I joined a gym. Again. Seriously, again??? This time is different. This time I am not joining a gym to get in shape or for my health. I joined a gym with my youngest baby basset to save money on gas and time. My oldest has weight training with the school football team after school, and I have to wait around an additional hour before I can pick him up. We live 30 minutes from the school, so there is no sense in going home and then turning around right away to come back. I have nothing better to do than go to a gym in town. PERFECT!!! No fitness goals, no need for motivation, and no sense of a need to accomplish anything. This just might work!

Grumpy Billionaire’s Secret: An Enemies to Lovers Secret Baby Boss Romance
by Olivia Pearl
4.5 Stars (114 Reviews)
Genre: Classics | Women’s Fiction | Contemporary Fiction | Drama & Plays | Humor & Entertainment

A game of truth or dare. No real names. No numbers exchanged. No strings attached.

One night of forbidden passion changed my life forever.
He doesn’t remember, but I can’t forget.

I allowed a complete stranger to take my V-card.
He left me with two things that night: His masquerade mask. And his baby in my belly.

Never thought I’d see him again.
Until I started a new job and met the CEO.
Hot. Rich. Grumpy. Bossy. Arrogant.
It was Him.
He had no idea who I was.

He needs a short-term assistant.
I desperately need a job.
A recipe bound for trouble.

He recognizes his own blue eyes the first time he sees my son.
He knows something isn’t right.

My son needs a bone marrow transplant.
I’m not a match.
If I tell him my long kept secret, I could lose my job.

But it’s a chance I am willing to take to save our son’s life.

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Pretty Guilty Women: A Novel
by Gina LaManna
4.1 Stars (484 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Crime Fiction | Suspense

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Pretty Guilty Women is the summer thriller for any fan of Big Little Lies looking for beautiful views, romantic escapes, and a surplus of murder suspects.

Something has gone terribly wrong to turn the Banks wedding into a murder mystery. Four different women rush to offer confessions, each insisting that they committed the crime — alone.

Ginger is holding her family together by a thread. Kate is used to buying her way out of everything. Emily’s drowning her whole vacation in a bottle. Lulu’s been getting rid of men for years — and has the ex-husbands to prove it.

Four women, holding their friends close and their secrets closer. Four confessions. One murder. Only these women know what really happened — and they’re not telling.

A suspenseful twist on the classic beach read, Pretty Guilty Women is page-turning thriller perfect for fans of Liv Constantine and Liane Moriarty.

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Urban Mythic Box Set: Eleven Novels of Adventure and Romance, featuring Norse and Greek Gods, Demons and Djinn, Angels, Fairies, Vampires, and Werewolves in the Modern World
by Multiple Authors
4.4 Stars (938 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Fantasy

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A box set of MYTHIC proportions…
Want a little magic in your life? Ever wished faeries were real or for your own personal djinn?

Then these ELEVEN worlds of action, adventure, humor, and romance are for you. Join the freshest voices in urban fantasy and paranormal romance as they bring magic into your life in the form of gods, demons, djinn, faeries, werewolves, and more.

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Included in this set:

I Bring the Fire – C. Gockel
When Amy prays for help, Loki the Norse God of Mischief and Chaos isn’t the savior she has in mind.

Chosen – Christine Pope
When a fatal fever nearly wipes out the entire world’s population, the survivors of what became known as “the Dying” believe the worst is in the past…
The Hunted One – Meg Collett
Disgraced and wingless, Archangel Michaela discovers the holy angels have a plan for Heaven, and it is one that may prove to be the End of Days.

Things Unseen – C.J. Brightley
A moment’s compassion draws history student Aria Forsyth into a conflict between human and inhuman, natural and supernatural, and the world of the Fae.

Way of the Wolf – Mark E. Cooper
Doctor David Lephmann tries to aid a shifter in trouble, and is thrust into a world of violence and mistrust.

Eros – Helen Harper
The Greek god of Love and the human who caught his heart–Eros is a contemporary re-telling of the myth of Cupid and Psyche.

The Wild Hunt – Ron Nieto
Lily was meant to become a faerie doctor, disbelief and pragmatism led her away from the hidden world. She will be forced to face the truth, and the fae, if she wants to save her family.

Valkyrie’s Vengeance – Melissa Snark
When children are abducted, Victoria, priestess of the Valkyrie, must work with her worst enemy to rescue them.

The Blue Rose – Lola St. Vil
The most powerful Angel that ever lived. The dangerous demon who holds her heart.

Elsker – S.T. Bende
Kristia Tostenson just found out her new boyfriend is the Norse God of Winter–an immortal assassin destined to die at Ragnarok.

Blood Debt – Nancy Straight
Camille discovers a family she never dreamed of and a world that should not exist.

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Depraved Immortal Supernormal Artists (DISA) – Volume 1: A Bizarre Disappearance
by Jason W Chan
5.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Mystery | Horror

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Come along as a group of immortal supernormal artist friends bands together to solve mysteries and fight crime and other evils while they struggle with their own addictions and depravities.

Volume 1 is about the mysterious disappearance of their friend Wind, the one who made them all immortal in the first place.

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Winter Wheat: At Home in Pennsylvania Amish Country Book 1
by Karen Anna Vogel
4.6 Stars (228 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Foreign Languages

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The hope of spring! The hope of a new life!

Lena Graber is a relieved widow, not grieved. When her marriage ends, she relishes the peace, except when her mother-in-law torments her with debt. Fearful of losing her farm, Lena reaches out to Jacob King, who plows up the fields and plants winter wheat. Come spring, it should bring in a good profit. Jacob King has loved Lena since he was old enough to like girls. At twenty-seven he’s given up looking for a woman like Lena. Now that Lena is free to remarry, she considers Jacob’s proposal. But she needs time away and lives with her aunt and uncle in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania for the winter. But the Amish in Pennsylvania are vastly different than the strictest of strict Amish sect Lena is used to in New York. As Lena finds liberty in Pennsylvania to wear colors other than black and blue, be a passenger in a car, have trusted English friends, and other luxuries forbidden back home, will this divide her from Jacob? All winter, like the dead seeds of wheat grow and swell under the earth, so does Lena. As the desire to remarry grows, God is molding a man who will love her unconditionally…

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The Minoan Mask (Chyna Stone Book 1)
by K.T. Tomb
3.9 Stars (110 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Thrillers

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While on an archaeological dig in Knossos, Crete — Europe’s oldest city — Chyna Stone and the Found History team come across a tantalizing clue to the location of a legendary treasure.

The Minoan Mask, if unearthed, would not only solidify the team as world-class archaeologists but also complete the most extensive collection of Minoan relics the world has ever seen.

But when word of the priceless relic’s location reaches the outside world, those with less than honorable intentions join the hunt.

But Chyna Stone is no ordinary archaeologist — she’s an adventurer through and through — and she will do all she can to preserve history and to save the lives of those she cares most about…

All while uncovering the true secret of… the Minoan Mask.

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