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Because of Her
by Chrystal Murphy
4.4 Stars (20 Reviews)
Genre: Psychological | Thrillers

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“I can hear the sirens in the background. They are still faint, so I have a little more time to watch it all burn.”

Emily Lewis is ready for a big change in her life.

She has moved to a new city, started a new business, bought a new house, and changed her appearance. But what is she trying to escape? Perhaps a dark past?

Victoria Berman is coming home.

She’s coming home from a failure, from an embarrassment and shame that she doesn’t want to share with her family, and is looking for solace in her long-time confidant, her brother Hudson. But is this shameful secret the ONLY thing that Victoria is hiding?

Everything for Emily is going well, until she meets, and eventually falls for Hudson, which puts her and Victoria on a collision course. Victoria’s jealousy, suspicion, and anger cause Emily betrayal and heartache and force her to take matters into her own hands.

Emily and Victoria battle as each of their truths are revealed and, in the end, who will live happily ever after, and whose life will be forever changed; all because of her.

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Blossom and Bone (The Libra Witch Series Book 1)
by Mary E Jung
4.2 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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Experience true love, and discover hidden heart desires, but beware of the allure of illusion.

Amé is a vegetation witch with a knack for soil cultivation and plant genetics.
She develops flower mates that mimic true love.
Amé is a dreamer and finds it difficult to say no, even when common sense dictates she should. After her life’s work is stolen, she must go on a quest to recover her magic seeds.

Xephriel is a bone witch with a magic condition that causes empathic dissonance.
It’s torture because one touch might mean his death.
Now, he’s been forced into proximity with his crush to clear her name of murder.
Xephriel is put through the ultimate test of valor. Can he overcome his affliction, or is he doomed to lurk in the shadows forever?

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Outback Roads: The Nanny (The Augathella Girls Book 1)
by Annie Seaton
4.2 Stars (879 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | World Literature

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Determined never to trust a man again, Callie Young walks out of her job as a presenter on the weather channel, determined to take the first job that will get her out of the city and away from the Tik Tok video, #wrongforecast, that has kept the world amused. Meeting her new employer, the cranky and bossy owner of Kilcoy Station reinforces her belief that no man can be trusted, but to Callie’s dismay that doesn’t stop the growing attraction to this difficult man.

Braden is unimpressed with the glamorous woman the city employment agency sends in response to his desperate ad for a nanny. She’s never been out of the city, barely knows the difference between a bull and a milking cow, and drives a luxury sedan. But she makes him feel things he’d thought were gone for good. Will his sad past, and a guilty secret, protect his heart and ensure Braden denies his growing feelings for Callie?

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Dark Duet (Immortal Confessions Book 1)
by Staci Layne Wilson
4.2 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Romance

FREE for a limited time

Ashara Konrad, rock music photojournalist and vampire, has a secret. One she hasn’t spoken of, in over a century.

Now, that secret has come back from the grave, hell-bent on destroying the most promising musicians of the age, in service to an old voodoo curse.

If Ashara hadn’t seen her vampire twin, Zariaz, dismembered and scattered after going on a killing spree, targeting musicians a century earlier, she would think Zariaz was behind the slaughter, looking to fulfill her 1000 Musician curse.

But it takes more than dismemberment to keep a bad vampire down. And this time, Zariaz is looking for revenge against the twin who betrayed her and the musician she’s in love with.

Will Ashara be able to keep her new love safe from her deadliest secret? Or will he become the latest musician to feed Zariaz’s curse?

Dark Duet is a haunting and lyrical vampire romance, set in the music world, during the Age of Aquarius. The author, Staci Layne Wilson, is the daughter of a rock star and pin-up model. Her own travels and upbringing in the music world help weave a rich tapestry for this series.

