At last – the complete Earth Warden Saga in one gigantic box set! 5 entire novels = 2,300 pages of epic sci-fi action. Join Tris as he’s catapulted into a galaxy he never could have imagined. Where bizarre aliens threaten mankind, genetically engineered assassins lurk in the shadows, and the mysterious Wardens live by an ancient code… Of sacrifice. Fans of Star Wars, Firefly and Warhammer 40K will love this fast-paced and explosive space opera. Buckle up, brace for impact, and grab your copy today!

Earth Warden – Complete Series Box Set (Books 1-5): An Epic Sci-Fi Adventure
by Tyler Aston
4.6 Stars (503 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Action & Adventure

For centuries, the Wardens have guarded our planet.
Their sacred duty: to protect humanity from itself… and from everything else.

Lord Anakreon, Warden of the First Circle, has a problem.
He’s been forced to kill another apprentice, and he’s rapidly running out of candidates.
In fact, there is precisely one left…

On Earth, Tristan Andrews is in trouble.
He has been ever since the day his dad left for work – and never came home.
Seven years later, living with one foot on the street, Tris is struggling to survive.
Until a tough old man with a scarred face breaks into his house. He claims to have the answers Tris seeks…
But there’s a price.

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