I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO A MANAGER PLEASE!!! Yes.. I am yelling. Why am I yelling you ask. Because it’s RAINING AGAIN!!! I am full blown having a temper tantrum because I want some sunshine. I want a lot of it please. Ya sure, it’s awesome that for once we are not in a drought and on fire, but flooded isn’t all that great either. I should be feeling mad at myself for not having any self control around desserts all winter and not fitting into any of my shorts. Instead I am still bundled up in sweatshirts hiding my shame. My shame needs to be out in full display in the sunshine! I just checked the weather forecast. We will have sun on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Fine. Not great, but fine. I will go to the gym on the cloudy days since I will be in a bad mood anyways.

Lock Up (Detective Qigiq Book 4)
by Joe Klingler
4.5 Stars (56 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Mystery

FREE for a limited time

Twenty-year-old Mylin sits in a jail cell, dreaming of playing her viola again. With every breath, she relives the inferno that destroyed both her instrument and her life as she once knew it. When FBI Agents Carr and Bain offer to help her, she’s tempted. But can she trust them? And how will the dragon eyes that are always watching her react? A jailbreak gone wrong leads to suspense and danger as Detectives Qiqig and Dreeson accompany the FBI on an international escapade to Jeju Island. They must first find Mylin, and then follow the stolen artwork that they suspect is deeply connected to her family. The search for Mylin involves drones, hidden cameras, secret codes, more than one high-speed chase, and a stakeout on a mountain. It leads Qigiq to an art gallery, a near-death experience at a concert, deeply buried secrets, and astonishing lies. In the suspense-filled Lock Up, the new masterful Qiqig and Dreeson thriller by Joe Klingler, the detectives come to realize that nobody is ever really who they seem to be. They again put their lives on a line that they dare not cross as they strive to protect Mylin. Will Mylin ever be free from the Dragon Eyes?

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Hiding in Plain Sight: Mina and Teddy (Martinique Island Series Book 6)
by Dawn Day
4.6 Stars (43 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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From Amazon #1 Best Selling Author Dawn Day

A sweet, clean romantic suspense that continues following the story of Mina and Teddy!

After the death of her best friend and boyfriend, Ari Finnegan, Mina’s life fell apart. The band that she was a member of broke up, and the band’s front man, Leo Kingston, went into hiding. Alone with her grief, Mina spent two years barely leaving her house in Malibu, terrified to face the outside world. When Leo finally reappeared in the public eye and Ari’s murderer was finally brought to justice, Mina slowly began emerging into the world once more.

Mina’s life changes when she meets Teddy Sinclair at a party with her former bandmates. Though their trauma is slightly different, Mina and Teddy are connected through the same difficult tragedy. Their budding relationship serves as both therapy and support as the fallout of the capture of Ari’s killer continues to play out.

Join along with Mina as she learns to trust and love again, while shocking truths about Ari’s murder continue coming to light!

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Promised Ones: Guardian War #1; A Gateway Adventure
by Brad Stucki
3.8 Stars (23 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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Stargate SG-1 Meets the Wheel of Time (only shorter).
If you love space opera and epic fantasy, you’ll love this series. Check out the first episode below:

Javin was dead…

at least he should be.

The last thing he remembered was touching off a Suitcase Nuke strapped to his back hoping to take out an enemy compound of ‘Toads’ who’d invaded Earth and decimated all her cities.

His Special Operations team had survived the initial invasion and were fighting a guerrilla war — a last ditch effort to buy Earth time to regroup.

Javin hit the ‘det’ switch, felt the blast, saw nothing but white… everywhere. And then he heard voices, talking about him as if he weren’t there until he’s swallowed up in a dark tunnel, and realizes he’s moving incredibly fast.

Then Javin awakens on a jungle planet, naked, no memory of who he is, where he’s from, and facing a giant green lizard who wants him for dinner.

From one scrape to the next Javin crosses this odd landscape finding he can speak the language like a native and knows things; things about science and technology that are far beyond this planet or its people. But that’s not all. The natives seem to know him too.

You see, they think he’s Mulda’ fi, a Promised One who has been sent to save their world from evil domination. There are pictures, legends, even statues of him all around… and Javin is sure he’s never been here before!

It also turns out he has an enemy who looks just like him, with powers he can’t even begin to imagine. Or maybe he can, if he can just get his ‘lucky marble’ – which turns out to be much more than it seems – to work.

