The Spell’s Bay Mysteries by Elizabeth Rain… Come to Crooked Tree, sit for a spell, and have a glass of Sauvignon Blanc as part of the Veil Falls Wine and Murder Show… This laugh out loud series can be read in any order, so grab your copy today!

Sauvignon Slaying: A Cozy Witch and Wine Women’s Fiction Book I (Spell’s Bay Mysteries 1)
by Elizabeth Rain
4.5 Stars (225 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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A Grisly Murder, a Desperate Ghost, and a 100-year-old Secret?

Buying the rundown Vineyard on Spell’s Bay is Verity’s Do-Over. It just needs a little TLC. And maybe a bulldozer.

It’s here in the Magic-Filled town of Veil Falls that she will find out she’s something more than Over-the-Hill and Broke…
According to Honor, her handsome next-door neighbor and resident Vine Warlock, she has a certain gift.

Only a Wine Witch isn’t all she is. When the Naked Ghost on the Chair in her Bedroom starts asking questions, she’s certain she’s ready for the Not so Funny Farm… and determined to get rid of the Curse!

But after her first paying venue goes belly up… and Dead Hostess down, Verity, along with her newly adopted crime-sleuthing kitten Lois, will need to solve the murder quick if she want to get paid and keep the farm.

There’s a load of secrets in this seemingly cozy little town where nothing happens by chance…
And the biggest one of all may be just past the spiders in the cellar on the left…

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Moscato Masquerade: A Cozy Witch and Wine Women’s Fiction Book 2 (Spell’s Bay Mysteries)
by Elizabeth Rain
4.7 Stars (84 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

What does the Mission Lighthouse in Veil Falls have hanging around? And who is the Fresh specter putting the moves on Verity at the Supermarket?

Honor Mason’s Annual Snowshoe, Shuffle, and Flight Wine Event has the customers all a titter with delight… and maybe a glass of his best Moscato…

As the less than delighted hostess for her neighbor’s event, Verity is learning a thing or two about the wine business and speaking in front of an overly enthusiastic crowd.

But the last stop on the tour at the Mission Light House comes with a view… and he’s swinging from the upper gallery…

It turns out that dead bodies and fainting customers on the tour is just plain bad for business… and as if that isn’t enough?
There’s a new ghost hanging around the tasting room… rearranging the furniture and playing way too easy with his hands and lips…

It’s enough to boggle Verity’s mind.

She’ll need to get busy and find the killer if she wants to rescue her handsome neighbor’s vineyard… and get rid of the fresh ghost before Honor’s business goes belly up and the only customers left are the dead…

It turns out there’s more to the wine making business than grapes and purple feet… its shaping up to look a lot like murder…

Moscato Masquerade, book two in the Spell’s Bay Mysteries, will have you rolling in your seat. Just don’t spill the Moscato… Spells Bay is the Brand-New Series set in the Magical Town of Veil Falls…

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Bordeaux Butcher: A Cozy Witch and Wine Women’s Fiction Book 3 (Spell’s Bay Mysteries)
by Elizabeth Rain
4.8 Stars (86 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

‘Primal Cuts’ aren’t all that’s Hooked and Hanging at Bussard’s Meats in Veil Falls.

Fledgling Vine Witch Verity Blume has agreed to provide the guests at the upcoming Matching the Wine Festival with a ‘foodie experience’ they won’t soon forget.

Everybody loves a Pig Roast, right? If only she can just bring herself to sentence ‘The Right Pig’ to be Saturday’s dinner.
And get the neighboring farmers to stop fighting long enough to fill the order.

But Wining and Dining the guests isn’t all that’s in store for its citizens. And Verity is serving up more than just an attention grabber. It’s shaping up to look a lot like murder.

With too many suspects and not nearly enough clues… even the ghost is looking for answers.

It will be up to Verity and her crime-solving kitten, Lois, to puzzle out the truth and find the culprit before the innocent are found guilty and her favorite butcher shop goes belly-up and dead-business down.

Because someone else is watching. And a pair of Feuding Farmers isn’t the only thing this sleuthing duo should be worried about…

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Chardonnay Chiller: A Cozy Witch and Wine Women’s Fiction Book Six (Spell’s Bay Mysteries 6)
by Elizabeth Rain
Genre: Mystery


Autopsies and Bubble Baths should be Sacred…
That’s one fact Verity is sure of!

After the body of a young woman washes ashore in Spell’s Bay, and the victim’s ghost arrives just in time for her own dissection, Verity will be forced to reassess her opinion.

When the same mischievous ghost interrupts her favorite Honeysuckle-Rose Bubble bath and dips a ghostly toe, Verity is forced to take desperate measures.

Add in the imposter at Martina’s Culinary School that has everybody astir, and Verity, accompanied by her not-so-loyal feline familiar, Lois, set out on a hair-raising adventure to solve the murder, banish the meddling ghost, and safeguard the sanctity of the bubble.

Prepare to be whisked away amid a culinary conspiracy brimming with secrets, ghostly hijinks, and a pair of clever, witchy, crime-solving sleuths…

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