harder than it looks.

As Michelle and Momma’s investigation goes on, more bodies begin to drop. Momma Peach and her loved ones are threatened by a dangerous killer with an agenda. It is up to the two ladies to keep the townsfolk safe from a murderer whose roots go deeper than either of them could ever imagine.

Can Momma Peach, Michelle and their friends uncover the truth about the murders? Or will their faith and determination not be enough and they find themselves faced with even more deaths? Find out in this gripping cozy mystery by Wendy Meadows – and make sure to stock up on sweet tea and cobbler!

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Ruckus (SEAL Team Alpha Book 1)
by Zoe Dawson
4.5 Stars (1,540 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Foreign Languages

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For U.S. Navy SEAL, Bowie “Ruckus” Cooper, going on a mission into the most dangerous place on earth wasn’t new, neither were the orders to tag and bag an international criminal, but when Bowie finds a captive American reporter, that wasn’t exactly run of the mill. Neither was getting separated from his team, teaming up with her or protecting her against all odds, while working to keep his hands from around her neck and off her delectable body.

Fearless and bold photojournalist, Dana Sorenson never backed down from a fight or to showcase her dedication to reporting on the human condition. That’s what she thought until she meets Bowie and big, bad, and tough takes on a whole new meaning. Gratitude for saving her ass gets lost in his demanding orders and fighting for her life takes a back seat to falling for this alpha male who’ll risk everything to see her safe.

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The Silver Dagger: The Vampires of Crimson Cove Book 2
by Alistair Cross
4.8 Stars (23 Reviews)
Genre: Horror

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Brother Against Brother
Life in Crimson Cove has been good to the Colter Brothers since Gretchen VanTreese was staked and her horde of vampires scattered. Brooks is once again human, and Cade, the rare Sire Gretchen had determined to take as her mate, is in love.

Then the unthinkable happens: Gretchen rises from the grave, and the brothers are torn apart, their lives – and the peace between them – shattered.

A Trail of Blood

When Cade comes into possession of an ancient ceremonial dagger he awakens a power so deadly it defies comprehension. Meanwhile, a serial killer is stalking the little mountain town, leaving a trail of blood that leads to a truth Sheriff Ethan Hunter doesn’t want to face. And unknown to either of them, Gretchen is preparing to reopen her notorious nightclub, The Crimson Corset – and building an army to destroy her enemies and reclaim Cade Colter as her own.

A New Breed of Evil

The streets are no longer safe, nor are the forested paths, for a new and unknowable evil has come to Crimson Cove and everyone – vampire and human alike – must come together in order to survive.

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The Messiah Conspiracy (BOOK TWO): A gripping, page turning conspiracy thriller. (Crown of Thorns 2)
4.4 Stars (655 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Action & Adventure

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From one of Europe’s top authors, a page turning, gripping, science fiction conspiracy thriller you won’t forget!
This is Book Two of a two part thriller series. Book One is FREE so download it now!

A young student at Oxford University has an idea for his doctor’s thesis (Ph.D.), which fulfils not only the criteria for ‘originality’, but goes far beyond it. For if Jason Dyke is right, his research will soon change the world and shift the delicate balance of power from one nation to another.

Jason’s idea is simple: In the genetics laboratory at Oxford University, he will clone Jesus Christ.

But when the CIA finds out about his plan, the President of America realises that if the UK succeeds, the balance of power will shift from the USA to Europe. And he decides that the only way to stop this happening is for America to create its very own clone of Jesus Christ.
The race is on… Whoever reads this book will never forget it. And they will ask… one of two questions:-
1: Is it really possible?
2: When will it happen?

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How to start your dream business: A beginner’s guide
by Aung Thura
5.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Business & Money

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Quit dreaming about starting your own business, and finally make it come true with a little help from this guide…
Many people say they want to start their own business, but few know where to begin and how to avoid the pitfalls of being a full-time business owner and entrepreneur. Do you want to learn how to start your dream business at home, online, or on Amazon in 2022? In this easy to understand guide you will get a complete walkthrough on how to:

• Self-validate your business idea and opportunities

• Use Branding, Marketing, and Advertising

• Develop products and services that people love

• Regulate accounting and finance efficiently

• Manage Human Resources

• Utilize technology to maximize returns

• Pro Tips

How to Start Your Dream Business helps you get started even faster, with exclusive content, lessons & tools for the owners of this book. These include:

• A downloadable workbook with important frameworks you can simply fill out to start your business planning.

• A self quiz to ensure that you have the right understanding.

• Exclusive access to complementary content (lessons, and additional information) that goes beyond what is already in the book.

• A curated list of over 100+ useful free software that the author has tested and used in his own business.

These are all the tools and resources necessary to get you started; but the real gems are in the book…

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Trapped in a Perilous Deception: A Historical Western Adventure Novel
by Derek Levine
4.4 Stars (250 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Historical Fiction

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Audrey Madden, the wealthy heiress of her father’s successful ranch, has life going her way. With the eyes of the most handsome man in the town on her, everything seems perfect, until the night a mysterious intruder knocks her unconscious. Audrey wakes up in the wilderness realizing she has been kidnapped and left for dead. Panicked and alone, she knows she must survive and find her way back home.

Will she manage to stay alive to learn the truth of what happened to her, and at what cost?

After a long sleepless night, Audrey comes across a man chasing a woman thief named Ferne, who soon becomes her loyal ally in the wild. After Ferne saves Audrey’s life, their unexpected quest in the endless desert awakens their need for redemption. Ferne swears to help Audrey find what really happened to her that night, and Audrey comes one step closer to her revenge.

A vicious deceit behind her back…

As they both traverse the perilous paths of the wilderness, danger lurks in every corner. They say the wild west is no place for a woman, but maybe Audrey and Ferne will prove everyone wrong. As Audrey’s return to her beloved ones approaches, will she still be finally safe, or will something even more wicked be waiting for her back home? Will she find the strength to face reality and fight against a long-lasting menace?

“Trapped in a Perilous Deception” is a historical adventure novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cliffhangers, only pure unadulterated action.

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Bridget (The Amish of Morrissey County Book Two): An Amish Romance
by Sylvia Price, Tandy O
4.5 Stars (114 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Foreign Languages

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Welcome to Morrissey County! This fictional region in Pennsylvania Amish country is home to several generations of strong-willed Amish women who know what they want in life, even if others disagree. Join these women on their search for love and acceptance.

Morrissey County, 2000

Bridget Miller, the sister of devout Amish community member Aaron Miller, returns from life amongst the Englisch to a guarded Aaron who isn’t sure he can trust her and doesn’t want her affecting his happy life. He is determined to protect his family from Bridget’s influence.

Steven Smoker wants nothing more than to take over his father’s farm. However, his father refuses to leave the farm to a bachelor. Steven must marry an Amish girl or forfeit the farm. He begins to lose hope since Bridget Miller, the only girl he’s ever loved, left the Amish years ago.

Steven runs into Bridget unexpectedly and learns that she wishes to return to the Amish! Will Steven be able to accept and trust Bridget despite her past? Will others in the community welcome her or shun her? Find out in this sweet Amish romance as you become immersed in the lives of these Morrissey County residents.

Bridget is the second book of the Amish of Morrissey County series. Each book is a stand-alone read, but to make the most of the series, you should consider reading them in order.

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