If you like fascinating characters, fast-paced action, and bumping into dark creatures of the night, then you’ll love these spine-chilling horror adventures by Arjay Lewis.

by Arjay Lewis
Genre: Horror | Suspense

He never believed nightmares were real. Until his search led him deep into the darkness…
Joshua Bennet needs some answers. After growing up with impossible stories about the undead, the young African American journalist receives a large and unexpected inheritance after his father’s suspicious death. And so curious about his dad’s tall tales, he quits his hated newspaper job and sets off to unearth the terrifying truth.

Seeking the mysterious gravedigger at the center of all the hair-raising reports, Joshua travels to towns with monsters hidden in the shadows. And when he finally meets the aging man of legend, the former reporter finds himself swept up in a supernatural battle between good and evil.

Will his quest for closure lead to a beginning beyond his imagination?

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The Vanishing
by Arjay Lewis
4.5 Stars (77 Reviews)
Genre: Suspense | Fantasy

She needs to forget the past. Her ex wants her back. The creatures in the woods crave every living soul…
Former NYPD detective Liliana Slavik is still recovering from a nervous breakdown, after a shooting that killed her fiancé and ended her career. Seeking refuge in her peaceful hometown, she soon discovers hundreds of people have disappeared in the Pine Barrens nearby. She becomes determined to fight through her panic attacks, team up with the man who betrayed her, and solve the sinister secret.

Liliana uncovers information about the famed Jersey Devil as well as Native American lore which tells of monsters which haunt the vast New Jersey forests. But, the anxious investigator knows there’s only one way to reveal the truth. She must enter the woods herself…

Can Liliana face and defeat the terror before she becomes the next missing person?

The Vanishing is a riveting standalone horror novel and the winner of 12 book awards. If you like courageous female protagonists, historic legends, and journeys that few can survive, then you’ll love Arjay Lewis’s edge-of-your-seat tale.

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Kept In The Dark
by Arjay Lewis
4.5 Stars (68 Reviews)
Genre: Suspense | Horror

Chilling doomsday predictions. Demons from another dimension. Is one doctor’s delusional patient really meant to save the world?
Psychiatrist Sam Lucas doesn’t mind letting his patients drone on as long as the money keeps rolling in. But when he learns more about one patient’s decades of paranoid torment, the doctor’s empathy and professional fascination locks into place. As Jake’s stories of flesh-tearing demons turn into shocking physical wounds, the doctor realizes his patient is in real danger…

With each passing story and injury, Sam comes to believe the invisible inter-dimensional killers are more than one man’s fantasy. After Jake’s paranoid warnings of the impending millennium mayhem become more urgent, the doctor fears that shadowy wraiths may actually be on the brink of destroying humanity.

When his patient’s tormentors close in, Sam has a choice: ignore the desperate warnings or challenge his own beliefs to help the man save humanity.

Kept In The Dark is a foreboding tale of horror. If you like tormented heroes, dark terrors, and relentless demonic attacks, then you’ll love Arjay Lewis’s award-winning novel.

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The Muse: A Supernatural Serial Killer Thriller
by Arjay Lewis
4.4 Stars (151 Reviews)
Genre: Suspense | Crime Fiction

His pen and his sword are both mighty. When he loses his inspiration, he’ll drench the town in blood to get it back.
Hugely successful horror author Jack Court has a chilling secret. When he’s not writing bestsellers, he murders the innocent to satisfy the twisted whims of a symbiotic creature who lives within him. But after a sheriff out for justice chases him into the path of an oncoming car, the beast escapes the writer’s injured body in search of another host…

Harry Godwine’s words have never supported his family the way he knows they deserve. Just when he’s given up hope, he suddenly receives inspiration from something new inside of him. Harry’s unexpected success may just mean a new life for the ones he loves, as long as he can ignore the unfamiliar internal voice and the endless dreams of blood…

Without the symbiont to maintain his vitality, Jack becomes something different. Something not quite human. Something that’s willing to kill anyone in his path to reunite with the creature who will help him fulfill his darkest desires…

The Muse is a standalone horror thriller that’s bound to give you nightmares. If you like supernatural suspense, chilling creatures, and dark plots come to life, then you’ll love Arjay Lewis’ award-winning nail-biter of a novel that has won 14 book awards.
Read The Muse to be inspired by the darkness today!

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