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The Watchmaker’s Daughter (The Resistance Girl Book 1)
by Dianne Haley
4.3 Stars (682 Reviews)
Genre: Literary Fiction | Historical Fiction

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Hiding the worn piece of paper among her father’s watch deliveries, her eyes fill with tears at the memory of her brave friend walking towards the Nazi soldiers, and the sharp sound of gun fire. Her friend sacrificed herself so that she could deliver this message. But if she hands it over, the love of her life will die…

1942, Geneva: As her radio crackles with heart-breaking news from occupied France, Valérie Hallez gazes towards the snow-covered Alps after a long day helping her father, a local watchmaker. With a Nazi invasion looming, she is sick with worry for the future of her country, and for Philippe, her childhood sweetheart with soft brown eyes. Valérie might not be able to join the army like him, but she is determined to play her part in the fight against evil…

In defiance of her father, Valérie helps the French Resistance by smuggling messages among her father’s watch deliveries. And when darkness falls, she risks everything to hide Jewish refugee children in his old workshop. Philippe fears for her safety, as her work for the Resistance could come with a heavy price. But nothing will stop her delivering vital information and getting terrified children to safety before they are sent back to the Nazis.

But when Valérie is entrusted with an urgent letter for the Allies, she finds herself in an impossible position. The information it contains could alter the course of the war. But if she hands over the message now, it will cost Philippe his life. With Nazi spies closing in on her, Valérie must act now… But can she really trust the man she loves, and will she find a way to save both him and her country before it’s too late?

An utterly gripping and heart-breaking novel about love and bravery in a time of terrible danger. Fans of The Alice Network, The Nightingale and We Were the Lucky Ones will be swept away.

The Watchmaker’s Daughter can be read as a standalone.

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Love, Alabama (Alabama Series Book 2)
by Susan Sands
4.3 Stars (2,199 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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Emma Laroux’s a fallen Southern beauty queen whose past is barely whispered about in her small town. But the secrets and lies surrounding her scandal still haunt her, and something about Matthew Pope may hold the answers… if only she could put her finger on it.

Matthew Pope wonders what awful karmic thing he’s done to land him in Podunk, Alabama. But when he sees Emma Laroux again after all this time, he knows he’s still the only one who holds the key to unlocking the truth of her past…

Will a shared moment in time ten years ago threaten the best thing that’s ever happened to them – each other?

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A NICE CLASS OF CORPSE (Mrs Pargeter Crime Mystery Book 1)
4.2 Stars (4,522 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction

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Meet Mrs Melita Pargeter, a vivacious widow whose mystery-solving talents come in handy when a murderer stalks a hotel for well-to-do retirees.

She checks into the Devereux Hotel on England’s sunny south coast. Where secrets hide behind every door and the sea-views are to die for…
Her arrival, in a fancy car and a flurry of silk, causes much excitement among the elderly residents.

By next morning, they have something new to talk about — the discovery of a crumpled body at the foot of the stairs.

The victim is old Mrs Selsby, timid occupant of the hotel’s most coveted sea-front room. Everyone says her death was a tragic accident, but Melita’s not so sure.

Wealthy Mrs S. just happens to have left her fortune to her fellow Devereux residents. And then there’s the matter of her jewellery. A priceless collection that seems to be disappearing piece by piece…
Melita may be pushing seventy, but she still has a trick or two left up her sleeve.

Can she catch the killer before anyone else dies?

Meet your next favourite sleuth in this wonderfully witty whodunit.

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Tacos: Best Homemade Taco Recipes from Breakfast Tacos to Street Tacos and Dessert Tacos
by Sarah Spencer
4.3 Stars (80 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Who doesn’t love tacos? It’s one of the most-eaten food on the planet! Homemade tacos are simply the best! This collection of taco recipes delivers quick and easy-to-make meals with big flavors!

This cookbook is about delivering authentic taco recipes with the finest flavors, including meat, fish and seafood, veggies, salsa, relishes, sauces, and more. Tacos let you go on an adventure in your kitchen, making original creations by combining different ingredients and spices. They’re simple, inexpensive meals that can easily be customized to suit individual preferences.

Tacos are one of the unique dishes that can be found worldwide. You will also learn fun facts about tacos, their origins, and everything you need to know to prepare this celebrated dish, from the shell to the spices, sauce, condiments, and filling.

If you’ve been doing the same taco recipe repeatedly and feel it’s time to explore new flavors and ingredient combinations, this cookbook will inspire you!

Get new ideas with this creative collection of tacos recipes with classic concoctions and new innovative combinations of flavors. The recipes include many favorite and new and original tacos for heartwarming breakfast, light lunch, satisfying dinner, praised street taco style, and even desserts!

Inside, you’ll find:

• Everything you need to know about tacos, including its history, fun facts, and preparation methods

• Basic recipes for tacos such as Taco Seasoning Blend, Homemade Flour Tortillas, and Classic Guacamole

• Delightful breakfast recipes such as Simple Chorizo Breakfast Tacos and Classic Breakfast Taco

• Delicious chicken recipes like Jerk Chicken Tacos, Honey Chipotle Chicken Tacos, and Rancher’s Chicken Tacos

• Wholesome beef recipes such as Caribbean Beef Tacos, Slow Cooked Beef Barbacoa Tacos, and Puffy Tacos

• Bountiful pork recipes such as Roast Pork Tacos, Salsa Verde Pork Tacos, and Lime-Cilantro Pork Tacos

• Satisfying fish and seafood recipes such as Classic Fish Tacos and Crispy Cheese and Crab Tacos

• Tasty vegetarian recipes like Sofritas Tacos, Chipotle Black Bean Tacos, and Sweet Potato Tacos

• Sinful dessert recipes like Fruity Tacos and Toffee Taco Sundaes

All recipes come with a detailed list of ingredients, cooking and preparation times, number of servings, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, and nutrition information per serving.

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World War II Pearl Harbor: A History From Beginning to End (World War 2 Battles)
by Hourly History
4.3 Stars (470 Reviews)
Genre: Education & Teaching

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt described December 7, 1941, the date when the Japanese launched a surprise attack against the United States while the two countries were still officially at peace, as a day that would live in infamy. The action hurled the United States into the global conflict of World War II, a violent conflagration that the nation, fiercely isolationist, had intended to ignore. But the rising tide of militarism across the globe meant that American neutrality could not last. War was contagious, and sooner or later, no matter how a nation tried to quarantine itself, the infection would find it.
To the people of the United States, the attack came as a complete surprise. Perhaps Americans should have expected it. Tensions between the U.S. and Japan had been steadily increasing throughout the year, and American sanctions against Japan were hindering the efforts of the Japanese to become the dominant power in the Pacific.

Inside you will read about…

America Opens the Door to Japan
Pearl Harbor, Home of the Shark Goddess
Air Raid Pearl Harbor, This Is No Drill
The Commanders
The Story of a Survivor
And much more!

Ironically, a mock naval exercise the decade before the Pearl Harbor attack had foreshadowed the penalty of ignoring the base’s vulnerability, but the naval higher-ups refused to believe it, setting the stage for the real attack in 1941. The commander of Pearl Harbor, Admiral Kimmel, was convinced that the attack would be made against Wake Island. But Japanese Admiral Yamamoto’s shrewd planning was as devastating as he intended it to be, as America’s Pacific base lay in ruins — over 2,403 dead, 1,178 wounded, and the fleet devastated. Yet, the day after the attack, while Japan rejoiced, Yamamoto was despondent. Japan, he knew, could not win a long, drawn-out war. The Americans would be out for revenge.

Series Information: World War 2 Battles Book 5

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