Javin’s special ancestry makes him the ‘One’ (or maybe One of Two) who can save all the races in the galaxy from being snuffed out. The problem is he knows nothing about it. And the Guardians who are supposed to watch over things can’t tell him anything because they’ve got problems of their own.

The only way he can get answers as to who he is, where he’s at, or why all this is happening, is to fulfill his supposed destiny and save the world. It wouldn’t be so bad, but he would like to have been asked first.

Promised Ones is the first book in the completed 5 book Guardian War series. It’s reminiscent of an exotic Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure in a mashup of space opera and portal fantasy. A thundering-paced yarn filled with pyramids, gateways, and a dose of galactic mystery.

Get it now.

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Marzipan and Murder (A Bite-sized Bakery Cozy Mystery Book 2)
by Rosie A. Point
4.4 Stars (533 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Literature & Fiction

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It’s a gorgeous day for a wedding… and a murder.
Ruby Holmes has finally settled into her four-week ‘vacation’ in cozy town Carmel Springs, Maine. She’s thrilled when she lands a catering gig for a local wedding… even if the client is a bridezilla of epic proportions.

When Ruby arrives to meet with the bride, the last thing she expects to find is her corpse instead, face plastered in Ruby’s highly unique marzipan frosting. Ruby’s suspect number one again, and if she can’t solve the mystery, she’ll be locked up while the real murderer roams free.

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Fire Wind: Sci-fi Western (The Wind Drifters Series Book 1)
by Guy Stanton III
4.1 Stars (80 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns

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May 16th, 1869 My name is Taran Collins. I take pen to paper to let anyone who follows after me a warning. If you come after me you can expect trouble. I don’t know of what kind per se, but… well let’s just leave it at that. You’ve been warned. Regards, Taran Collins P.S. I’m not coming back. That much I am sure of. My story isn’t an easy one, but my hope is that my fortune will change, Godwilling. The town of Orlaca wasn’t a thriving place. Situated at the base of a mountain in the northern region of Arizona it didn’t have much going for it other than scenic views and the wistful dreams of the few who called it home. Built as a boom town before the Civil War by those in search of gold, it later lost its luster when gold became hard to find. Unknown to the latest people to come to this remote stretch of land was that of the oral history of the Native Americans, who’d called it home for far longer. To them it was a sacred land. A place where wind and fire met and became one. Fire Wind is the beginning of a series of western sci-fi novels that feature adventure, action, and faith.

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The Complete Cookbook for Teen Chefs: 200 Super Easy, Fast, and Delicious Recipes to Level Up Your Kitchen Game | For Teens, Students, Young Chefs and Beginners
by Olivia S. Lawrence
5.0 Stars (576 Reviews)
Genre: Parenting & Relationships | Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Can you imagine your teenager preparing his or her own meals? How much less stress and responsibilities would you have?

If this idea interests to you, then this cookbook is for you.

Say goodbye to excuses such as lack of skills or experience with these 200 easy, quick, and delicious everyday recipes.

Switching to healthy, fresh cooking can greatly improve your teenager’s life. Scientific research has proven that a diet consisting of frozen and processed foods is not healthy in the long term.
Busy teens may believe that they do not have time for home-cooked meals, but this cookbook offers quick and easy solutions.

Three key features of this cookbook are:

• Quick preparation: each meal can be prepared in just 30 minutes from measuring the ingredients to the finished dish.

• Accessible ingredients: all ingredients can be easily found in any supermarket at affordable prices.

• Simple and Easy Recipes: the recipes in this cookbook have a difficulty level of “Easy” or “Very Easy,” making them suitable for beginner cooks.

This cookbook is structured for ease of use:

• Detailed step-by-step instructions ensure that even novice cooks can follow along with confidence.

• Recipes are labeled as either “Easy” or “Very Easy” in terms of difficulty.

• A diverse range of options are available, with a quick and easy recipe for every meal of the day.

• Accompanying photos of many of the dishes serve as both visual inspiration and a useful tool for selecting recipes.

In this cookbook you will find:

• 20 mouth-watering appetizers

• 60 restaurant-quality first courses

• 60 nourishing main courses

• 15 healthy and delicious side dishes

• 10 refreshing salads for the warmest days

• 15 quick and easy one-plate meals for busy days

• 20 scrumptious desserts

Even if your teen has limited or no-cooking experience, he/she can still confidently take the first steps in the kitchen and create delicious meals.

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