Well this storm is certainly something. THE WIND! The weather is acting like a Kindergarten teacher handing out toys and telling the kids they have to share. You get an umbrella, and you get a plastic chair, and you get a large box. Boxes make great toys. Everyone gets branches. FUN!

by David-Matthew Barnes
3.7 Stars (25 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Contemporary Fiction

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On the night of her 30th birthday, Tina Duncan is dumped by her musician boyfriend and left with nothing. When her best friend dares her to accept every date she’s asked out on for the next year, Tina accepts the challenge only to confirm her theory that the perfect man no longer exists. Tina’s life soon becomes one terrible date after another until she accidentally meets Oliver, a beautiful stranger who arrives at her front door to return her purse he’s found in a cab. Before realizing Oliver might be the man to prove her theory wrong – and is indeed the perfect man for her – he slips away and disappears.

Convinced she’s lost her one shot at true love, Tina embarks on a city-wide search for a man she hardly knows, but is quickly falling in love with.

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Once Removed (Blackhawk Security Book 2)
by Margaret Watson
4.5 Stars (264 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Foreign Languages | Romance

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Finally! Lainey’s getting divorced from her abusive husband. All she has to do is verify his current address. But she finds the mysterious compound where he works deserted. As she investigates, she barely has time to smell gasoline before the building goes up in flames. She tries to climb out a window but someone tries to push her back in. Just when she thinks she;s about to die, a passing neighbor pulls her out of danger. A completely harrowing day.

But it keeps on getting worse. The firefighters find Ron, her estranged ex, dead in the building. The sheriff tells her straight out that he’s the number one suspect. And she learns someone’s broken into her house.

All that only gets you through a chapter or two– author Watson’s talent for heart-racing action is on full display here. But she’s not done upping the ante — Lainey’s rescuer is Brody, an accounting client on whom she’s long had a secret crush. And she can tell he reciprocates.

But the day your husband is murdered is the worst possible time for romance.

Still, since her house is clearly vulnerable, she has no safe place to stay. So she accepts his offer to stay at his ranch a few days, both agreeing to put their growing feelings for each other on hold. But it turns out that, though Brody’s ranch has great security, there’s no real safety for either of them. Because whoever killed her husband isn’t going to give up and they’ll go through Brody to get to her– unless the sheriff arrests her first.

It’s almost as much fun watching these two solve the murder as it is seeing them fall in love. Brody has both brains and brawn. Lainey’s got brains, nerve, and quick reactions. Best of all, they both have compassion. With all that in common, they could be a perfect pair– if it weren’t for the secrets between them…

Romantic suspense lovers will fall for Watson’s warm, intrepid yet realistic characters, fast-paced style, and clever plotting. Fans of Linda Howard, Toni Anderson, and Cynthia Eden, step right up.

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HAZEL The Outlaw Mummy: You’ve never witnessed a woman like Hazel Farris
by Bob DeMoss
3.9 Stars (94 Reviews)
Genre: Arts & Photography | Drama & Plays

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New York Times bestselling author Bob DeMoss presents Hazel Farris, a hard-living, wild Kentucky woman. Born in 1880, Hazel’s penchant for fast living and faster guns, finally caught up with her in 1906 when her husband fell victim of his wife’s outrage, steel nerve, and deadly aim.

Did Hazel shoot the sheriff and his deputy? How did she become mummified? Did 500,000 people actually pay to see her remains?

Is her story a tall tale — or the real deal? Does a country carny hold the key to the truth? And, why do we hold on to things in life which should have been buried long ago?

This is a short story that will stay with you for a long time.

DeMoss has collaborated with Miss Kay and Phil Robertson/Duck Dynasty, Tim LaHaye/Left Behind, and Skip Yowell/JanSport.

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by W.K. Greyling
4.5 Stars (59 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Action & Adventure

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The mysterious plant-like beings known as Witterkin have been attacked and begin a viral spread, destroying everything they touch. Nya, a wise woman, and Yaro, the town Windsinger, try to heal the damage and halt the spread. However, something goes awry and they both slip sideways into another world. Nya emerges alone, greeted only by Yaro’s ghostly windsinging. During her dangerous search for him she must combat the will of powerful figures who wish to hold him for their own ends. But rescuing the man she loves won’t solve the bigger problem. The evil that harmed the Witterkin now threatens both worlds. To fight it, Nya will have to delve deep into her own mysterious heritage.

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Gold Country
by J.B. Richard, Anne Anne Victory Editing, Cassie Gathering Leaves Editing
4.8 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns | Action & Adventure

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It’s hard to believe what some men will do for the promise of wealth. But every man has his price.

A young man returns home after deciding to quit his dangerous bounty hunting profession. He witnesses a friend’s murder. A promise is made. But his revenge becomes even more complicated when a half million dollars in gold bars are thrown into the mix. Can one man take down a clan of thieves and killers?

I invite you to begin this fact-paced, action-packed Old West adventure today.

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Mediterranean: 100 Mediterranean Recipes
by BookSumo Press
4.0 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Simple Mediterranean Recipes.

Get your copy of the best and most unique Mediterranean recipes from BookSumo Press!

Come take a journey with us into the delights of easy cooking. The point of this cookbook and all our cookbooks is to exemplify the effortless nature of cooking simply.

In this book we focus on Mediterranean. The Mediterranean is a complete set of simple but very unique Mediterranean recipes. You will find that even though the recipes are simple, the tastes are quite amazing.

So will you join us in an adventure of simple cooking?

Here is a Preview of the Mediterranean Recipes You Will Learn:

• Hazelnut Chocolate Tart

• Greek Style Baklava I

• Soup of Carrots and Lentils

• Greek Moussaka I

• Feta, Chicken, and Rosemary

• Maggie’s Easy White Sauce

• Orzo Salad II

• Greek Falafel

• Lebanese Chicken and Potatoes

• Lebanese Red Lentil Soup

• Chard Lentil Soup

• A Turkish Soup of Red Lentils

• Classical Turkish Greens

• Manti

• A Turkish Inspired Ceviche

• Kisir

• Classical Bulgur

• Tava II

• Iskender Kebabs

• Lebanese Baked Eggplant

• Much, much more!

Again remember these recipes are unique so be ready to try some new things. Also remember that the style of cooking used in this cookbook is effortless. So even though the recipes will be unique and great tasting, creating them will take minimal effort!

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