I just don’t think I have much to complain about after I read that in Churchill, Canada, “Many locals leave their cars unlocked in case someone needs to make a quick escape from the polar bears in the area.” I mean, seriously??!!! Try complaining to someone from Churchill that you hate having to warm up your car in the morning because it’s so cold. They have freezing weather and LAND SHARKS!!! Let’s face it. That’s exactly what polar bears are. They are Great White Sharks, but on land. Nope.. I am doing just fine over here in California where the sharks stay in the water.

DEAD OF WINTER (Louis Kincaid Book 2)
by P.J. Parrish
4.4 Stars (534 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction | Thrillers

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Read the thriller that launched the award-winning New York Times bestselling Louis Kincaid series.

In the quaint tourist town of Loon Lake, Mich., a killer is taking his vengeance. One by one, the bodies of cops are found, brutally executed, with mysteriously coded death cards placed with each corpse – the gruesome signature of a psychopath. And the only sound louder than doors being locked against evil is the sound of hearts beating in terrors. Louis Kincaid came north looking for refuge, a place to forget his past. But now he’s landed in the middle of an investigation that’s a terrifying journey through a town’s fiercely protected heart of darkness.

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Kronnus 13: Kronnus 13 Trilogy Book 1
by James Sharkey
4.1 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks | Teen & Young Adult

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One virus. Two outcomes. Fly or Die.

A fatal virus that kills children when they turn thirteen has swept the globe.
A distant planet holds the cure, but few children are selected to travel. Teenagers fly or die. Death or Kronnus 13.
Zak Connors is about to become a teenager and is selected to fly to Kronnus 13.
During his first night on ‘new Earth’, he has a vision of his mother who disappeared without a trace when he was five-years-old.
He then discovers he has special gifts and uses them to uncover the secrets of his mysterious new world – Kronnus 13.

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Holding Onto Forever (The Beaumont Series: Next Generation Book 1)
by Heidi McLaughlin
4.6 Stars (1,153 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Romance

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The road for Noah Westbury has been carved out for him, long before he knew who his father was. Making sure he worked hard to deserve the opportunities provided to him, Noah is where he’s dreamed of being – starting QB for Portland Pioneers. Together, with his model girlfriend by his side, life can’t get much better. Except that standing in his path is Peyton Powell-James, his life-long friend and the one woman he can never have.

Peyton Powell-James always knew her future would be in football and dreams of having a successful sports journalism career once she graduates college. After being given the assignment to cover a professional game from the sidelines, Peyton believes that everything is going to plan. Until one fateful night changes her life.

Harsh reality sets in for Noah and Peyton. One could lose everything, while the other struggles to keep the families together.

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Whispers Among the Prairie: A Western Historical Romance
by Michelle Roberts
4.0 Stars (382 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | United States

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***Winner of the 2019 Book Excellence Award in the Western category***

Journey back in time to the American West, where the ancient prairie lands are stained with blood from the battles being waged between the Indians and White Man.

The Indians wish to continue living in freedom as they always have, but the White Man see them as savages who need to be eradicated.

Chief Black Kettle, of the Southern Cheyenne Indians, and his adopted daughter, Morning Dove, try and keep the peace with the Whites, wishing to protect their people from the needless bloodshed sweeping across the land.

Enter Clinton McKay, a veteran of the Civil War, who re-enlists in the cavalry and crosses paths with Morning Dove. The pair soon develop feelings for one another but fight against them, knowing society wouldn’t allow them to be together, as they are on opposite sides of a war.

What will happen? Will they bow to an unjust society? Will their love flourish? Will Black Kettle keep his tribe safe? Join the adventure on the Great Plains in Whispers Among the Prairie.

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1000 Fun Facts for Immature Adults: Random Trivia and Weird Truths You Should Know Vol. 1
by Bryan Spektor
4.7 Stars (202 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment

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If you want to flex your brainpower and impress just about everyone, then keep reading…
Did you know that the average adult produces enough saliva in their lifetime to fill two swimming pools?

Or that there’s a small town in Central America where fish literally fall from the sky every year without fail?

In today’s digital age, what’s life without selfies? Well, in the 1800s, getting a good shot in a snap was unheard of. Since being photographed back then would take hours, people had to wear back braces just to keep still.

Imagine adding these fun facts – and hundreds more – to your arsenal. They can be quite handy when you want to put an end to that excruciating awkard silence in social gatherings, stand out from the rest of your colleagues in the office, or simply dazzle your date.

After all, serving an earful of trivia just may be the quickest way to someone’s heart – as this book would tell you, hearing is your fastest sense with a near-instant response time of 0.05 seconds.

What’s more, knowing little tidbits of mind-blowing information may be just what you need to level up your “small talk” game.

At the very least, you can have hours and hours of highly entertaining conversations – just add a little dose of fascinating facts and you’re good to go!

Inside, here is just a small fraction of what you will discover:

• How to sound like a genius without having to do the hard work

• Seriously fun facts that will give your #adulting life a boost – who says being a grown-up has to be boring?

• Useful information that just may save your life… for instance, discover which fruits are laced with cyanide!

• Obscure facts that will help you conquer trivia game night – leave your opponents eating your dust every single time

• 100+ things to know about different cultures around the world – find out unique quirks and blend in with the locals wherever you go

• A treasure trove of cool facts, funny jokes, and even funnier drawings in every single chapter

• The secret to Marilyn Monroe’s famous hourglass figure – what did she eat every single morning to maintain her svelte physique?

And much more.

Remember when you were a kid and that amazing feeling you had whenever you found out something new?

There’s no stopping you from rekindling that simple joy of discovery, that wide-eyed curiosity, and that sense of childlike wonder… no matter what age you’re at.

Whether you’re into facts that sound too unbelievable (but are definitely true) or random bits about science, history, food, celebrities, your body, and the universe – or perhaps you’re just in need of a lifeline for long trips and family reunions – this book has got you covered.

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Death & Decluttering: A Good, Clean Cozy Mystery (Spark & Joy Book 1)
by Nancy McGovern
4.4 Stars (515 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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Joy Russo loves chaos. From her life as a busy reporter to her brawling, coffee-obsessed Italian family, there’s nothing she loves more than her messy, little life. Then the weird, slightly out-of-this-world Aurora Sparks arrives, whose life seems to revolve around creating order out of chaos.

The two of them have somehow ended up as roommates in the small Upstate New York town of Bent River, and the old adage that says “opposite attract” couldn’t be further from the truth! Sparks fly & tempers flare as each young lady tries to deal with the other’s eccentricities while not compromising their own values. Much easier said than done.

But when a man is found dead and Joy’s father is the prime suspect, the two must put aside their differences if they want to help him. They soon find that Joy’s tough, no-nonsense demeanor and Aurora’s ordered, structured nature perfectly complement each other when it comes to ferreting out clues. And, thankfully so, as the danger threatens to escalate unless they can sort through the facts and solve this mystery in a hurry!

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