Being a mermaid does not sound like fun to me. How awful it would be to live in a place where Great White Sharks roam free? I know, it’s the Orcas you have to be worried about, but how many Orcas have attacked human or human like creatures? Wait a second! Do you think the Orcas ate all the mermaids? Oh gosh…

Artifact (Saturn’s Legacy Book 1)
by Joshua James
4.3 Stars (2,021 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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Lowell Carpenter is a disgraced Marine assigned to a remote US research station on Saturn’s moon Enceladus, where scientists have made an extraordinary discovery in the ocean below.

A special forces team, led by Lowell’s murderous former commanding officer, shows up to investigate. Almost immediately, everything begins to unravel.

Something beneath the surface has been activated.

Soon every space force on Earth — American, Chinese, Russian, and more — is converging on the tiny moon, ready to start a war.

But when a young archeologist with a knack for dead languages makes an amazing discovery of his own, Lowell realizes the stakes are higher than anyone could’ve imagined.

He soon has no choice but to disobey orders and fight soldiers he helped train as he races to stop an unimaginable chain reaction that threatens the entire solar system.

The countdown has begun…

Artifact, the first book in the Saturn’s Legacy series, is a sci-fi thriller full of mystery, intrigue, and epic action from the depths of the ocean to the edge of outer space.

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Under Desert Sand (Zack Tolliver, FBI Book 5)
by R Lawson Gamble
4.5 Stars (286 Reviews)
Genre: United States | Westerns

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Faced with a suspicious murder/suicide in the Mojave Desert, Zack Tolliver, FBI and Eagle Feather must determine what crime was actually committed and solve it under increasing threat from persons unknown. They need clues, but the desert sand leaves no trace.
This fifth novel of the Zack Tolliver, FBI series, contains all the elements of an suspenseful crime mystery: lost treasure, romance, a western gunfight, a perplexing mystery, and of course murder, cloaked ancient Indian myths.

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Augustus: Son of Caesar (Augustus Series Book 2)
by Richard Foreman
4.1 Stars (450 Reviews)
Genre: History | Historical Fiction

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‘The coming man of historical fiction.’ Saul David

Rome 44 BC.

Caesar is dead – murdered by Marcus Brutus and his fellow conspirators.

Mark Antony now holds power in Rome, through his position as consul and the legions under his command.

Brutus has fled the capital, along with Cassius Longinus. Cicero is a shadow of the force he once was.

The Senate are unable or unwilling to oppose Antony but Octavius, Caesar’s heir, is daring to defy Rome’s new dictator.

Octavius – along with Marcus Agrippa and the centurion Lucius Oppius – must first negotiate the treacherous politics of the capital and then recruit an army, in order to defeat their enemies.

War is inevitable. The fate of Rome will be decided on the battlefield rather than in the Forum.

Caesar is dead. Long live Caesar.

Augustus: Son of Caesar’ is the sequel to the bestselling historical novel Augustus: Son of Rome. Richard Foreman again assembles a cast of characters from history to produce a story full of insight, action and wit. A must-read for fans of Conn Iggulden, Simon Scarrow, Ben Kane and Plutarch.

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It Had to be Mason: A Sweet YA Romance (Beachbreak High Book 1)
by Emily Lowry
4.5 Stars (467 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

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Ask your brother’s best friend nicely, and he’ll teach you how to date. He might even teach you how to kiss…

Zoe Walsh is the most awkward girl in Beachbreak High. For years, she’s admired her crush from afar, but she’s NEVER talked to him. What would she even say? She doesn’t know the first thing about boys, or dating. The only thing she really knows is dancing.

Mason McClellan is the charming, all-star quarterback who gets all the girls. He’s also Zoe’s brother’s best friend. This year, he plans to take the hottest girl in school to Homecoming. But she refuses to be his date unless he can dance. Sadly, Mason has two left feet.

When Zoe approaches Mason for dating advice, he cuts her a deal: if she teaches him how to dance, he’ll teach her how to date. Lessons include how to get your crush to notice you, how to get asked on a date, and how to kiss.

The last thing they expect is to fall for each other. But as Homecoming draws near, Zoe wonders – if dating Mason is just practice, how come it feels so much like the real thing?

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Murder at the Festival (A Read Between the Wines Cozy Mystery Series)
by Dani Simms
4.6 Stars (109 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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Back in her hometown, city girl Avery Parker is finally settling in after her husband’s sudden passing.

The town is abuzz with the annual wine festival and Avery is amped to show off Le Blanc Cellars’ newest release. But between pours of their famed Chenin Blanc, a lifeless body is found.

A curious gray stone clutched in the cold grip of a dead tourist intrigues the locals, and no one expects his death would be ruled a murder.

Driven by empathy for the dead man’s widow, Avery pieces together the puzzle and unearths a scandal larger than she could ever have imagined.

As long as she doesn’t get in her own way, Avery might bring justice for a tourist’s untimely demise. That is, unless she becomes a victim herself.

With more twists than the vines at Le Blanc Cellars, Murder at the Festival will have readers guessing this whodunit.

Wine pairings and irresistible recipes included!

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Rosalind Franklin: A Life from Beginning to End (Biographies of Women in History)
by Hourly History
4.5 Stars (186 Reviews)
Genre: Education & Teaching | History | Biographies & Memoirs

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Rosalind Franklin was what can only be called an overlooked genius. Although she was not fully credited for the feat at the time, her work led to major breakthroughs in our understanding of DNA. In fact, she took the first X-ray photo of DNA in all of its double helix glory. By the time her former colleagues were being showered with accolades for results they made at least partially based on her findings, Franklin would not be around to see it. Sadly, it’s believed that her use of X-ray equipment gave her terminal cancer, cutting her life short at age 37.

Rosalind Franklin has only recently received widespread attention for her achievements. This book follows the life story of this often-unsung hero of modern-day science.

Discover a plethora of topics such as

• Early Life in London

• Franklin during World War II

• Photo 51: The Mysteries of DNA

• Rivalry: The Race to Discovery

• Study of Viruses

• Late Life and Illness

• And much more!

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