I Didn’t Sign Up For This Sh#$ by Michael Lewis MD is book about love and hope. “I’m grateful for the many lessons that my patients and fellow medical professionals have taught me, but let me be frank, “I didn’t sign up for this… ” You won’t believe the twists and turns this book will take you… Grab your copy TODAY!

I Didn’t Sign Up For This Shit: A Book About Love And Hope
by Michael Lewis MD
4.2 Stars (45 Reviews)
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs | Medical eBooks

Amazon Best Seller
Best Book Award Finalist

You must see the doctor…
… It can’t be avoided.

Why do you hate it so much?

Dr. Michael Lewis is a family physician and has spent the last 20 years honing his skills. Recognized as an expert in the field, he has been invited to be on local and international news (TV and radio). He is married and has one awesome kid!

A Manual. A Memoir. A Rant.

Do you want to know what doctors go through?
Are you a patient frustrated with healthcare?
Are you a physician burning out?
Do you deserve a better life? Better care?

You’ll learn:

• The barriers to delivering compassionate care

• How self-care improves patient care

• Why physicians do what they do

• Why doctors are burning out

• The disturbing situations that affect physicians’ decisions and their life choices

And so much more!
An authentic look at the barriers to delivering compassionate medical care
No stone is left unturned as he examines the demise of compassion in medicine.

Take this journey with Dr. Lewis

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