Kat Faitour’s London Calling is a contemporary, romantic adventure series packed with a little heat and a lot of heart. If you like Nora Roberts, you’ll love this epic saga that combines sizzle, suspense, and a cast of characters you’re sure to fall in love with! “This series is among the best I have read in a long time.”–Amazon reviewer.

A Matter of Trust: A Romantic Adventure with Sizzle and Suspense (London Calling Book 1)
by Kat Faitour
4.2 Stars (482 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Sagas

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She longs to steal his heart… or is it his fortune she’s really after?

Devon Sinclair is brilliant, beautiful, and poised for sure success.

When she arrives in London, she’s determined to make her own way, apart from her American family and their less than legal schemes.

What she finds is the very last thing she wants — an arrogant, rude boss who also happens to be the one man to awaken her desire and ignite her untouched heart.

Born into a banking dynasty, Bennett Sterling is as cynical about love as he is coldly driven in business. Burned in the past, his number one rule is to never, ever date an employee.

Luckily, rules are made to be broken.

Passion sparks and emotions flare, despite their intentions to stay apart. And as the attraction between them escalates, their ability to fight against it fades into seductive surrender.

But when Devon’s past comes back to haunt them, will Bennett look beyond the lies to see the truth about the woman he loves? Or will he condemn her as nothing more than a gold-digger and thief?

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Losing Angeline: A Romantic Adventure with Sizzle and Suspense (London Calling Book 2)
by Kat Faitour
4.4 Stars (63 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Sagas

Her life is a carefully crafted lie. How far will she go to keep her secrets?

Angeline Sinclair is a woman who has it all.

Living with her sexy husband and adorable daughter in historic Georgia is every wish come true, especially with her thriving career as an art museum curator.

But when an unwanted visitor comes to Savannah threatening to expose her shameful past, her gilded world threatens to tumble around her.

John Sinclair lives a very charmed life.

Reformed by love, he’s exchanged his grifter ways for a sensual, satisfying marriage with an honest woman. Or so he believes…

As danger mounts, Angeline struggles to maintain her deception. Tension and terror begin to ripple the surface of her normally placid demeanor, creating deeper and more troubling waves in her relationship with John.

Torn between her past and present, Angeline faces a terrible choice. Can she continue spinning her fragile web of lies? Or will the truth destroy everyone she holds close?

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Risking It All: A Romantic Adventure with Sizzle and Suspense (London Calling Book 3)
by Kat Faitour
4.3 Stars (43 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Sagas

She was only a fling, never meant for forever. So, why can’t he live without her?

Dominic Martin always plays to win, even if it means breaking a few rules — and a few hearts — along the way.

His last scheme was wildly successful until it cost him the one thing that mattered most. Swearing to fix his mistakes, he returns to London to reclaim the lover he lost.

A year ago, Natalie Enfeld lost both her heart and reputation when Dominic seduced and betrayed her. Now, she’s rebuilding her life with a vow to never let another man close enough to threaten her independence and self-respect.

But Dominic isn’t just any man.

When he shows up, determined to win her back, the heat between them is as fiery as ever. Unable to resist, they eventually succumb to the sensual flames between them.

And this time, Dominic is playing for keeps.

But can Natalie forgive the anguish of the past to give them another chance at love? Or will she share her body but refuse to surrender her heart?

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The Price of Winning: A Romantic Adventure with Sizzle and Suspense (London Calling Book 4)
by Kat Faitour
4.5 Stars (33 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Sagas

He’s the very last thing she wants. Which is too bad, because he’s also the exact thing she needs.

Madeleine Price is a former child star who paid a high cost for fame. Now, she’s a recluse with fear her closest companion.

When an act of random violence destroys her safe cocoon, she’s forced to accept the help of a man she heartily dislikes but offers her the best way out.

Sebastian Payne is an honorable man who also understands pain and grief. But rather than hiding away, he chooses action and takes the fight to his enemies. And he doesn’t accept losing.

When terrible circumstances catapult them together, he vows to shelter and protect Madeleine from further loss. What he doesn’t count on are his unwanted feelings for her.

Passion blooms as their forced proximity fans the flames of attraction. And while Sebastian tries to rein in his reluctant yet rampant desire, Madeleine has other ideas. She resolves to seduce him, forcing him to see her as a woman rather than just a responsibility.

But outside forces are gathering against them. Sebastian is orchestrating a dangerous dance to bring a sex trafficking ring to justice. And Madeleine has enemies of her own…

Can two opposites bridge the gap between them to find forever love? Or will tragedy strike again, this time costing them their lives?

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Angeline’s Return: A Romantic Adventure with Sizzle and Suspense (London Calling Book 5)
by Kat Faitour
4.5 Stars (39 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Sagas

He vowed to love, honor, and cherish her. But can he also forgive?

Angeline Sinclair lost everything when she made the impossible decision to leave her husband and daughter long ago. To find meaning, she rebuilt her life in London with a mission to help victims of sexual exploitation from all over the world.

And she’s made plenty of enemies since.

John Sinclair thought he’d put Angeline and their marriage far behind him. But when incredible events throw them together again, he can’t deny the passion between them is more powerful and potent than ever before.

But as they each battle against the ghosts of their past, another threat awaits in the shadows. The dangerous leader of a Russian sex-trafficking ring is on the loose in London, swearing vengeance against Angeline.

And soon, the struggle to reclaim their marriage becomes a desperate fight for their very lives.

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