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Treasure of Saint-Lazare: A king’s ransom in Nazi gold disappeared in Paris. : Decades later, A fortune hunter kills searching for it. Can Eddie Grant stop him? (The Eddie Grant Series Book 1)
by John Pearce
3.9 Stars (1,017 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure

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TOP HISTORICAL MYSTERY OF THE YEAR: With action coursing through every page, this exhilarating novel of the drama and history of World War II features gripping characters whose triumphs and mistakes echo through the decades, spreading their tragic wake across three generations.

His long-ago lover brings a cryptic letter to Paris, pulling Eddie Grant reluctantly into a vivid and gripping wartime web of love and death — but giving him one slim chance to find the terrorists who murdered his family seven years before. And to find a priceless treasure.

The letter sparks a dangerous quest across Paris, the Loire Valley, and the gleaming beaches of the Florida Gulf Coast for the most valuable Nazi loot that remains missing, a famous Raphael self-portrait from the early 16th century. The painting and the crates of bullion that accompanied it were intended to finance the Fourth Reich, or so the rumors said.

Jen Wetzmuller, daughter of his late father’s World War II colleague in American Army intelligence, found the letter after her father was run down by a car in the streets of Sarasota. For Eddie, it brings the long-cold case of his family’s murder back to life.

Its clues propel him from his Paris home to Florida, where he barely escapes with his life. Then it’s back home, to burrow into the darkest reaches of the German occupation.

Along the way, he and Jen restart the brief, fiercely passionate affair that he abandoned, to his regret, 20 years before.

Most of all, Treasure of Saint-Lazare is a novel of Paris.

The painting, Portrait of a Young Man, remains missing. The Polish government said at one time that it still exists and is in a safe place, but that is now in doubt.

“Bravo!” (Ronald Rosbottom, author of When Paris Went Dark)

“An exceptionally well written book with a fast-paced story line and many plot surprises.” (Connield, Amazon reviewer)

A “fast-paced thriller spanning the globe from Paris to the states.” (Carole P. Roman, Amazon reviewer)

“I read it once and then waited a week and read it again.” (Amazon reviewer)

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Give your Park a Spark (Ben and Blinker Save the Planet)
by Anna A. P., Marina Perisic
5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks | Children’s Nonfiction

FREE for a limited time

Do you want to teach your child about pollution and environmental protection?

What would you say if we had a way for your little one to learn and have fun at the same time?

“Give Your Park a Spark”is a touching story that will raise environmental awareness in your kids.
It will help them understand the consequences of pollution and the importance of protecting planet Earth.

Ben and his best friend, Blinker, are about to spend the day at the park. But when they get there, they notice something is wrong.

Their playground is littered with garbage, the trees are covered in trash, and the grass and flowers are drowning in food waste.

Ben and Blinker will not ignore the mess but will do anything to make their park shine again.

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Out for Dreadful Revenge: A Historical Western Adventure Novel
by Johnnie Burns
4.3 Stars (350 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Literature & Fiction | History

FREE for a limited time

After the War Between the States, Thomas Reece swore never to hold a weapon again. The only connection between his new life in the West and his haunting past is Aron, his fellow veteran, and best friend. When a notorious gang takes his friend’s life, Thomas must break his vow, grab his gun and do the right thing; to honor the sacred bond between soldiers…

What will Thomas be willing to risk in order to avenge the death of his best friend?

Ever since Judy Stone can remember, she has served drinks in her father’s saloon to wayward travelers. Yet, for the past three years, she has been dreaming of marrying Thomas, her one true love. Little did she know that upon meeting an evil gunman and his gang, all the hopes she had for a peaceful life would go up in flames.

In the face of unspeakable danger, she has no choice but to defend herself…

Thomas rides into hell and back as the wretched gang puts Judy’s life on the line. In the midst of murder and mayhem, his wild thirst for revenge flings him into a whirlwind adventure. Now it’s time for the barrel of the gun to do the talking… In the end, will Thomas survive another bloody battle or will he also be doomed to a horrible fate?

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