The video title was, “If you’re scared of sharks, don’t watch this.” Sharks are one of my biggest fears. I fear them in the ocean, I fear them in a lake, I even fear them in a swimming pool. I am nervous about them in small kiddie pools. You just never know when one is going to come flying by in the claws of a large bird and be dropped in your pool. Tell me that couldn’t happen. It could and I hate that. So I clicked on the video and proceeded to scream every few seconds. There were also similar suggested videos on the side. I clicked all of those as well. I am not kind to myself sometimes. ERG!!! SHARKS ARE AWFUL! I’m going to watch more videos to prove my point.

Shelter From The Storm (Tubby Dubonnet Mystery #4)
by Tony Dunbar
4.1 Stars (1,694 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Mystery

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To out-of-town kingpin Willie LaRue, Mardi Gras seems the perfect time for a New Orleans heist – nobody, but nobody will be thinking about a single other thing. Parties, parades, chaos, alcohol – who could be concerned about a little thing like a bank job?

Indeed, all might have gone well except for an out-of-season frog-flogger that threatens to flood the French Quarter – something even Hurricane Katrina couldn’t do. Next thing you know the survivors – thieves and revelers alike – find themselves marooned together.

As the LaRue gang plans its watery escape, raffish lawyer Tubby Dubonnet is obliged to take time out from his customary eating and loafing to thwart their murderous intentions. The body count rises as the tempest subsides, and Tubby finds himself fighting not only for his life but (it seems to him) the very city itself.

The FOURTH sly adventure in the Tubby Dubonnet Series, Tony Dunbar’s witty yet hard-boiled foodie-noir mysteries, is a wry, compelling tale of The City That Care Forgot.

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The Designate (Lens Book 1)
by J. B. Cantwell
4.3 Stars (444 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

FREE for a limited time

Everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

Sea level increase? Fifty feet.

Weather? Hurricanes and crippling drought.

Don’t even get me started.

I don’t think that people a hundred years ago would have believed the way things are now.

I’m just Riley, a girl stuck in what’s left of Brooklyn, trying to find my way out.

My best friend, Alex, says I shouldn’t join the Service, but I don’t see any other way.

I’ve had enough; enough of my mom, enough of this poverty, enough of this hunger.

They say that only one in five survives the full four-year term. Only one in five gets the money on the other side.

I can’t stay here, so there’s only one choice, really.

It’s going to be me.

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White Swan Wishes: -The Love Story of a lifetime begins with a legend.
by Wes Snowden
4.7 Stars (52 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Romance

FREE for a limited time

The meeting between young Michael Grayson and the lovely Signet Bergeron, one early September day, on the misty shores of Lone Pine Lagoon appears, at first glance, to be just a chance encounter. But was it? Possibly not, because Mike’s mother, Peggy, believes their meeting was destined to happen.
When Signet tells Mike about the legend of the White Swan Widow and her gift of wishes, it triggers the beginning of a tumultuous lifetime love affair that starts and ends on those same misty shores. Mike comes from a family of New England scallop fishermen, while Signet’s family has a mysterious background in Paris.
Despite their backgrounds, Mike and Signet develop a growing bond that is savagely torn apart when the young couple is attacked by thugs on New Year’s Eve. Their actual target was Jacques Bergeron, but their assignment failed when young Michael takes the bullet intended for Signet’s father.
The Bergeron family has a secret so dangerous that Signet’s father Jacques determines he must flee with his daughter to the safety of Buenos Aires, Argentina, leaving Mike bleeding badly on the family driveway.
From the wild North Atlantic scallop beds off George’s Bank to the steamy mysteries of exotic Buenos Aires, WHITE SWAN WISHES will take you on a voyage of adventure and intrigue. You will laugh and possibly even cry as the story winds to its highly satisfying conclusion.
Who knows? You might even WISH for more.

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Stars on Fire: A Spectacular Starlit Romance (The Sable Riders Book 1)
by Sky Gold
4.6 Stars (33 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Science Fiction & Fantasy

FREE for a limited time

‘Selene, I don’t do forever. It’s not what this is.’ – Kainan Sable.

He’s lethal, wraith-like, a warrior who lives in the twilight, the hidden inferno amongst the stars.

She’s driven, ambitious, and unrelenting, with an allure that forces him from the shadows.

He needs to control the intensity of his reaction to her.

She fights the temptation glinting in his sapphire wildfire eyes.

He wants revenge.

She wants forever.

But he can’t give her ‘forever’.

Or can he?

War is stirring in the skies and stars above Eden II. Between empires in ascension and realms in decline. Kainan and Selene find themselves caught up in the maelstrom. Together they’ll light the stars on fire, even as darkness beyond their control seeks to turn their destiny – and their forever – to ashes.

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Lucas Penny: Book 4: The Insufferable Prince (Lucas Penny Mountain Man)
by Jared McVay
4.8 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns

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A Western Adventure by Jared McVay

I nudged my heels against the side of my horse and walked it over next to the prince. “Your man said you want to talk to me.”
The prince got an irritated look on his face and asked, “Do you realize who I am?”
“Seems like I heard you’re some high mucky-muck – a prince or something,” I said.
The prince was now, seething with anger. “I do not like your attitude, Senor’. I do not think you realize the danger you’re putting yourself in.”
“And what danger might that be?” I asked with a big grin.
The prince took a deep breath, then said, “I hold your life or death in the palm of my hand. One word from me and my soldiers will shoot you down like they would a rabid dog.”
I looked at him and said, “You give that word, and I promise you, you’ll be the first one to die.”

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