Discover a world of savage beauty, terrifying danger, and ancient beasts brought back to life. Welcome to Mintari. A dinosaur adventure for fans of Jurassic Park! From the USA Today bestselling author of Earthrise.

A World of Dinosaurs: A Sci-Fi Adventure (Mintari Book 1)
by Daniel Arenson
4.4 Stars (166 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Literature & Fiction

Dinosaurs. Majestic giants. They’ve captured our imagination for generations. On planet Mintari, they live again.

Mintari is far from Earth. Wild. Pristine. A world where triceratops herd across grasslands, pterosaurs soar over golden mountains, and T-rexes prowl the misty forests.

But these magnificent beasts might soon disappear. And only one man can save them.

They call him Jurassic Joe. A semi-mythical figure. A ranger who lives in the wilderness of Mintari. Defender of dinosaurs. Bane of poachers. Folk hero. But is he real?

He better be. Because big game hunters are landing on Mintari. A lot of them. It will take a hero to stop them. And they must be stopped. Or the dinosaurs of Mintari will be lost forever.

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Where Dinosaurs Roam (Mintari Book 2)
by Daniel Arenson
4.7 Stars (54 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

Mintari. A world of dinosaurs. A planet beyond time.

On Mintari, dinosaurs live again. Brontosaurs roam the forests. Mosasaurs haunt the deep blue seas. Tyrannosaurs prowl the plains. Life thrives.

Yet life is also fragile. Amissa Triplehorn, a deadly huntress, leads an army of poachers. They sweep across Mintari, armed with modern weapons. Burning. Killing. Mintari bleeds.

Only one man can stop Amissa. Her brother.

Joe Triplehorn is a Mintari Ranger. He vowed to defend the dinosaurs. To kill poachers. But could he truly kill his own sister?

Meanwhile, young Figaro is torn between two worlds. Dinosaurs raised her. Yet she is human. As Mintari blazes in war, Figaro must choose her loyalties. Will she live as a human? Or a dinosaur?

Sweeping from dark ocean depths to snowy mountaintops, from sprawling grasslands to misty forests, Where Dinosaurs Roam returns to Mintari with another majestic adventure.

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March of the Dinosaurs (Mintari Book 3)
by Daniel Arenson
Genre: Science Fiction

Dinosaurs. Majestic beasts. For millions of years, they ruled the Earth. Today they live again on planet Mintari.

Risen from the past, these beautiful animals inspire all who see them. The titanic sauropods roam the land, devouring forests. Ceratopsians herd across the plains like living tanks. Pterosaurs fill the skies, some as large as planes. Ruling them all, the mighty T.rex reigns as king.

But powerful as they are, the dinosaurs are facing another extinction.

An army of poachers sweeps across Mintari. Killing. Burning. Even the greatest dinosaurs cannot survive their modern weapons.

Against this army stands Joe Triplehorn. A Mintari Ranger. A man broken and forged in the wilderness. Joe and his fellow Rangers are outnumbered. Outgunned. But this is war. And Joe will fight. He will defend his home, his family, and Mintari’s magnificent dinosaurs.

March of the Dinosaurs – the thrilling conclusion to the Mintari trilogy.

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